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Nov 23, 2008

Explanations on Ghosts and the After Life

In here I am referring to Ghosts as the Spirit of passed people.

These people, or Ghosts, exist on a lower level of the astral realm very close to this physical one and they are for the most part trapped there due to various reasons.

Some of the reasons are that they are not aware of being dead, or they do not know where to go, they are lost and have no one to help them getting further, or they are trying desperately to contact their family and loved ones and so on and thus keep stuck here on the lower plane.

In some instances a Ghost can manifest and be physically visible, this is done through harnessing the energies in the environment around it when it find itself here in the physical plane as an energy form. It can gather the molecules around it energetically so that they are structured around the shape of the Ghost and thus become more dense and visible by light. Some emit energy in the form of light and thus become visible, but the same principle applies of structuring molecules around its energy core which this light is emitted through.

An interesting thing about Ghosts is that they can exist and manifest even after their soul have gone further, or been reincarnated. This is due to the different layers of our beings, and sometimes an outer shell of energy is left which functions as a sort of imprint in its environment after its "occupant" has left. Thus you have the "repeater ghosts" which simply appear and do the same action over every time they are observed, almost mechanically. This is the energetic shell left over of the original "person" after he passed further from the lower plane, and this shell has its own limited sort of consciousness directly connected to its original "occupant". This makes it appear and act as the original person, and sometimes enough consciousness is left over to even communicate some with such an entity, and this often leads to people thinking they are in contact with their dead family members and so on, while in reality the "true" person has already left and gone elsewhere to other realms of existence, and they are merely in contact with a "shadow copy" of the true person.

Eventually this shell, or shadow copy, whatever you want to call it, will wear out its energy and dissolve into the Spirit, or the Ether as it has been called, which is the energy field the realm it exists withing consists of.

In some cases, these "shells" can be entered by other entities, and thus they can keep it "alive" for a longer period of time and also pretend to be the original person and trick people that get in contact with it. This would in a sense be similar to how a physical body can be possessed by a spirit entity, except you have a spirit body - the shell - being possessed by another spirit entity.

While all this happens, the Original Person, would find himself in one of several scenarios: Either he has been reincarnated and entered a new physical body, he is traveling around in the lower astral realms with his astral body, or he has ascended to higher astral realms and continue his existence and new experiences there gaining new insights and pursuing his new Life as an ascended being.

Most people, due to their lack of spiritual knowledge and understanding, find themselves in the lower astral planes after death in a form where they are what we can call "lost ghosts" as explained above. And this is the important part - our lives here are really a preparation for death, and we should do our best to gain as much understanding about the after life we can before we enter it so we will know what to expect and what to do once there.

Most religions are completely off here and are responsible of many problems for people passing over - buddhism is a good exception with guidance for the afterlife being given to the dead person.


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