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Dec 5, 2008

Suicide and its consequences

This is a topic of great importance as it is something that relates to a very large amount of people.

First of all, there is nothing right nor wrong about committing suicide, which is ending ones own life. However, that does not mean there won't be consequences for doing such. Everything in the universe exists within specific set rules and laws, divine principles if you want, and ending ones own life is killing a living being, in this case ones own physical body.

What is the implications of doing so? Well, that all depends on ones personal spiritual development and understanding, for the majority it would not be a wise thing to do, as they would end up in lower astral planes after such an event, possibly even in the negative hostile realms where suicide victims often tend to find themselves.

But, there is not a golden rule to what happens, as said it depends on the person. You may have heard of native american indians custom about going out in the desolated woods alone and lying down to die as they get old? If not, that is at least the case with certain tribes - as they reach their final year they go out and simply let death come , in a peaceful and harmonic way out in nature. You may call it a "final out of body experience / astral projection", where they consciously let their astral body (soul) separate from their physical body as the physical body dies.

There is however always a reason for people ending up in situations where they get desperate enough to do such a thing as suicide - and this is what really should be worked on, people need to understand that what they get is what they deserve, no matter how cruel that may sound, because they are not properly living in harmony and balance with the universal laws and themselves. If they had done so, they would not have ended up in such a situation in the first place. And, once in such a situation, there is always a way out of it, and I am not talking about suicide - but re-balancing oneself and getting back into harmony and peace with oneself and existence.

This may not be easy for most people though, mostly due to the problems of accepting such a reality and understanding it, so most people tend to get stuck in their situation, and often make it worse, by focusing negatively instead of positively. A healthy, positive, pure mind will give a healthy, positive and pure life and physical health and wealth.

The Law of Attraction, the Law of Cause and Effect, the reality of Thought Forms and the power of our Mind is all things that play a great role in our destiny and how our lives turn out.

You get what you give, and you give what you get. Of course there are external influences that play a role, but these are possible to shield oneself from - or in the case of positive influences one can harness them and take them in advantage. All this can be learned, if the principles of the governing laws are understood, followed and lived by.

So, with that said, I would not advocate or recommend suicide, rather I would try to get a person whom consider such a thing to re-consider his condition and try to see if there may be things in his own life that has caused him to end up in the situation he is in, and if it thus is possible to reverse this condition by changing the patterns of thoughts, lifestyle, behavior, harmonizing and balancing oneself towards greater heights of existence until the time comes naturally.

A lot of the spirits I mentioned in my previous post about Ghosts and the afterlife are suicide victims, those whom roam the earth in lower astral realms, stuck there and either not knowing what to do, or trying to get in contact with their loved ones, filled with shame and regret for what they have done to themselves and their friends and family and so on, and the majority of suicide victims will not experience an immediate joyful after-life scenario.

With best wishes, and profound peace

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