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Welcome to my humble site. As a teacher, I will offer my assistance in any way I can, that is my p├║rpose. As a student I will listen and consider what I learn. The Cosmos is Endless, Existence will always make you question what you learn, and what you learn will always give you new questions.
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May your inner guide be with you, in peace, my love is always with you
Maggador IX-777

Nov 23, 2008

Explanations on Ghosts and the After Life

In here I am referring to Ghosts as the Spirit of passed people.

These people, or Ghosts, exist on a lower level of the astral realm very close to this physical one and they are for the most part trapped there due to various reasons.

Some of the reasons are that they are not aware of being dead, or they do not know where to go, they are lost and have no one to help them getting further, or they are trying desperately to contact their family and loved ones and so on and thus keep stuck here on the lower plane.

In some instances a Ghost can manifest and be physically visible, this is done through harnessing the energies in the environment around it when it find itself here in the physical plane as an energy form. It can gather the molecules around it energetically so that they are structured around the shape of the Ghost and thus become more dense and visible by light. Some emit energy in the form of light and thus become visible, but the same principle applies of structuring molecules around its energy core which this light is emitted through.

An interesting thing about Ghosts is that they can exist and manifest even after their soul have gone further, or been reincarnated. This is due to the different layers of our beings, and sometimes an outer shell of energy is left which functions as a sort of imprint in its environment after its "occupant" has left. Thus you have the "repeater ghosts" which simply appear and do the same action over every time they are observed, almost mechanically. This is the energetic shell left over of the original "person" after he passed further from the lower plane, and this shell has its own limited sort of consciousness directly connected to its original "occupant". This makes it appear and act as the original person, and sometimes enough consciousness is left over to even communicate some with such an entity, and this often leads to people thinking they are in contact with their dead family members and so on, while in reality the "true" person has already left and gone elsewhere to other realms of existence, and they are merely in contact with a "shadow copy" of the true person.

Eventually this shell, or shadow copy, whatever you want to call it, will wear out its energy and dissolve into the Spirit, or the Ether as it has been called, which is the energy field the realm it exists withing consists of.

In some cases, these "shells" can be entered by other entities, and thus they can keep it "alive" for a longer period of time and also pretend to be the original person and trick people that get in contact with it. This would in a sense be similar to how a physical body can be possessed by a spirit entity, except you have a spirit body - the shell - being possessed by another spirit entity.

While all this happens, the Original Person, would find himself in one of several scenarios: Either he has been reincarnated and entered a new physical body, he is traveling around in the lower astral realms with his astral body, or he has ascended to higher astral realms and continue his existence and new experiences there gaining new insights and pursuing his new Life as an ascended being.

Most people, due to their lack of spiritual knowledge and understanding, find themselves in the lower astral planes after death in a form where they are what we can call "lost ghosts" as explained above. And this is the important part - our lives here are really a preparation for death, and we should do our best to gain as much understanding about the after life we can before we enter it so we will know what to expect and what to do once there.

Most religions are completely off here and are responsible of many problems for people passing over - buddhism is a good exception with guidance for the afterlife being given to the dead person.


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Nov 19, 2008

The Truth about Alien Contact and Channelings

Dear friends,

I am here to give you some insights on the truth about what you call aliens and alien abductions.

The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as aliens here, or alien abductions - at least not in the sense most of you think.

On the other hand, these experiences are not physical experiences at all, but rather energetic or spiritual experiences happening in the astral realms - or the spirit world, the other side, you have many names for it.

There are, generally, three different experiences responsible for all reports of alien abductions and alien sightings - with a few exceptions.

These three experiences are as follows:

1. People experiencing sleep paralysis and spontaneous out of body experiences / astral projections. These people will often feel as if they are paralyzed, can't move or scream, as they are being lifted up from the bed etc, something which they really are - but in spirit, by their astral body separating from their physical body, and thus the reason they can not move the physical body. In this state hallucinations are common, both visual and audible ones, and even as physical manifestations such as feelings of being touched and so on. People whom fear aliens or have seen or read too much about such things already got their mind ready to blow out an amazingly realistic experience for them, where they think and feel and really believe that they are being abducted by alien beings. This is however not the case, they are in a state of consciousness where their thoughts and emotions, fears and so on greatly affects their environment and creates and manifests their fears in a dreamlike state, yet in a state of mind that is alert, awake and aware.

2. Almost as above, except in this scenario the person is in actual contact with nonphysical entities on the astral realm and perceive these entities as physical and real "aliens" even though that is far from the truth, yet I suppose you could call these entities "aliens" as they are not human, but on the other hand they are here around us all the time and always have and they do not come from other planets. These entities may act in ways that are perceived as either good or bad, they may have sex with the person, as there is a type of being that feeds on sexual energies called Astral Vampires, often also termed "succubussi", and these are indeed real beings but not physical aliens from other planets. They may also be spiritual ascended masters revealing great insights and information to the person, or they may be negative entities of the sort you call "demons" that can bring very unpleasing experiences to the person encountering them.

3. In a very few percentage of cases there are real physical beings involved, but not aliens, rather humans, mostly from the governments and various sinister organizations carrying out various experiments on the population - these can be happening in both physical form where things such as implants can be received, or in spiritual form manipulating the astral realms, basically a form of mind control and created illusions with a deeper agenda behind it.

In addition to the above real experiences, you have some mentally ill people that simply believe things that are not real at all and imagine it all - and some that simply have nightmares, as normal dreams, that they interpret as alien contact.

There is also another issue that should be addressed, and that is when it comes to the people who claim to be in contact with aliens. Usually this is through channeling. Be very aware of this, in almost all cases no aliens are involved in such communication, but rather lower astral entities here on our earthly plane of existence, such as spirits of the dead, astral entities of various sorts etc, whom enjoy to play tricks on people.

Unfortunately people are usually too gullible and blindly believe what they are told by such entities, one late example being Blossom Goodchild, she was just another victim of such entities. She is a woman of a good heart and soul, but unfortunately got fooled by these trickster entities.

With best wishes, and may your inner guide be with you


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Nov 18, 2008

Additions to our multidimensional existence

As I addressed in my previous post called "Our multidimensional existence" we consist of a Higher Soul, with various Soul Fragments spread out in different physical bodies both in this world and in other alternate worlds.

This means that YOU, the one sitting there reading this line now, is one such Soul Fragment of your true Higher Soul. And at the same time there exists different other soul fragments in other bodies spread around in time and space living their own separate individual lives, not being aware of each other or their connection.

It is however necessary to expand some on this and give some further explanations.

Our Higher Soul may in fact be a Higher Soul Fragment of yet another Higher Soul - and our Soul Fragments may become equal to Higher Souls on ascension after physical death, meaning they too get the ability to spread new Soul Fragments into new bodies.

What does this mean practically, you may ask. Let me explain:

You, the person you are living as now, are a soul fragment of a Higher Soul. At the same time other soul fragments are spread around that have been spawned from the same Higher Soul, meaning that several people living at the same time are parallel and simultaneous versions of each other.

This further means that if any of these connected soul fragments, or parallel selves, did a past life regression to the life prior to the current one, all of them would experience the Higher Soul that they have spawned from as their last life before this.

And this explains many things, and actually makes a lot of sense if you look at it - for example many people claim to have been various famous historical people in the past. Most people would think that only one of them could be telling the truth, and the rest either lie or be imagining it.

But with the concept of the Higher Souls and Soul Fragments, and the Soul Fragments being able to turn into the same state as the Higher Souls at ascension after Death, and that Higher Souls may very well be Soul Fragments of yet other Higer Souls again, it means that it is indeed quite possible for several people to have been the same person in the past.

This is explained by the person whom they all were in a past life having ascended and spawned new Soul Fragments into new bodies, thus creating several new parallel people existing at the same time, as well as in different times and locations in space, meaning that all those current people whom are the Soul Fragments of this Past Person would go back in the same incarnation line to this Past Person when doing a Past Life Regression simply because this Past Person in a sense was the Higher Soul of these current living Soul Fragments, or Parallel Persons.

Thus, we exist as Soul Fragments of a Higher Soul which in turn may have been a Soul Fragment of another Higher Soul in its time, and so on into the long gone past, all the way up to Higher and Higher Souls, up to the very level of the Ultimate Soul - God - The Source of the First Higher Souls and Soul Fragments.

When it comes to reincarnation, this also solves the problems some would face when trying to mathematically calculate how many souls are present now, and how that would be possible if we keep reincarnating from previous lives, from a time when there were a lot fewer people around than we have now - in other words, there would have to be new souls coming in for the expanding population, and this is what the purpose of the Higher Souls is - to spawn new Soul Fragments for the new people that are born and expanding the population of the Earth.

At a deeper level, this of course also mean that we ALL are the SAME and ONE, considering that after all we all have been spawned from Higher Souls back to the Origin, to the time when there were only One Source - God.

May you be blessed with profound peace,

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Nov 1, 2008

About truth & lies, beliefs and deceit

My own purpose here is to serve you, bring you that spark of self-realization that you all have within - so that you can once again be more connected with yourselves, in balance with your being - harmony with Creation.

Personally it is irrelevant for me if you believe me or not, consider what I say or try things I might suggest. I will not gain anything from you doing so, nor will I lose anything from you not doing so. Only you yourselves will.

I am not here to make you believe a single word of what I say - those whom it resonate with will know on their own.

When I say there is a lot of deceit out there, I am sure most of you would agree to that. Am I a deceiver? Well, you figure that out, find yourself.

Do not take what I say for granted, take it into consideration and see what you feel - if you do feel I am lying that is fine for me, if you feel I'm truthful that is fine too.

It is good to be skeptic, look within yourself - you have a combination of tools available with you to help you discover great things, without the need of others - though there are some whom will benefit from some guidance, it might ignite the light inside so it can start burning brighter on its own.

We are here to help you on the way towards yourself and understanding divine laws so you can live in accordance with them and thus reach higher levels of insights and understanding, as well as improving your own condition in every way.

This is because we have chosen to do so, not because we are forced - some of those working against us, and you, are however often forced. But there are many of those as well whom do what they do because they've chosen that path, for personal gains.

Those whom I am affiliated with are never forced, they can not be, as it would work against the whole system of free will and thus make us nothing more than those whom try to keep you in the dark away from yourselves.

And when it comes to you, you mostly work against yourselves, not because you want to or chose to do so freely, but because you are forced to without realizing it yourselves. You're prisoners sitting in the cage with the key to the lock in the dark corner without knowing it. We are here to help you reach that key.

Be cautious about what you believe though, do not take anything to be the Truth, not even what I say. Even if it "rings true" with you, that does not make it true, in fact a lot of what seem to be true and make sense to you has been constructed that way for you for the complete opposite purpose of what can be called "truthfulness".

It is also somewhat entertaining that some of you seem to consider your spiritual teachers and those like us, whether we are who we claim or not, to be omnipotent , almost at the level of what you yourself consider to be Gods.

What you call God, and the Creator, do not "come" here or "visit" you to help you out in any way - or to make things hard for you for that matter. There are no "tests" to fulfill or understand created by that which you call God. However, there are other Creators, in fact we are all co-creators, yet there are what you can consider the Creator of the physical world, as well as numerous Creators upwards many levels in the higher planes of existence.

There are also many out there who want you to believe they are your Creator or God, or higher beings such as angels and what you call aliens. In fact, of all communication with any other non-physical beings and consciousness of other planes it is the ones we can term the "negative energies" that is the most frequent.

That is the reason to continuously failed predictions and disinformation coming from your "gurus", "masters" and "new age channelers" etc. Just like you , most of you, often tend to blindly believe and accept what you are told by "higher authorities" so do these people when it comes to their contacts. This is of course unfortunate, and those among you whom may be in contact with other entities should show extreme caution there as well.

At this level of existence which everyone whom are here in this physical world find themselves the lies and deceit rules, and it is what keep you here, and why you are even here in the first place. There are some exceptions to this of course, some are here to help and guide, and others hare here for deceiving you more and keeping you here.

Very few people existing in this level of existence are in contact with any higher beings or the Source, but there are plenty whom are in contact with lower beings that pretend to be "higher" and give you false ideas of what they are - and what YOU are.

The same goes for your so called after life - in fact most people whom find themselves free from reincarnation after death are located at lower levels of existence very close to this physical world, and in most cases they live their lives there almost identical to what they did here, and the surroundings and landscapes and structures of these realms are very similar to those of this physical one. Here too the deception and lies goes deep.

This can be useful to have in mind both for your remaining time here as well as when you step over to the next experience of existence - if you will just be able to keep yourself aware when doing so and remain conscious.

In essence, if I should put it very simple, Life is simply a preparation for Death - as you call it.

With love and may your inner guide be with you,

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Our Multidimensional existence

The first part here deals about out multidimensional reality, and shortly touches on dejavu and other "densities" as put forth by others. Here is the information I received on that by an Ascended Master of the Great White Brotherhood:

Do not worry about the new age interdimensional split theories.

Rather look at your own interdimensional being and discover that it is of no importance in the long run - you are already there in several of the so called "densities".

When it comes to dejavu it is the effect of different causes. One of them can be a connection with one of your other selves which again relates to your interdimensional being, and this is most often the cause. For a short moment of time you receive input from one of your other experiences. There's many other causes for dejavus too but they are not really significant or important.

These experiences are going on simultaneously even though "time" seem to separate them.

As someone once said "Call me Legion, for I am many". And that saying goes for all of us.

Reality is that we are more than "one" physical and spiritual being. This is in a way that I can explain as a myriad of parallel alternate versions of yourself, exists in the same moment and their development unfolds together with your own, and that all of your other selves are connected to a "higher self" or "soul" and that which these physical bodies have within them is only a portion of that complete soul, such as our astral bodies etc, like branches of a tree and leaves on the branches.

Ultimately, we develop ourselves inwards, and not outwards, meaning that each of your own selves will not "expand" in consciousness and physical and spiritual development, but rather "implode" into that "higher soul" or "true being" that you are - and that the experiences of all your alternate selves will at some moment merge with this "higher soul" and create a Oneness where you will experience yourself from a completely new perspective and see yourself as the being you really are.

Then, you will as this new "Oneness" become "free" from the current location where you are (or rather where the "higer soul" is located) and "ascend" to higher realms and be free of all physical bonds and continue the spiritual and mental development and understanding. But there is more after this "Oneness" is achieved too, higher "realms" and new things to discover about reality of Being and Existence.

In other words, to give you a better idea, there are alternate versions of ourselves in alternate (parallel) worlds/dimensions (whatever you want to call it). And each of them contain a soul-fragment, or astral body and various other energy bodies, which are connected to the "true" soul (or "higher soul").

I would say it goes a bit further up than our "higher self", as our "higher self" is basically being aware of the highest aspect of our current incarnation here and being our best in this single plane and do not necessarily include the knowledge of these "other selves".

And yes they are unique, and they consist of all time-frames, meaning past, present and future, in other words all earlier incarnations and future reincarnations is out there already enfolding their experiences and existence on their own, without general knowledge of the other selves which all gradually develop towards the Oneness with the Higher Soul, or True Self - and once that is reached, all of these alternate versions of oneself will merge with ones Higher Soul and become the Oneness and progress towards further development, understanding and insights, as well as experiences on a higher level of existence.

I guess you can say the "Higher Soul" is the "host", and all the alternate versions of ourselves down "here" (on the lower planes) are the "clients". Sort of like a tree, it has branches with many leaves, and at certain points such as winter the tree (host) will suck in all its resin so the leaves withers and falls of and dies, yet the tree itself stays alive.

So, in that sense, you can compare your body here with that of a leaf of a tree, a leaf that is not aware of the tree it is connected to, and at a certain point the life force will be sucked out of the leaf (you) and back to the tree (higher soul) and become one again. But it do not sprout new leaves (bodies) but instead evolves to another state of being (The Higher Soul as Oneness).

-May the inner guide be with you,

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