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Maggador IX-777

Dec 24, 2008

The Flower of Life Meditation

Dear all friends,

Here is a meditation designed to bring you both more of what you desire from yourself and your life, as well as a deeper connection with your True Self, The Source, the Divine.

Keep your mind aligned to your Will and you will become whatever you want to be - you already are everything you desire, wish for and want, it is all inside you, you just need to open up for those portions of yourself and let them blossom out from inwards. In fact, you can add that as a part a meditation, where you imagine whatever properties of yourself you want to improve as tiny seeds within you that starts to grow, as you imagine you pour spiritual healing water upon it, and they start to grow within you and expand and grow stronger and bigger for every day and expand out of your body as invisible flowers of Life, Love, Light and whatever Purpose you have put into them, until these flowers completely covers you and transforms you into being that which you really are. Visualize this as you either sit in a comfortable position or lie down, and see it in your minds eye, feel it, BE it!

Then you can also imagine a special strong stem growing out from the top of your head into infinity, to the end of the void of the universe, connecting with the Source itself, the brilliant white God Light which is the All - above everything else, that contains all Knowledge, Life, Love, Light, Spirituality, Powers and Existence within it, and thus gives you full access to the unlimited powers of the Mind of the Universe itself. Imagine the Energy of the Source flowing back through the stem and into the top of your head filling your complete being up with its greatness and glory and powers and transforming you, enlightening you, bringing you new experiences, visions, illumination, healing, success, luck - whatever you desire, all is available for you.

You can also send your Goals up through the same Stem from the top of your head into the Source that it is connected with, and thus the Source will manifest the Goals for you through changing your reality as you directly affect the Universe with your Mind through this connection. The more frequent you practice such meditations and the more your visualize it, feel it, imagine it and KNOW it is real, the more effective it will be and the faster the results will come - and as the results come you will know the true powers of your mind and become more confident and thus be able to manifest your Will more easily and quicker and get more and more in Harmony and Balance with Yourself, the World, Others and the Universe / Existence.

The important thing to keep in mind when doing such an exercise, is to imagine you HAVE what it is you search for ALREADY - Do not simply "wish" it, or "want" it, but truly try feel and imagine that you have it already, that you are the way you want to be already, because indeed you already DO have it, you already ARE what you want to be - and you need to realize that and send that energy to the core of Yourself as well as the Source of the Universe and it WILL manifest itself for you. KNOW that you ARE EVERYTHING YOU WANT AND HAVE EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE - That is the real Secret of Manifestation.

May blessings be upon you, may your Flower of Life grow strong and brilliant and bring you all the good things you have waiting within you!

Love and light, and profound peace be on your path

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