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Maggador IX-777

Nov 19, 2008

The Truth about Alien Contact and Channelings

Dear friends,

I am here to give you some insights on the truth about what you call aliens and alien abductions.

The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as aliens here, or alien abductions - at least not in the sense most of you think.

On the other hand, these experiences are not physical experiences at all, but rather energetic or spiritual experiences happening in the astral realms - or the spirit world, the other side, you have many names for it.

There are, generally, three different experiences responsible for all reports of alien abductions and alien sightings - with a few exceptions.

These three experiences are as follows:

1. People experiencing sleep paralysis and spontaneous out of body experiences / astral projections. These people will often feel as if they are paralyzed, can't move or scream, as they are being lifted up from the bed etc, something which they really are - but in spirit, by their astral body separating from their physical body, and thus the reason they can not move the physical body. In this state hallucinations are common, both visual and audible ones, and even as physical manifestations such as feelings of being touched and so on. People whom fear aliens or have seen or read too much about such things already got their mind ready to blow out an amazingly realistic experience for them, where they think and feel and really believe that they are being abducted by alien beings. This is however not the case, they are in a state of consciousness where their thoughts and emotions, fears and so on greatly affects their environment and creates and manifests their fears in a dreamlike state, yet in a state of mind that is alert, awake and aware.

2. Almost as above, except in this scenario the person is in actual contact with nonphysical entities on the astral realm and perceive these entities as physical and real "aliens" even though that is far from the truth, yet I suppose you could call these entities "aliens" as they are not human, but on the other hand they are here around us all the time and always have and they do not come from other planets. These entities may act in ways that are perceived as either good or bad, they may have sex with the person, as there is a type of being that feeds on sexual energies called Astral Vampires, often also termed "succubussi", and these are indeed real beings but not physical aliens from other planets. They may also be spiritual ascended masters revealing great insights and information to the person, or they may be negative entities of the sort you call "demons" that can bring very unpleasing experiences to the person encountering them.

3. In a very few percentage of cases there are real physical beings involved, but not aliens, rather humans, mostly from the governments and various sinister organizations carrying out various experiments on the population - these can be happening in both physical form where things such as implants can be received, or in spiritual form manipulating the astral realms, basically a form of mind control and created illusions with a deeper agenda behind it.

In addition to the above real experiences, you have some mentally ill people that simply believe things that are not real at all and imagine it all - and some that simply have nightmares, as normal dreams, that they interpret as alien contact.

There is also another issue that should be addressed, and that is when it comes to the people who claim to be in contact with aliens. Usually this is through channeling. Be very aware of this, in almost all cases no aliens are involved in such communication, but rather lower astral entities here on our earthly plane of existence, such as spirits of the dead, astral entities of various sorts etc, whom enjoy to play tricks on people.

Unfortunately people are usually too gullible and blindly believe what they are told by such entities, one late example being Blossom Goodchild, she was just another victim of such entities. She is a woman of a good heart and soul, but unfortunately got fooled by these trickster entities.

With best wishes, and may your inner guide be with you


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