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Maggador IX-777

Dec 16, 2009

Reincarnation and the cause behind past-lives Memory Loss

Our past and future lives are determined by several factors, from what is called Karma here, to our own beliefs as well as our own determination. I have determined - or chosen - to be specific people for the last few thousands of years for the purpose of teaching Mankind what I am teaching, and to gain the necessary knowledge and insight to perfect my teachings.

Long time ago, other beings came to Earth and trapped Earth beings and enslaved them, implemented mind program systems, soul capture, reincarnation, and systems to keep Mankind work as slaves, not knowing their true Origins or Selves. You may call these beings Anunnaki, Aliens, False Gods, and so on if you want, and their home Nibiru, Hell, or even Heaven.

After they left, the System was still in place, and humankind still suffer from Amnesia and are victims of the Mind Control program and Reincarnation and Amnesia effects. Others are currently abusing this system for their own agendas.

The System is made to deceive people from the truth and lead them to lower astral realms after death and keep them within the trap system and reincarnation and to return as slaves and prisoners of Earth.

What went wrong for the creators of the Trap System was that we discovered that we were in a prison system as slaves, a world created by a greedy and ruthless god. Ths symbolism of Eden, Adam and Eve, the Snake and the Tree symbolises Human Kind waking up from the Illusion, by experiencing their divine self through kundalinin raising (The snake, also called Raising the Kundalini Snake), where the Tree of Knowledge opened itself (the Tree of Life being that of the Kabbalah). The Apple, was the Fruit of Knowledge, which indeed explains that all they did was to discover their true being, see the false from the real, good from evil, and so on which enabled them to further develop themselves spiritually and try rise above the Prison World they were put within. Of course, them gaining this Knowledge and understanding is the whole reason the God of the Bible got so furious. A loving God would obviously have let them be in their True spiritual state of being with all knowledge from the very beginning and not trap their spirits in physical limited bodies that suffer from the laws of reincarnation, amnesia, and so on.

Polarity exist on lower planes of Existence due to the Source splitting itself and making new energies form that in turn became new creators of different polarities, and this continued down all the way to the physical world, and is why we have Good and Evil and so on. The Source, True God, is Oneness and neither Good or Evil can exist as they are one and the same there, it is Balance and Harmony. Here these polarities are split up within different entities and individuals, some having more of one polarity than the other.

Reincarnation and physical existence has nothing to do with learning, and Earth is not a "School" but a "Prison", it was forced upon us, if we werehere  to learn it would only be logical that we remembered our past lives so we would not do the same mistakes over and over, nor progress spiritually. Many people are still on the same level mentally and spiritually as thousands of years ago because of this. It also causes other unwanted effects such as lost souls after death, confusion, suffering, problems, all things a true god of love would not even consider putting our true spiritual infinite selves through.

We are eternal beings, with infinite life, and when we free ourselves from physical imprisonment we can continue our path towards our true spiritual development as our true spiritual beings with All knowledge about ourselves and our past and full intact memories so we can properly progress and advance on the spiritual planes of existence..

But I too have fallen by the trap system, and had "lower lives" such as farmers and even drug addicts. One of the problems with reincarnation is the memory-blockage, and erasure and resulting amnesia. Thus, it is rare for even advanced beings to remember who they are and it takes time for some memories to surface enough for that being to start realizing whom he is, or at least enough to start persuing a spiritual path that can lead to more of his memories coming back until he eventually finds and remembers his true spiritual essence and the way in which to remember all.

So, that means there are spiritual systems of Earth that are useful for such purposes but one should be aware of the mentioned traps and deceit built into the whole System, even advanced beings have fallen back to low states of being and are now trapped here without knowledge of why they are here or from where they came. You could be one of them.

And in the end, all of you are advanced spiritual beings, souls coming from the Highest Source, you are just different fragments of the One Source making yourself experiencing individuality and different stages of "development".


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Oct 5, 2009

Synchronicities, synchronism and reality

A lot of people have experienced what is commonly, or at least pseudo-commonly, called synchronism ad synchronicites.

What this means is simply events taking place in a synchrnoized matter leading up to a specific event.

We can find this everywhere. Some of the best examples comes from famous tv shows and movies, such as Matrix, where you have Neo showing his ID card expiring on 9/11/2001 or the show of Carter, the creator of X-files, where he have to planes hitting the WTC even with detailed information of governmental involvement.

This on its own goes very far, I will not spend more time giving examples, as you can find a lot just searching for a topic like "911 synchronicities" etc.

The bottom of the line is: Why does this happen? What does these people know? How do they know it? What are they telling?

This goes a bit further. I will use George Lucas and Star Wars as an example here. Everyone knows Star Wars, and its history. Recently the moon Iapeteus of Saturn was discoverd. It looks exactly like the Death Star from Star Wars. Even with the ridge, and the battle scars all in the right places and so on.

We have other things like the movies of Stanley Kubric and Arthur C Clarke, or Phillip K Dick for that mattter.

All of them showing events currently taking place, that has been discovered, or soon will.

So, what does this mean? Who are these people, why do they know what they know, and why do they expose it to us through their motion pictures and tv show?

The answer is actually really easy. They do not really know anything. All is an effect of INSPIRATION. And, INSPIRATION always comes from the SOURCE - the TRUTH, the ALL KNOWING.

When you have an idea, an imagination, a fantasy, that suddenly appears before you in your mind, it is called inspiration - and inspiration is an external influence directly coming from the Source itself. Therefor, it is possible for various people to make various "predictions" without even knowing it themselves. This is all because of the Inspiration - and all Inspiration is based on truth on one level or the other, one dimensions or another. Inspiration invades the mind of Man and thus the Man gets an Idea and creates a history based upon the original Inspiration

And this inspiration itself is usually the truth, relating to things of the past of reality, and sometimes even the future.

Thus, is is very possible for people of all ages, to create artistical material that will be extremely close to coming events. And some people believe this means that these persons knew something the rest do not. But this is wrong.

They did not know anything. They were just inspired. They were just connected to the source - without even realizing it - and creating something from what they received from the source.

The Source is the Collective Consciousness among many other things, and thus all that is happening, has happened, and will happen. Because of this people can be inspired to create art that seeminly predicts the future - and often you may call it a prediction, except that the original author did not know he was making any prediction at all.

So, if we can manage to create a system that analyzes information throughout the world, and look at the similarities of things not yet happened , it IS possible to create a system that can predict certain coming events.

I theorize this is how certain divinatory systems like the I Ching came alive, or even the Mayan Calendar, and even modern technology like the WebBot.

So, if you do not understand anything of what I am talkin about, I encourage you to do a simple google search on the topic of this post, as well as specific parts within it.

This is my explanation on synchronicities and so calles synchronism and synchronismysicism etc.


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Sep 16, 2009

Singularity: 2012, psychedelics, the Mayas and I Ching

"Terence McKenna and Gregory Stock speak about the epic transition we face in the very near future called the Singularity.

This shift will be the result of the inevitable culmination of infinite technological progress and the emergence of completely new states of connectedness. Once the Singularity happens, infinite growth is reached. Within a very short amount of time (as a result of this exponential growth), we will take our first steps towards a new age as an entirely new entity.

We will then go on to saturate the entire physical universe with our newly born super-intelligence, or we will gain the ability to actually leave the 3-Dimensional universe and move to higher (or simply other) states of being. "

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Aug 14, 2009

Aliens on Earth: Boriska, the boy from Mars

As I myself am a alien reincarnated here on Earth, which I suppose most of my readers are aware of, I found the following video interesting as it is an interview with a boy whom claims to be from Mars himself and have memories of his previous life on the "Red Planet".

He first told his story when he was seven years old, and gave great details about Mars, Lemuria and other ancient places, claiming he remembered it from a previous life. In the following video he is 11 years old, and some would say he is what is popularly called an "Indigo Child".

Enjoy the video and greatest blessings be with you all!


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Aug 12, 2009

The structure of infinity within a set finite limit and God within it and around it

What I am about to share with you now is of great importance. I will try my best to explain it as easy and briefly as possible. First of all, I recommend that you watch the following video:

Then we begin. As you saw in the video, there was a part about fractals, and how each fractal pattern will remain the same no matter how far you zoom into it. This is the basis of what I will write about now.

Infinity and finity exists at the very same time. People have for too long looked for the infinite outside, in the external, and failed to realize that infinity moves in the opposite direction, inwards, downwards.

How can this be, and how can I say that infinity and finity can both exist at the same time? This sounds complex, but it is actually quite simple to illustrate.

If you have a finite structure, a set limit, lets say a circle in this case, you have a finite construction. Yet this finite construction can, and does, contain infinity within itself. How? Let me show you:

In this example I will use a circle and a hexagram to illustrate the reality of this phenomena.

Above you see a circle with a set boundary, its size is fixed. Within it you see a Hexagram, also called a Star of David, and 6 more circles added at each point of the Hexagram. Then the next image shows the same fixed-size circle with the same Hexagram and circles within it, but this time another reversed triangle has been added in each of the circles creating six new hexagrams within the limits of the original circle and first hexagram. The last image shows the same process repeated, with new circles added at each point of the inner hexagrams, and the creation of new hexagrams. This process can go on forever, for infinity, and you can have infinite amounts of hexagrams within the circle, without ever exceeding the limits of the original circle. Thus you have Infinity within Finity, creation of endless amounts of replicate objects within an original fixed-size object.

As another example, below is another circle with a hexagram, but this time new hexagrams are created in the middle of the original hexagram, and this again can continue into infinity without ever breaking the outer limit of the circle.

So what does this mean, and what am I trying to show you here?

Let me give you another example: Within your body exists huge amounts of cells, atoms, dna etc that makes up your being. And as most people know, with just one sample of microscopic dna you have a blueprint of yourself. Within the DNA exist your whole being, and thus it is possible to make a clone, a direct replica, of yourself from this DNA. This too can go on for infinity, by cloning the clone and so on, as the DNA will always be a direct copy of the original source DNA.

All over nature, and the universe, you find this pattern of infinity within a set finite system, whether it is the geometrical patterns of a snowflake, a seashell, or galaxies of the universe.

The endless and boundless exists within that which has an end and bound, thus both infinity and finity is co-existing and depending on eachother.

So we have then shown that endless creations can fit into a construct of set limits. Creation can continue growing for all eternity without ever exceeding the set boundaries of Existence - and here comes my point, think of the circle mentioned above as God, and the hexagrams within and Creation.

Everything exists within the Mind of the All, that which is God, and within God endless amounts of creations are possible, and the very fingerprint of how God functions is here all around us, within us, and indeed we ARE God and the Creators of the Universe.

Just as the First Cause in the examples above was the Circle, and everything within the circle could only exist because of the circle and thus is a part of the circle, so is God the First Cause of Existence, and everything that is must thus be of God, and in turn connected to the Godly Powers, and through the replication process just shown we all have God himself Within Ourselves. This understanding makes us omnipotent, able to do whatever we dream of, and create ourselves the very exact Universe we want.

We just have to become aware of God within us, and realize that we in fact create everything we perceive around us, whether we are aware of it or not. When we become aware of how creation functions, and that it originates from ourselves, we can be in control of that which happens in our own Universe.

Everything is subjective because we create all ourselves, and your Universe is not the same as anyone elses Universe, and what you perceive is not perceived the same way by anyone else existing within your Universe.

Confront and understand your Enemy, and you will confront and understand yourself.

With love and eternal blessings,

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Jul 5, 2009

Crop Circles - New Swirled Order 2009 (VIDEO)

Nice video on the always appearing mysterious crop circles. From the authors:

Where does this mysterious crop circle phenomena come from? Is it done by man as a joke? So why do people have extraordinary experiences then? Flying ball of lights were seen in and around crop cirlces. Or is it an alien intelligence which try to communicate with us? The geometry which can be found in crop circles, inculed a lot of mathematics which can be also found in nature.

Our new documentary "New swirled order" deals with these questions and present some very extraordinary Crop circle formations in 2008, like the "Pi"-formation in Barbury Castle or the Crop Circle near Avebury Manor, which showed our solar system with the planetary constellation of December 21 of 2012.

For an interesting article on crop circles check "Crop Circles reflect Solar Cycle 24 themes: Solar Flars, End of the World, and Human Rebirth" at:

Maggadors comment: Study the crop circles, they are real, and their symbolic meaning profound and deep - the reason they are always symbolic is because the mind is buildt to easily interpret and understand symbols on a deeper level, which is the reasons symbols are used in the esoteric and occult (tarot, runes, sigils, talismans, and so on in Macikal arts). They work on the subconscious level - it is your job to bring this information up to the conscious.

With love and blessings,

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Jun 30, 2009

NASA and the Moon War: About to bomb the inhabitants

Today I got aware of NASAs plans to bomb the moon with a 2 ton kinetic weapon that will create a crater 5 miles wide.

Now this is rather interesting - and shocking - as it backs up my previous article posted some time ago regarding the conflict between Earth, the Moon and Mars. Feel free to read my previous article, The Mars - Moon and Earth Connection, here: http://pleiadiantalk.blogspot.com/2009/03/mars-moon-and-earth-connection.html

To further back up my claims that NASA is basically declaring war upon the inhabitants of the Moon, several NASA employees have confirmed that there are extraterrestrial bases and life on the Moon. Other governmental employees have also confirmed this, from people in the Military, CIA , NSA etc. Look up The Disclosure Project for more info on that, for example by watching the video below:

Obviously I do not think these plans have anything to do with NASAs official statements, which says they will bomb the moon to "look for water". Ever heard about drilling? Or ground penetrating radars? There are many ways to discover water on a planet or moon that does not include bombing.

How likely is it, that they would spend billions of dollars on bombing our Moon to look for water, now after all this time, instead of using other more reliable methods which they already have the technology for? Indeed, the very fact that they suddenly are turning a new interest on the Moon itself is suspicious - they never got any people back there, in the last 40 or so years, even though the technology now obviously should be more than advanced enough to do so considering they allegedly have done so before. My own opinion is that they discovered what was there, got into a conflict, and figured the best way was to stay away - until now when they figured out they could as well blast them away up there.

Who knows what the consequences will be - if they are indeed carrying out this planned project I fear it may not be the best ones.

Say NO to the bombing of our fellow brethren and sisters of the Moon - we are all one and what we do to others affect ourselvs the same way.

While on the NASA topic I also recommend everyone to check out Secret Space volume 1 and 2 here:

Read more about the NASA moon bombing project here:

With Love and deepest Blessings,

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Jun 20, 2009

The source of Cruelty and Perception of Good & Evil

Hello my friends,

Someone recently wrote me privately asking about the reason for certain peoples extremely cruel actions. In the case mentioned it had to do about someone whom had mutilated, raped and consumed parts of a baby.

I am not easily disturbed so do not worry about that, I have had experiences making me a rather "cold" person, from most others point of view, as I do not bother about death or disease or violence in any form, except for my intention of bringing more Peace and Love to this world through Understanding and Experience. That is because I want to help you free yourself from this Earthly low dimensional plane of existence guarded and controled by what can only be called Evil forces, which in turn explains part of the question mentioned, and let you live out your remaining time here with at much harmony, love and success as possible.

These people, doing such cruel things, are either doing so because they are simply posessed by an Evil soul, demonic so to speak, which purpose is to spread fear and disturbance in the Human consciousness, or because they have been disturbed themselves from external energies and experiences to a point that has simply driven them to what can be called Insanity. You also have the Karmic bonds from previous lifes, where a person may have been Evil and done similar things before many times, and keep repeating himself, originally coming back to correct his mistakes but ending up doing the very same ones over and over.

Such acts also keeps peoples attention focused on low vibrational level material, thus also keeping their mind and spirit low, and chained to Earth, instead of focusing on the Inner Self and explorations of Existence beyond this Prison Planet you are currently situated upon. Thus all the negativity which is always the main focus of the mainstream news - they want you to focus on negativity as that creates negativity within your own being.

There is yet another factor, that I did not originally mention in my reply to the person whom asked me about this, and that is the law of Cause and Effect, Karma. What I will say next will probably disturb and shock many of you, yet it is from my experience nevertheless the truth. Some people have done Evil things in past lives, and thus have reincarnated to experience the opposite, and balance their previous Karma, and so they do by becoming the Victim in another life. This explains many if not all such cases where things happen to people as mentioned above about the murdered baby. We are all responsible for what happens to ourselves, although not guilty.

I myself have experienced the loss of those close to me, both Father and Son, so I know what that is like, and I have had to look within myself to find the peace and reasons for such events - and thus now I have balanced out the grief and sorrow with understanding and Love, and I know that no matter who dies they will live again and we will all Unite in the End.

The ultimate goal is, or should at least be, to become a soul of pure intentions, love and compassion. That is the Lesson to learn here, and both the Victim and the Offender are indeed balancing out their deep past lives Karma. We have all been Good and Evil, Rich and Poor, the Victims and the Offenders, and so on in previous lives - and coming lives, and by understanding your past you can understand your future and do something about it.

There is personal Karma, such as what you personally have done in past lives, good or bad, there are group Karma, such as Family Karma, which relates to families across centuries and how they have been connected and behaved towards eachother in their past lives, and there is National Karma, the Karma of Nations, thus the reason some Nations are under a lot of stress and problems while other are more the opposite and struggle is barely part of the Nation. A lot more could be said on this topic, indeed whole books could be written about it. But for now I will leave it there and either you will understand it or you won't, you will believe it or not, experience is as truth or lies - I will let that part up for you to decide and figure out, at least take my words as a possible truth and try do what you can to explore yourself and see if there may be something to what I say.

Every man and every woman is a God or Goddess of their own with all potentials to be the Creators of their Own Realities - something most are already taking part of unconsciously, the clue is to get aware of ones creative powers and how to use it for the better good of All and Oneself.

I have written many articles on these topics here on my website including exercises and meditations to help you towardes Self Realization. I encourage anyone to freely practice what they feel attracted to in my teachings, and I encourage everyone to even try practice what you do not feel attracted to for a period of time for the sake of experience - it may turn out to be worth your time.

You are but sparks of infinite consciouness of the great One source that binds us all together, but experiencing yourself as separate individual beings at this level of existence, and indeed in many further levels of Existence upwards on the journey as well, and the best thing a person can do is to focus more on his or her Inner Self, and thus also find out why negative experiences are happening in that persons life and how to counterbalance that and get into Harmony.

When you reach that state of being, less and less negative manifestations will appear in your life, and more and more positive ones will come, and you will notice that your true Will and Intention itself come alive before your own eyes from the power of your mere thought and state of Mind.

Everything you do towards anyone else, either by action, speech or thought, you are doing to yourself as all life is connected and One - and all you experience in your own life is a projection of your own personal inner reality.

All is Mind, and everything exists withing the Great Mind of the All.


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Jun 13, 2009

Swine flue hoax & vaccination dangers

One of the greatest lies currently swiping the world is the so called Swine Flue Pandemic - a man made hoax virus. Its main purpose is to get people to vaccinate themselves, poison themselves rather, and make the Big Corporations richer - this means the Pharmaceutical industry - an industry responsible for millions of peoples deaths around the world.

Swine flue, or H1N1 as it is named, is a very weak disease on its own, very few die from this disease - it is just hyped up to get people to poison their children and themselves with mind-altering drugs. It is documented, reported and a fact that TamiFlu, the vaccination, causes abnormal behavior in people taking it, suicides, hallucinations, and other mental disorders.

The reason for this also relates to mind control, as They (World Leaders) are trying to gain control over people, making them more apathic, and open for suggestions, through this and other drugs they get people to take. It is also connected to their depopulation plans, as the World Leaders think there are too many people in the world and they want to reduce it with around 90%.

It is not the Swine Flu virus that is the danger, it is the VACCINATION. I recommend everyone to NOT vaccinate themselves and keep as far away from vaccinations and the pharmaceuticals as possible.

The Pharmaceutical Industry works on one very simple principle: Causing a problem, and then delivering a Solution. This means coming up with and releasing new diseases, and then the cures and vaccinations for them. In addition they make sure that you will get other illnesses from these "cures", so that they can gain further money out of your pocket for these side-effects you will experience.

Totally, per June, 45 deaths has been reported from the Swine Flu virus. Around 18 000 infections. Normal flu kills around 40 000 people every year. These are the statistics for USA. Mainly the people whom die are old and weak, people with immune system disorders, and generally people in very poor health.

On the other hand, vaccinations has been linked to containing mercury - one of the most poisonous substances on Earth, causing mental illnesses such as autism, adhd, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, birth defects, depression, and other physical and mental disorders.

There is absolutely NO reason to take any vaccinations for any diseases due to the reasons mentioned above - they only serve as a purpose to scare you into slavery, both mentally, spiritually and economically. You'll be safer and better of without any vaccination.

If you want to look further into the dangers of Vaccinations feel free to check out the videos at http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=vaccinations+conspiracy&emb=0#

For the depopulation plans I mentioned, research the videos at http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=vaccinations+conspiracy&emb=0#q=depopulation+plans&emb=0

May love and blessings and the best of health be with you all
Maggador IX-777

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Jun 7, 2009


General introduction to the use of Tarot.

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Jun 3, 2009

Journey to an unknown planet

Through soul-travel, or astral projection, one can go to many places beyond this world, to other realms, dimensions, and visit other planets and galaxies in the universe. I have been experimenting with this for more than a decade now, and had many wonderful experiences.

Once many years ago, still in my early experimentations with out of body experiences, I had a strange and interesting experience. I didn't plan to go anywhere specific, but as I laid down, did my astral projection exercises, and started to project - I suddenly found myself on the surface of another planet.

It was rather dark, and I was inside some kind of building. It seemed to me like some kind of storage facility as there were boxes and objects placed around filling up the place. There, to my amazement, were also other living beings. I saw an strange looking but yet humanoid type of alien running through the corridors, and he was being followed by two other aliens. I am not sure what was going on, but it seemed to the one being chased was running from authorities - maybe a space criminal.

These aliens looked somewhat like humans, they had two arms and two legs just like us, and were wearing clothes. But their head looked somewhat different, kind of more like a reptile, with big "lips" that i guess was more like some kind of beak - and a strange growth on the top of their heads.

In any case, I followed him as he was running through the building. I was floating up in the ceiling, and I was invisible for them. I was just observing what was happening.

At some point this little fellow ran into a room and was trapped as there were no other exits. But, down by the floor level on the walls, there were some kind of holes - I do not know what these were for - but he crawled down through them. I followed after him, but for me all i had to do was to fly through the solid walls - like a ghost - as in the astral form you are not limited to physical laws.

When I got through the walls and out on the other side, I quickly forgot all about the little guy I was after. Now I was on the surface of the planet, outside of the building, and I could see the amazing scenery. It was very dark outside, probably it was in the night, and there were mountains all around. I was on top of one of these mountains, and looking down a deep valley below.

At the bottom of this valley was a strange, purple colored, shining lake. It was a beautiful sight, yet very strange at the same time. In the lake was a row of poles spread across from one end to the other. Through the top of the poles were running some kind of wires. And these wires went all the way to some huge building at the shores in one end of the lake, situated down at the foot of some huge mountains.

I assumed this building was some kind of power plant, and that they were extracting some kind of energy from the lake itself. On top of the power plant was a huge sphere, with a lot of lightning striking through on the inside, in sharp and bright colors.

It was very intense to see this, and I was stunned by the fact I was visiting such an alien planet - I certainly had not expected to see things like this.

About the same time I had started to study this strange power plant by the end of the lake, I felt a tugging sensation, and started to lose my ability to stay there any longer. I quickly was pulled back into my body, and got up from my meditative state and sat down to ponder upon this great experience.

Years after this I have gotten reports independently from others about trips to the same place, the same lake, with the same scenarios.. Thus I consider it to be a place of great importance, and I think there is a great secret in that Purple Lake, a secret I am still searching for today.

I hope to go back there some day.. Was this a visit to my past alien home planet?

Maggador IX-777

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Indications of the existence of God

Personally I think even evolution itself proves creationists are somewhat right. By that I mean, its clearly an intelligent design, its a brilliant system.

Just think about it - if everything was just a coincidence, created from basically a random error, why would so to speak all living things have the ability to adapt to different types of enviroments etc? Why would they have the ability to evolve and form into even more brilliant beings?

It would be more logical that the first life would die out as soon as it had come to being and have no way to reproduce and certainly not to adapt and evolve and develope itself in any way. Look at nature and all the creations out there, how they work and interact, animals and plants made for eachother, how everything is part of an extremely complex system - and this goes for all of the universe, everything is systematic and logical - and systems and logic doesnt appear by random chance, but only by some intelligence behind it who have arranged it in such a way.

In every way its looked at , it is more probable that there was an intelligent force behind creation, rather than chance and coincidences. For life and material to come from nothing is, extremely improbable at best, but more close to impossible in reality.

Except for the things I allready mentioned that I personally feel prove, or if not prove at least strongly indicates, that there is an intelligent force behind our creation here in this physical universe, there is another thing that strengthen the idea about a creator god even more. And that is the non-physical universe, such as the spiritual realms, all these complex layers of existence that is intertwined and goes on far beyond what we can normally perceive with our physical senses.

Its almost impossible to see how all of this could just suddenly come into being on its own, from a "big bang". And where would this big bang suddenly come from anyway? Its just too much and too complex, too systematic. There is zero chance for life to come from nothing by its own, it just shouldnt happen. But still here we are.

To me it was the personal discovery of how complex it really is that made me understand there just have to be a God behind it all - whatever God is. And those discoveries have led me into some amazing experiences of and insights into life and existence, so I dont really miss my atheist days.


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Consciousness of plants and botanical life

First some background information, here is part of an article regarding Dr. Cleve Backster's research with plants, as well as human cells etc. In this post I will focus on the plant perspective though.

Part of article from: http://www.primaryperception.com/bio/?page_id=7

If cells have a memory and can communicate, can the effects of this biocommunication between cells be detected by instruments? For almost 40 years one researcher, Cleve Backster, has pursued this question. Cleve had become an expert with the use of lie detectors. He was Director of the Keeler Polygraph Institute and worked for the CIA on interrogation tactics. In 1966 he attached a plant to a polygraph. The polygraph recording pen moved rapidly to the top of the chart when Cleve’s thought and intention was "to burn the leaf." As a result of this intriguing response, Cleve became obsessed with a desire to understand the cellular communication process which he called primary perception. Studies were done on various plants; brine shrimp; non-fertile chicken eggs; E. Coli bacteria; bacteria present in plain yogurt; bacteria from an aquarium; in vitro animal cells; in vitro human white blood cells (oral leukocytes); human spermatozoa; and human whole blood. The instrumentation used was primarily the GSR (skin conductance) component of the polygraph, but later included electro-encephalograph (EEG) and electro-cardiograph (EKG). Distance seemed to impose no limitations to communication between cells. For example, Dr. Brian O’Leary, a NASA scientist-astronaut, conducted successful experiments with Cleve both in the laboratory and over distances of 350 miles away using his own donated white blood cells. Also, the use of electromagnetic shielding in experiments produced no deterring effects upon results implying a non-local process. Cleve Backster’s research has been replicated, but others have failed in their attempts at replication and disparage his work. Cleve believes there exists a strong propensity for an "experimenter effect" in this type of research. The connection or bond between the experimenter and the life form being monitored must be eliminated. This is the reason that Cleve eventually used automated experiments. In addition, his research clearly indicates the importance of spontaneity and sincere intention. Both plants and human cells appear to discriminate between a thought that you do not really mean and a thought that is "for real." Thus, what appears to be occurring in Cleve’s experiments is a communication between one’s thoughts and one’s cells regardless of where the cells are located — an instantaneous non-local linkage.

I find it fascinating and quite encouraging that several NASA scientists-astronauts are taking part of this type of research and even running institutes to study and educate about mind - body - spirit connection, psychic work etc. Another astronaut worth mentioning studying related things and working with Dr. Backster is NASA scientist Dr. Edgar Mitchell, at his Institute of Noetic Sciences (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institute_of_Noetic_Sciences)

Well back to the story, the interesting thing is that the experiment is rather easy to replicate so anyone who want to find out if it's true or not just need to get one of those polygraphs, hook it up and see what they get, following Backster's protocols.

Apparently, the evidence presented in above links show that there is something going on, and personally I don't see why a plant should not be able to be conscious just because it does not have a brain, it is a completely different life form than human and animals or insects etc.

A brain might be needed for more complex tasks such as calculating things, moving around, and in other way control the physical body which they are in.

I know we have a consciousness that can exist outside of the physical body, and even without the physical body, and if that is possible, I don't see why a plant can't have consciousness as well.

For me this is a proven and established fact from personal experiments and practice for many years, as well as done in group with friends and other people, where there has been performed tests that show without any doubt that this is true, that our mind/consciousness can exist separated from our bodies and be in completely different locations and are pretty much limitless by time and space. Our physical bodies seem to be a more mechanical type of vehicle or machinery to be able to interact and do things here in the physical world, why it is like that, or how it got to be like that I don't know though I have some theories that seems probable for me but that's a whole other discussion.

First of all, it seems they possibly are conscious, at the moment I can't say that with 100% certainty but I do think they are. This is due to several reasons, one is the fact that they are living beings and I personally simply think all living beings have some sort of consciousness in one way or other as that is part of being alive.

Then to some more hands on personal accounts. As already explained, I told you that as a person can have his consciousness separated from his body, this means that consciousness is not limited to our physical beings, but can exist anywhere, in any space, at any time, completely separated from its physical host. This is from already explained personal experience and experimentation. So as said, if consciousness do not need a physical body, and thus not a physical brain, and not anything physical at all, I see it probable that plants can have consciousness of some sort as well, as it's clearly not limited to creatures with brains.

Second reason is that plants have a very strong energy, that can be sensed with astral or aura sight, and in other ways too such as sensations when being close to them etc. It is like they radiate a pleasent peaceful and harmonic energy that seems to be of a conscious sort when you are around with them, and have at least developed the abilities to sense such things, or if you have such abilities already from birth. I guess most people can agree plants are pleasent and nature is nice to be in - at least personally I feel greatly refreshed and literally feel the energy emitting from the plants and botanical life such as trees etc that goes through my being and fills me up with their love and healing powers, I've often meditated in the nature and felt I've come in contact with the nature - that means the plants, trees, etc, the botanical aspect of nature.

A third reason is that I once experienced to be directly connected to a tree in a meditative state, and yes it probably sounds silly and what not but from all my spiritual experiences that I've previously proven for myself to be real, I found this to most likely be real as well. What happened was that the tree itself basically transmitted its "thoughts" to me in a way and told me about its long life and things it had experienced through many years and sent me some energies that could be used for healing and I could even for a short while see this energy emitting out from my hands as yellow laser beams when I tried to, though that visual aspect disappeared the power still were there and my healing abilities improved from that moment on.

The communication was a way that is hard to describe, the best way I can say is "telepathic" as the information just came to me without words obviously but it certainly gave me the reason to believe that trees and botanical life not only are conscious beings but also have some sort of intelligence that is pretty high, the problem is that they can't do much, as you or someone else stated, they can't move, they can't speak, they are just there working silently for us all. And it IS a fact that without botanical life there would be no life, at least no life that depends on oxygene - so they are like silent workers that demands nothing and are there just to keep life going and to help heal, as it seems to me from these experiences.

Of course this was a personal experience, so obviously this is not something I can give any evidence for, but yet for me it was real and also in tune with what I've heard many other people claim about "contacts" with the botanical world later on. I was actually very surprised myself to have this experience and it changed a lot about my views on botanical life.

Then you have these other experiments people have done, from talking nice to their plants and giving them love and that apparently makes them healthier and grow better, while negative energies seem to make them more miserable - though these tests and experiments are somewhat disputed as I see from what people have posted, but still it seems to be something about it from many of the different experiments various people have done regarding plants.

An interesting note is that some plants contain chemicals that affects the mind of human, considering certain plants have these psychedelic properties, may the effects of this be that you temporarily emerge your consciousness with that of the plant? And why would a plant have chemicals that produce spiritual experiences, can it be part of the conscious makeup of the plant itself in a physical aspect just like our brain contains all kinds of various chemicals that gives different effects. Regarding psychedelic aspects, DMT is a part of the human brain, and plants containing DMT can trigger and release this and lead to profound experience according to those who've tried it.

This again leads to psychic abilities, as some people, including one on a forum I visit, have reported having psychic experiences and visions during the states induced by such plants, that have been verified to be real at a later occasion by several persons (such as the person somewhere in a forum who said he/she had taken some drugs with a friend and seen the Columbia shuttle explode a couple days before it happened or something along those lines)

So is an psychedelic experience always an hallucination, in other words an illusion? I would say not, that they can be real experiences that can and have been verified by people involved in them. For some it has changed their lives and led to great spiritual insights and complete new belief systems and way of living.

And to mention shamans, they also use these plants for divination purposes, from finding out who a thief is, to locate and heal diseases.

A good video about this is Shamans of the Amazon, here is a preview of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NZpOXj6u78

In the above mentioned video, the shaman makes a prediction regarding the guy who is making the documentary, and it turns out to be true. Also it contains interesting information, experiences and theories about these substances, including last ever interview with Terrence McKenna.

Even for those not interested in the spirituality, effects of psychedelic plants, shamanism etc, the video is still interesting as a documentary on the culture and lifestyle of the indians in the amazon and I highly recommend checking it out.

It's available as torrent at http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3296934/Shamans_of_the_Amazon

Ok so back to the topic, some people claim plants are psychic and have a consciousness, from my own experience I say that it is probable and seem to be that way as earlier explained from my own experiences. And when you also consider the fact that these plants themselves can give people amazing spiritual experiences and limited psychic abilities, there seems to be a link there as well regarding consciousness and plants.

For those interested in such plants and the effects they can induce, I recommend the series called "Sacred Weeds" which is a documentary produced as a scientific study on these plants and their effects:

So, do plants DO have a consciousness? I don't know for certain, but it seems that way to me from my own and others research and experiments and experiences. But I won't go as far and say there is no doubt about it, as more research and experimentation needs to be done in regards of this, unlike what I can say about things such as astral projection and human consciousness' ability to be separated from the physical body as that has been proven and tested and is beyond doubt. But there are indications strongly suggestion, at least from my perspective, that there is some sort of consciousness in plants. There is at least without any doubt a form of "awareness" in botanical life.

So these things combined, with a couple other things that I'm too tired to write about now, basically is the reason why I think what I do about plants and consciousness , and as a final note to me the whole universe seem to be a conscious process based in the great mind of the All - whatever that is.

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May 30, 2009

Background of Maggador IX-777

Friends of mine, people of Earth - This is my chosen time to reveal myself for you. My own purpose here is to serve you and guide you, the ones that are ready to listen and understand.

There are always times where many will listen, some will understand, and a larger group are not at the right level of personal and spiritual development yet and will be guided further later on when they have reached the necessary state of being.

All will however do so eventually.
I am here for those whom what I say resonate with - those with ears to listen, and a spirit to understand. Here I present you with some of my background information, split into two sections, first my current physical incarnations background, then my Pleiadian background. Enjoy.

The Current Physical Background:

Here is some background information about me.

My name is Edward Alexander, I was born and raised in Norway. At a very young age, basically since birth, I got involved with the occult, paranormal, secret societies, ancient history, archaeology, anthropology, the spiritual, shamanism, mysticism and other related esoteric matters. In addition I've been highly interested and active with science and technology, art and music, computers and electronics, and of course the nature!

The main reason for myself getting involved with all of the above was simply because I had a father who were interested in the exact same things, and he traveled the world doing his research, and told me the most fantastic and interesting tales. He also had a huge book collection of all kinds of different topics, some of them very old books of magic among others, centuries old. He was the grandmaster of a secret order and initiated me into some of the secrets and taught me a lot of all these mentioned topics above.

Unfortunately he passed away in an accident when I was around 12 years old, so from then on I had to continue on my own. But thats when it really got started! I got deeply into the studies of magick, the occult, spiritual and the ancient history and ancient peoples involvements with such matters.

I experimented with various systems, techniques, exercises and methods for many years before I found what really worked and what didnt, and started to understand how the universe works and the laws and principles and divine forces that governs it all.

I became member of several other secret orders and mystery schools and easily accessed many highly secret and little known about societies due to my own background and my fathers role in such an Order, and I got more and more books on these subjects and my knowledge and insights expanded in incredible ways. I was so filled with joy, amazement and enthusiasm for finding out about all this great powers, forces and worlds out there, all these fantastic experiences we can have, how much we can learnd and understand about the universe, the life, death, existence and even God himself.

Around this time I also got to know people in various positions, some of them of extremely high positions, in different institutions and endavours, including both governmental ones such as the Military, CIA, NSA and FBI, as well as very prominent leaders of highly secret Occult Orders - and the connections between all of these. Here I gained friends whom became very good and personal friends whom gave me the opportunity to see a lot of these institutions and organizations from the inside and what they are actually involved with at very deep secret levels.

I also became aware of all the conspiracies going on in this world and how it has been this way for centuries, if not even thousands of years. How completely rotten and corrupt the governments are, and how the world is being controlled by a small group of men of a secret order, usually referred to as the Illuminati, who owns all the world banks, controls the media, and creates wars and diseases and spiritual dictatorship for us to gain maximum control and power for themselves. This related to why we learn nothing about true spirituality in school or by the governments, and why the church and vatican considers spiritual developement and understanding of ones own being a sin and demonic work. They claim occultists are satanist and doing the work of the devil himself, while in reality the church are the true satanists as they keep the truth away from people about themselves.

So needless to say what I've just mentioned above is how I got started with such things, and these things are also my main interest and way of life. I have a great passion to teach others about these things, and to be able to help people in various ways, either through teaching them how to develope themselves further, or to heal the sick, or just be there as a friend whom they can talk to.

And there is another great passion I have! The Nature! Oh what peace of mind, body and soul the nature brings! I love to go out hiking and trekking through jungles, woods and mountains, camping out there in the wilderness completely alone, and be surrounded by the very force and breath of pure life itself! I can spend hours and hours walking through the woods, and days and days camping in the wild when I have the chance for that.

After a while I decided it was time to do some more serious research and field work, to understand more and gain even deeper knowledge and insights into the mysteries I am intersted in, such as those of ancient times. So I traveled to Mexico and stayed there for a while doing my research and studies on the ancient monuments such as pyramids, temples and other structures that are found around there. I wanted to do some research in the gulf of Mexico too, but unfortunately time and money didnt allow it. Why I wanted to do research there, is related to what I tell about Atlantis in next section below.

Eventually, I moved to South America, due to my interests in ancient history, cultures, traditions, shamanism and the spiritual, and I have a great interest in this continent for other reasons as well, because I believe it to be part of ancient Atlantis. You can read more about that on my "American Atlantis Research" discussion site. This is one of the topics I'm planning to make a documentary about in the future if I ever can find a way to fund such a thing. In addition I'm planning a documentary about the shamans of the amazon, their ways of life, tradition, belief systems, how they are affected by modern society, and such issues.

My first home in South America was Brasil, as destiny had wanted it I got to know a girl from there through the internet and we fell in love and I moved to Brasil with her. Brasil is a beautiful place with many amazing places to visit and great nature, I loved spending hours out in the jungles on my own there. Unfortunately, our relationship was not to last as we were too different on spiritual planes and didnt have the right connection.

So I moved to Argentina instead, where I actually had to go because my visa expired in Brasil. As faith wanted it, here I met my current beautiful girlfriend, which I fell in deep love with. We go so perfectly together, and are so deeply connected on all levels, sharing all the same interests, and we love to teach eachother about our knowledge and experiences.

With that said, I'm working hard these days on my usual research and studies, as well as experiments and developement with the occult, magick, spiritual and related matters. I am for the moment building a new site about this purpose alone, called which happens to be the one you are on now.

Then eventually I had a great awakening through a profound spiritual experience that related to another experience I had years earlier, which revealed my true origins and how I came here now in the current physical incarnation

The Pleiadian Background:

Many of you have sent me questions privately about how I came here and asked more about my background. So here follows a short explanation regarding my reason for being here, and how I came here.

Regarding me and my Pleiadian origins, it has to do with my last incarnation before the current one. I was then living my Pleiadian life in physical form, and Pleiadians are in general more spiritually advanced than the people of Earth, and a good lot of us have decided to help and assist the people of Earth in their own development towards self-realization, freedom and greater insights into existence and their true being. That is why I am here. Though, I have lived more than 9000 years in different incarnations here on Earth already.

To be here in this physical incarnation I had to let my physical body of my other world die first, and then I spent some time in other realms before I decided to come here, and be incarnated into a human body. There are some complications by such a process, mainly relating to memory issues and new indoctrinations from birth into this new worlds systems and society, and some years had to be spent to recall the true origin and the progress was supported by my friends from the old place which have made the transmission easier. We do not come here in physical vehicles such as those you call space ships, as many tend to believe.

So with that I will address why we do not fly down with one of our ships and reveal ourselves that way. First of all, you have to understand that we Pleiadians do not work as one unit whom all got a goal of revealing ourselves for the people of Earth. Some of us chose this by our own free will. And we only come here in spirit form, or through physical incarnations in human bodies.

Why do we not come in physical form with our ships? Well that has to do with several reasons, one being that it is far more easy, quick and useful to come in spirit form and take human shape when necessary. Physically we are located in a far distant region of the universe and coming here would take longer time and work than you would imagine, even for us. In general we are a race that are more spiritually active than materialistic and thus we work more through spiritual means - such as coming to visit you through astral projections or physical incarnations as myself.

I am here by my own free choice, I have not been sent by anyone, but I do work with higher ascended masters, as a member of the Great White Brotherhood, to assist and help the people that I can, and guide them towards self-realization and deeper insights.

Eventually all people of Earth will come to a point where they realize their true being - some are at a spiritually evolutional level now where it is a proper time to give them a slight push in the right direction to complete their progress of the current level. This is what I am here for.

We live in a time of change, and of great spiritual revelations, the coming years will be very insightful to many people and many more than ever before will cross into the Light and Understanding. This is the New Age we are currently in that you see all around you - a shift of global consciousness.

Peace and love be with you on your path!
Maggador IX-777

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Psychic Development: Basic Meditation & Energy Work

(Audio instructions in MP3 coming soon!)
One of the most important things when it comes to the development of psychic powers and spiritual abilities is the understanding of and regular exercise of the energy system within you, as well as what we can call "traditional meditation", which basically can be defined as both visualization, altered state of mind and energy work all together.

Here we will start with the very basics of meditation and energy work, as a sort of warm up exercise to get your body, mind and soul used to it, and to actually activate this energy current within you which we all got. Regular practice of this technique will strengthen your inner energy and psychic/spiritual powers, just like working out in the gym is making your muscles stronger.

This is of course a very simple exercise I will present here, but we need to start slowly to build ourselves up. Again I will use the gym as an example, you can work out but you don't want to start out with the most heavy weights you can find, probably you won't even be able to lift them. And who knows, if you try too hard you may even injure yourself. So, the rule is to start with the very basics and simple things, even though it may seem boring for some people, but at least its safe and will guarantee you a steady path towards great powers by gradually increasing the complexity of the exercises.

So, here we start. What this exercise really is about is to become aware of your inner energy that is constantly flowing through you. Not even just through you from within, but it is also entering you from outside through the universal source of energy that keeps all life alive. We will get more into this concept in later lessons.

Step 1.

Find yourself a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for around 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure there are no annoying noises or disturbing sounds around, unplug your phones so you won't get interrupted. This is best to do when alone, or if you are not alone ask the other persons around to not disturb you for the next 30 minutes. It doesn't really matter where you do this exercise, as long you have peace and quiet. It can be in your living room, your bedroom, or even far out in the woods by a lake at your secret place of harmony.

Step 2.

At this point, once you are alone and undisturbed, you are ready to begin. You may do this exercise standing up or sitting down. You can even do it laying down if you prefer, but I would recommend a sitting or standing position as you are supposed to visualize energy coming down from above, through your body, and back up. So find your position, and make yourself comfortable and relaxed. Try relax all the muscles in your body, take some deep breaths filling your lungs all up, hold it in for some seconds, and while exhaling feel all tension and troubles flow out of your system, and all the muscles in your body relax. You should do between 15 to 30 of these deep breaths, holding the air in with your lungs filled all the way up for as long you can handle before you blow it out and keep your breath again for as long you can hold before inhaling again. Repeat this process for the mentioned 15 to 30 times until you feel very relaxed and comfortable. You may feel a bit light headed or drowsy from doing this, but don't worry that's all normal. For each time you blow the air out of your lungs, imagine all tensions, problems and worries float away out of your body, and as you inhale your body is filled with pure fresh new energy cleansing you through your whole being.

Step 3.

Now it is time to start doing the energy exercise itself. You are completely relaxed, either standing, sitting or laying down. Your tensions and problems have been blown out of your body, and you are filled with fresh cleansing pure energy. Imagine now that above your head floats a brilliant ball of white pure light, a great sphere of good energy, which if filled with love, joy, goodness, strength and purifying properties. This ball of brilliant light and great spiritual powers is connected with the majestic source of all creation itself, the soul of the universe, God himself if you will. For a moment imagine this great white ball of energy above your head, the size of a football, with a bright shining white light stronger than the sun. Visualize it and focus on it, and feel it growing stronger and expanding through the connection it has with the Great Source of all Existence, filling up with more love, more spiritual and psychic powers, more purifying and cleansing abilities, and imagine you feel its great shining light touching the top of your head. Stay for a moment in this state, imagining this great powerful bright white ball of light floating above your head. If you can't actually see it in your mind, don't worry, just know that it is there, and try feel it. It is actually more important to feel it there above you, than actually "seeing" it.

Step 4.

You now have a great ball of the most brilliant white light floating above your head with its rays touching your head and forehead. You know it is a sphere of light filled with the greatest powers and purest goodness and love that can be imagined, and even more. It is in direct contact with the god-force, the universal source of all creations. And its there above you, it is a mighty moment, you should feel you are in the presence of God himself, being touched by the very spirit of existence. As this great powerful ball of light is growing even stronger, it is now shooting a brilliant white beam of light out and down through your head. This beam is filling your head and being with the greatest powers of the universe, cleansing you, giving you strength and purity, filling you with love and goodness. Visualize the beam flowing through your head, down through your throat, filling your whole body, going all the way down through your chest and solar plexus, the stomach, down into your genitals, and spreading down your legs. And as its moving through your body, your inner energy system is being activated, being filled with the glorious powers of the universe and beyond. Your whole body, mind and soul is receiving this amazing beam of light flowing through you, cleansing you, removing all negative energies, and filling you with love and joy straight from the source of all that is, far out from the depths of the universe. Try imagine and feel a vibrating force flowing through you as this beam of light is flowing down through the top of your head and all through your body all the way down to your feet, as its empowering you and making you stronger within, both in your body, your mind, and your soul. Its filling up in your feet, charging up there, and you feel your whole body vibrating from the majestic and magic spiritual power this light is sending through you. At this point you should be visualizing your whole body filled with a great white bright light, which is flowing down from the sphere above your head, all through your body, down to your feet where it is for a moment charging up while its filling your inner being with its great powers and cleansing effects, love, life and light.

Step 5.

As the light is filling you up, going all through your body, and down in your feet where its building up in intensity, you now imagine that it is time to release this energy back up through your body. From your feet the brilliant white light is shooting back up through your legs, up through your stomach, solar plexus, through your chest and now out through your shoulders and down in your arms, into your hands, and out through your hands into endless space. And as it does this, you are being cleansed, and all negative energy within you is shooting out through your hands, and you are filled with new fresh pure energy, filled with love and goodness, and great amazing psychic powers, the force coming from the very soul of the universe or God himself, and all of this great new good energy and powers stays within your being, as all the negative and bad energy, all tensions and all sorrows and problems flow out through your hands in this amazing eruption of energy going through your body down from your head into your feet and all the way back up and through your arms and out your hands. Feel the energy, visualize it, know it is there and know that it is the purest form of energy that exist, the greatest power that can be imagined, and you are now direct part of it, it is filling you up, it is connecting your very being with the greatest energies of the universe and God himself. You are becoming pure, powerful and mighty, filled with love and joy and amazing abilities and powers, and all bad thoughts or negative energies you may have had is now being cleansed and burned away from you, flowing out your hands, leaving only the great gift of the energies of love and goodness left within you, and filling you with psychic and spiritual powers, and letting you get in deeper touch with the spiritual world and the universal force which works through you and gives you all of this greatness.

Step 6.

Imagine and visualize this state for a while, feeling all the energies mentioned above, knowing the negative and bad energies is removed from you, you are being cleansed, filled with great new fresh energy and powers of the most joyful you can imagine, of the greatest love, of the most amazing psychic and spiritual powers. Think of this, feel it, know it is happening. Stay in this state for as long you want until you feel you are cleansed and filled with the great powers and now in direct contact with the divine. Then, when you are ready to get back to normal state, but still keep the powers you have gotten, just take a deep breath, hold it in for a while and blow it out while opening your eyes. Imagine the beam of light flowing through your body is still there, but now becoming invisible, however it will still remain with you and constantly keep you cleansed and purified and filled with great powers and joy, spiritual and psychic abilities will grow, and you will stay in direct contact with the divine source of all and be protected from all.

Step 7.

Lay down and close your eyes, and reflect and contemplate upon the experience you just had, and know how it has now cleansed you and filled you with great powers and is still keeping you in contact with the source from with all this joy, love and greatness is coming from. It will constantly strengthen you and make you a better person, both mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thank the universal force, the source of all creation, or God himself if that is what you want to call it, for blessing you in this way and giving you this new rebirth and new energy.

Step 8.

As you proceed in your daily life, know that you are still connected with this force, this brilliant white light of energy from the direct source of all creation, which is now always flowing through you and cleansing you, and visualize it being there although it stays invisible when you are around doing your daily routines, know that is still flowing through you and empowering you. Feel this force coming from the wind when you are out walking, from the sun when its shining upon you, even from the very water itself when its raining. It is all filled with this great power, and cleansing energy, which will empower you and strengthen you as long you just stay aware of it and know you are always connected, and have the energy flowing through you.


This was our first lesson. If things went as it should, you would have felt and visualized at least some of what I mentioned above. Even if you didn't really feel or see or manage to imagine any of it, fear not, know this force is still with you as it has been described above. It is always here, all around us, we just need to become aware of it to take advantage of it, or to open ourselves up for it rather.

You should practice this exercise once every day at any time you feel it fit. After some weeks you should be starting to feel its great effects and get in deeper touch with yourself and into more harmony with life and existence. For some it may take a shorter amount of time, for others longer. But practice and it will come, and i recommend you practice this exercise on its own for at least 1 month daily before you move on to any of my other lessons.


If you prefer, and to make it easier for yourself, you may download the audio recording of this exercise found on top of this page so you can listen to the instructions while performing the exercise. This may help you remembering it easier and getting it done correctly, as it is after all quite some things to have in mind when performing this. After a while you should be able to perform it without any audio aid however.

You may listen to peaceful calm meditation type of music when doing this exercise, as it may help you relax more and let your mind wander further. You may also find audio systems such as Hemi-Sync and Brainwave Generator useful tools and aids in performing this exercise in a better and deeper way.

For a more medatative way of performing this exercise, you may imagine that you are somewhere else when doing all the steps mentioned above. As an example, you can visualize yourself in a great endless field of grass, with a beautiful blue sky and bright shiny sun above you, and lots of flower and beautiful plants around you. Or any other type of surroundings or sceneries that makes you feel comfortable. Experiment and try find what is best for you.


Do not get startled if you after some weeks or more of practicing this exercise start to experience unusual things, such as astral projection, lucid dreams, or even telepathy and telekinesis. After all you are building up your psychic powers, and these abilities are some of the goals for most people when getting into the psychic and spiritual subject, even though most want to venture much further and beyond when they really start getting into it. Its a glorious and amazing existence out there waiting to unfold for you if you just let it!

God bless you, good luck, and may the light stay with you!

-Maggador IX-777

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Psychic Development: New Article series

I've decided to write a series of articles called "Psychic Development" as many people have asked me how to do the things I've been writing about and how to improve their own skills with such matters. The first one I posted the other day, called "Psychic Development: Telepathy for partners exercise". They will be posted now and then among other posts with no specific order, but I may decide to organize my material better at a later point.

This article series will deal with topics such as:

* Meditation and energy work
* Awareness and consciousness
* Altered states of mind
* The Universal Energy Force
* The All - The Mind of the Universe
* Spiritual & universal laws and principles
* How to see auras
* Reincarnation
* Mental training and focusing
* Body, Mind, Soul - Their connection and function
* Healing
* Creating energy balls a.k.a. Psi Balls
* Dowsing
* Telekinesis
* Lucid dreaming
* Remote Viewing
* Astral Projection / Out of Body Experience
* Centering, grounding and energy cleansing
* Magick and ritual work
* Guardian angels / Spiritual guides
* Spiritual beings / Astral entities
* And probably much more!

These articles will not necessarily be written in the order of the topics mentioned above, but all these matters will be featured in the coming articles I will write on this subject so keep an eye on the site frequently. Of course, you will already find a lot of this material here as I have written on several of these topics in the past.

I am writing this material to help people find their inner being and realize their great potentials and abilities. Hopefully it will help people attain deeper understanding of themselves, the universe, the existence and the mysteries of the spiritual realms both within us and around us and the powers we all posses. In addition, following the techniques and exercises I will provide will also hopefully make you feel like a more harmonic, peaceful and knowledgeable person, who will no longer fear death, and instead life to its fullest knowing that there will be so many amazing adventures awaiting beyond this physical reality whenever that time comes.

You may also find yourself with a completely new perspective and view on life, yourself and everything that surrounds us, the questions about god and the heavenly, other realms, and get truly fantastic insights and understandings about such enigmas.

And who knows, you may even find yourself with the power to help other people as well, becoming a teacher or healer, through the powers and abilities you will develop within yourself through these teachings. And what can be better in life, than being able to give other a helping hand or show them the true light that shines out there in the seemingly endless darkness?

It is a beautiful and endless journey, that will bring you through so many amazing experiences, that you have to see it for yourself to believe how wonderful it is. I can only give you a key to open these doors within yourself, show you a path to follow to reach that golden sun in the end of the road, and I wish you all the best of luck if you chose to go through that portal which will lead you to your true self and the connection with the divine.

With peace and love,
Maggador IX-777

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May 27, 2009

Psychic Development: Telepathy for partners exercise

The following exercise is one you need a partner to experiment with. It is targeted towards developing your psychic abilities, in this case telepathy - the power to read other's minds, emotions and feelings.

By frequently practising this exercise with a partner or friends, you will also gain greater empathy - which means feeling and knowing how others feel emotionally. In addition to that it will also increase your other psychic abilities and make it easier to develop yourself in other related areas as well.

So here follows the exercise:

Find one or more partners to do this experiment with. Then decide who will be the receiver(s) and who will be the sender(s).

The objective for the Sender is to chose a target, and try to mentally send this to the Receiver.

Examples of targets: Chosing a random card from a deck, make a simple geometric drawing, chose a number between 1 and 10, a random image of a landscape and so on.

The Sender will chose the target by a random procedure, such as shuffling a deck of cards and select a random card, throw a dice and see what number you get, pick a card with different geometric designs on them etc.

Of course the Receiver should not watch this process or get any clues about what Target is chosen.

Once the Sender has found a target, the process can begin.

Here is how you do it:

The Sender takes a look at the target, lets say its number 5 from throwing a dice, and then close his eyes and visualize the number in his mind, saying out the number in his mind over and over, while at same time imagining a white beam of light going from his third eye chakra to the third eye chakra of the Receiver. Make it as real as possible in your mind, feel, sense and see the Target as it emits out from your mind and into the receiver.

The receiver simply need to do the opposite: Imagine the beam of light carrying the Target from the Sender flowing into his or hers own third eye chakra. He or She then just allow any image or thought that comes to mind be taken notice of. Specially the very first impression is important here. The Sender should write down whatever the first impression is, as well as any other impressions that may come.

I recommend doing the Sending and Receiving part for a couple minutes before checking the results - The Sender reveals what the Target was, and the Receiver reveals what impressions were received.

Also, I would recommend both sender and receiver to enter a slightly altered state before the experiment, to be relaxed and open the chakras.

A simple way to do this is spend 5 to 10 minutes doing deep breathing exercises first, inhaling, holding as long as possible, then exhaling and holding as long as possible before inhaling again. Repeat this method of breathing for some minutes while at the same time you both imagine a great beam of brilliant white light enter the top of your head and activating and expanding all of your chakras, connecting them, and cleansing your bodies. Also let your body relax more and more for each exhalation, let all muscles relax, and become at peace.

Do this on a regular basis, I would recommend a couple times a week, and notice how your results progress and become better by time. Once you start getting good results at the mentioned easy tasks, move on to more complex ones such as adding more numbers, written words, and so on.

May you enjoy having fun playing this, remember to take it as a game and not too seriously, have fun, and the results will come much quicker.

If doing it in a group, chose one person to be the sender, and the rest to be the receivers - or opposite, and then check the results as mentioned above.

Good luck and blessings on your path!

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Simple method for releasing emotional stress

The following is a method one can use to relieve and release emotional stress of various kinds and degrees. This itself is not a cure, as it only helps to give relief to the effect (the emotional stress) of the cause (the reason for this emotional stress).

It is however useful in many situations where one suffers from emotional stress and need a quick way to "settle down" and relax some. The cause of the emotional stress itself should of course be treated in its own appropriate way, if the cause is unknown (such as sudden anxiety for no reason, depression, etc) this cause should be found and worked with in a proper way.

Well, in either case, here is the method that can help you release emotional stress from your mind and if not release it completely at least usually relieve it some.

During stress, the blood in the brain flows to the back, and so does the etheric energies, which is the reason many feel a "rush" up in the back of their head when fear strikes them, during anxiety, or other emotional states of mind.

A way to counteract this is making the blood and energy flow back to the front of the brain. This is achieved by either letting a person you trust, or you can do it yourself, putting the hands at the forehead covering the two skeletal knobs of the skull.

By doing this the blood and energy flows towards the front of your brain again where your hands are located.

During this process keep your eyes closed, take some deep breaths, and relax, while imagining bright cleansing light circulating from the back of your head, to the front of your forehead, through your hands, and back down the arms and up the neck and back into the forehead from the back of your skull, cleansing and purifying your mind and balancing the energies within your brain, mind and head so that the flow of blood and energy returns back into a harmonious state.

In certain cases it can release the cause of the effect completely, and thus make whatever mental tension you had be completely gone. You can of course also do this on others whom are hurt, sad, stressed or otherwise experience negative emotions to help relieve their mental suffering - just explain to them first what you are doing and how it works and get their permission to do it.

For deeper emotional problems and stress I would recommend some meditation and inner work with yourself to find the cause of the problem and how to solve it - feel free to read through my previously posted meditation exercises that may be useful.

With best luck and blessings

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May 26, 2009

Ascension Times - My recommendations on books, dvds and cds

Dear friends of mine,

This is a notice to let you know I have added a new link in the Topics called "Recommended Books, DVDs & CDs" - as you will see on the menu to the right here on this website.

I have decided to make a new site, which I call Ascension Times, where I will post various recommendations on my own favorite books, dvds, cds and such. You will find some reviews there, and occasionally some related meditations/practices/exercises.

This site will be updated and taken care of as a separate part, thus the reason for a separate site and url, as I do not want this website to be filled with my personal recommendations but rather have them all nicely structured in one place, and that is what my new site Ascension Times will be about.

For now I have not added too many recommendations due to lack of time but I am working on it, and you will find a menu of recommended material to the right on this site here too under the title Maggador`s favorite books and videos: "I recommend". Feel free to browse through the different pages of that and see if anything may be of your interest, and feel free to frequently check Ascenion Times for updates and reviews on my own favorites.

The direct url is http://ascensiontimes.blogspot.com/ - but as said you will find a link to it on the menu here on this page called "Recommended Books, DVDs & CDs.

Articles, reviews and videos on everything spiritual, esoteric, new age, paranormal, conspiracies, religious and so on will be the featured items reviewed on Ascension Times.

Blessings be with you and may some of you find something of interest there!


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Cosmic Cycles and how they affect your life

Dear friends,

There are many ways to get aware of the laws and rules that governs and affects our existence and the events happening to us here on Earth. Understanding these and living in harmony with them will help you avoid many difficult situations, and be able to get involved with more positive situations in your life.

I have previously mentioned things such as the Law of Attraction, how to work with your Guides, and so on.

This time I will briefly explain 3 different but related cosmic cycles that affects your life in various ways depending on when you were born.

Each one of us have these cycles affecting us, just as we have cycles of nature such as spring, summer, fall and winter - we have cycles of planets orbiting the sun in our solar system, we have cycles of tide water, cycles of life and death and so on.

However these 3 personal cycles which is governed by your date of birth is something we can not only understand but also act upon and do something about - unlike the cycles of the planets, the tides, the seasons of the year etc.

We have the Major Cycles, periods rather, consisting of 7 years each. These are cycles affecting and changing us in different ways during these years.

First of these periods is from birth until the 7th year - the period when a person starts growing up, understanding the world around him, adjusting to it and gain the basic self-discovery. This is also a period where the child gets connected with his own personal Guide - thus young children often talking about those "invisible friends" etc.

Second period is from year 7 to 14 - the period when a person starts growing more, developing the physical body, muscular control, and heightened mental awareness and logical understanding. This is also the period when a person start to understand the difference between the sexes, feeling love and affection, and physical interest in the opposite sex (or in sexual matters in general).

Third period from 14 to 21 - A period of larger mental and physical growth, more spiritual awareness, deeper understanding of Self and the Structure of the World one lives in.

Fourth period mainly one of growing spiritual awareness, the fifth one of creative influences and so on.

But what I will focus on here are the 7 different cycles of every persons year - your year is split up in seven cycles of 52 days each starting from the date of birth. During these 52 days cycles different energies are affecting you and following is the 7 different cycles of your Life Cycle.

To find out your own 52-days cycles, all you need to do is look up your date of birth on a calendar and start counting every day with your birth date as first day until you reach day 52. This is your first cycle. Then the date after the 52nd day of your birth will be the First day of your second cycle. Again count 52 days, and continue like this until you have gone through the whole calendar and got 7 cycles with 52 days each in them.

As an example, I was born 13th of January, so thus 13th January is my first day of my first cycle, and 52 days from that ends with March 5th. Then the second cycle starts from March 6th and 52 days which ends at April 26th, and so on.

Thus you will end up with a chart split up in 7 Cycles for one year, each consisting of 52 days.

The following is how each of these 7 cycles relates to you and your life, so that you can know when things will easily flow your way, and when things might be harder - thus you will be prepared and able to act in a more appropriate way depending on what cycle:

First Cycle

This is the period of opportunity. It is the best time to advance your interests with others who may have the power and influence to help you. This is the time to ask for favors, to seek employment or loans or business concessions, to form partnerships or to make investments. This is also a good time to advance yourself among the people of your city, state or country, to build up your credit standing or your reputation. This is the best time for you to push yourself forward with determination so far as your name, your integrity and your honor are concerned.

Second Cycle

The second period is distinctly different. It is the best time to plan short journeys or trips of immediate importance. It is also an excellent time for moving about, if that should prove necessary. In other words this is a period propitious for changes that can be started and finished within the period itself. In a business way it is a good period for movable things such as freight, cargoes, automobiles, trains, public conveyances, or even public lectures or performances which may move from place to place. It also presents excellent opportunities for those who deal with liquids, milk, water, chemicals, gasoline, oil and other products of this character. Dealing with people who are in business associated with the foregoing will be more successful at this time than at any other. This is also a very good period for businesses which cater to transients such as hotels, restaurants, car rentals and similar services. However, one should not plan a change of business or start a new career or make any permanent change during this period, and contracts and other arrangements that are intended to last a long time should not be entered into. It is an unfavorable period to borrow or lend money and it is not good for starting the construction of a building or entering upon a project that requires a substantial investment. Certainly it is a most unfavorable period to speculate in the stock market or to gamble in any form.

Third Cycle

This period requires that you exercise discrimination and good judgment. It usually brings a great inflow of energy which makes you want to do great and important things. If directed carefully this can be the best time in the year to improve your health or build up your business or do anything that requires the expenditure of energy. However, good judgment is needed. You will be tempted to undertake projects which have no possibility of success or which may take so long to develop that you will have to abandon them before completion. But this is a great time to tackle and overcome obstacles that have blocked progress in the past, to make a strong second effort to solve problems earlier abandoned because of lack of energy. It is a great time for dealing with things that require great energy such as iron and steel, electrical machinery, cutlery, sharp instruments and fire. It is also a particularly good period to oppose competitors or deal with enemies who have heretofore been obstacles in your path. It is an unfavorable period for men or women to try to deal with women but on the other hand it is an excellent period for women to appeal to men when desiring favors or preferment or aid in business or social matters. Arguments and strife should be avoided because the outcome is very apt to be bad, but if you have something to sell which can be put across in one forceful interview, this is the best period.

Fourth Cycle

In this period the mental and spiritual nature is stimulated. It is thus an excellent period for writing books, producing plays, making plans, for all the matters requiring imagination and quick thinking and the ability to express your thoughts lucidly. Your mind will be filled with new ideas which will come very rapidly, so it is important that you grasp them quickly and put them into practice before they are forgotten or pushed aside by the new thoughts which will crowd upon their heels. It is therefore a good period to act on impulse or hunches. You will be optimistic in this period but somewhat nervous and restless, which is to be expected with your imagination highly charged. It is a good period to deal with literary people, writers, journalists, book or magazine publishers, but be careful to scrutinize all legal and other documents most carefully because deception is possible and it is a period when falsehood is as eloquently and easily expressed as the truth. Most great losses through robbery or deception or misunderstood legal situations occur in this period and you should take precautions to protect yourself. However, it is a good time for study and for gaining information and knowledge, but it is not a propitious period to enter marriage, to hire help or to buy homes, businesses or land.

Fifth Cycle

This is the period in which it is possible for you to achieve your greatest success in your personal affairs. This is the time in your yearly cycle when your interests will expand and your prosperity increase. Your mind likewise will become a more effective instrument, sharper and clearer, you will become more open in your relations with others, move with more confidence and display sociability, benevolence and sympathy. This is the best period for dealing with the law, with lawyers and judges, the courts, government officials, men of prominence in the profession and people of wealth. It is also a good period to begin new ventures that may take some time to grow, to plan large business negotiations or to undertake long journeys. It is particularly good for collecting money due or for speculations in stock or real estate, but be sure to avoid every negotiation that is not completely legitimate. Also avoid any dealings in cattle or meat products or with marine affairs.

Sixth Cycle

This is the best time in your yearly cycle for rest, relaxation and amusement. This does not mean that business will not prosper. On the contrary, all good and legitimate business will continue with almost as much success as in the preceding period. However, now is the time to make long or short trips for the purpose of renewing friendships or for cultivating new friends, men among women and women among men, and to renew and improve friendships and relations that already exist. It is a particularly fortunate time for business matters that touch upon art, music, literature, sculpture, perfumes, flowers and personal adornments. It is a good period for a man to seek preferment or favors or business agreement or cooperation from a woman, just as the third period is better for women to obtain such favors from men. It is the best period to buy stocks or bonds for investment and to employ others.

Seventh Cycle

This is the most critical period of your yearly cycle. During these fifty-two days the elements in your life that are no longer needed for your development gradually fall away in order to make way for those which are new and better. Often this will cause distress and a sense of loss and may tempt you to foolish actions and decisions. Remember it is a period of seeming devolution which always precedes a period of evolution and new opportunity. Take advantage of the momentum in this period to rid yourself of the old and unwanted, but be sure to exercise good judgment. If there is something that has been hanging fire and is about to end, let it do so, but do not deliberately break ties or destroy relationships that have vitality and are still valuable. For the reasons mentioned, your mind is likely to become despondent and you will be easily discouraged. Remember you are being influenced by the quality of the period you are in and do not permit the pessimism you feel to warp your judgment or inhibit your decisions. The qualities of this period exert very subtle influences and it is necessary that you be much more alert than normal in appraising your feelings and your reactions to external influences. In the Fourth Period it is advisable to seize immediately upon your ideas or hunches and make quick decisions. Now the reverse is true. Impulsiveness will bring disaster. Be careful in all necessary judgments and postpone to the next period every decision possible. However, this is a good period for dealing with older people and those who by their nature or position must consider each action most carefully. It is also an excellent time for inventing things or dealing in inventions or for applying for patents or copyrights. Now you will have success in dealing in real estate, mines, minerals and all things deeply seated in the earth or in hidden places. On the other hand, it is definitely the least favorable time of your year to start anything new or launch a new business or to make new expenditures in an old one.

With the information above you can check yourself and see how past events in your life fits into these cycles, and how current events of your life is going - as well as prepare for the future to make the best outcome manifest.

So that is some about the cycles of life and of every year of your life. There are also other personal cycles worth noting, such as The Business Cycle and your Health Cycle. Different properties and effects apply to these at different times than the Life Cycle mentioned above though, and if you want to know more about these cyclic influences and how they affect your life I highly recommend the book Wisdom of the Mystic Masters by Joseph Weed, available at amazon, as well as Self Mastery and Fate by H. Spencer Lewis.

These books covers many other aspects of your life, abilities, cosmic laws and rules, and how to get most out of your life in an easy way that anyone can understand and follow and see the results of.

Some other topics covered in these books includes understanding yourself and attaining harmony, principles of karma and how you can make and remake your future, birth - death - reincarnation, meditations, the power of the thoughts, healing yourself and others, generating and using psychic energy, astral projection and much more!

For your convenience you can find a link to both these highly recommended books below:

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