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Welcome to my humble site. As a teacher, I will offer my assistance in any way I can, that is my p├║rpose. As a student I will listen and consider what I learn. The Cosmos is Endless, Existence will always make you question what you learn, and what you learn will always give you new questions.
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Maggador IX-777

Mar 17, 2009

Alien inheritance and Godly slavery

Dear friends,

Sorry for not being able to respond more often. I do have a life outside of this internet, and a group of 16 people whom come to my house several times a week to participate in various matters, meditations, receive teachings, and work for the greater good. I only spend a fraction of my time here to try get my message out as far as possible.

Well with that said:

Many questions have been sent to me, I will try respond as good as I am able to. To keep things short I must unfortunately omit the questions and only post the answers.

The Anunnaki and Nibiru was a creation made by a new age pseudo-scientist named Sitchin. It does not reflect the TRUE translations of the sumerian scrolls.

Mars is more close, yes there were a civilization there long time ago, and some spread down here when the great cataclysm happened. Some are still living up there but mostly inside the planet. NASA knows this and that is the reason they are up there.

The egyptian were simply spiritually developed people with knowledge about life, death and existence. The pyramids served as temples for esoteric work and spiritual practices, as well as the temples of some of the worlds first secret societies where initations into different degrees were performed. The secres of the soul and after-life and how to navigate it was taught. Thus the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Tibetans also knew, and know, more about this important part than most others, and have their own Tibetan Book of the Dead. Both worth a read, and both cultures worthy a study.

No there are not 2 Earths - there are infinite numbers of Earth in the sense you are talking about, meaning there are infinite numbers of alternate existences and dimensions out there where everything that can happen is happening and all time exist at once.

Time only exist for the observer in the lower more dense planes such as the physical and this again related to the above.

The purpose of man... Well now you are getting at it. MAN is here to be the SLAVE of GOD. Yes, that is why you exist as physical beings on a physical planet , in a slave based world, where you have to Serve. The God I am referring to now is not The True God of All Existence, but a lower God, an astral entity with great powers, whom created the physical world and enslaved the human population by capturing souls in physical bodies and creating the Laws of Reincarnation and such. This itself is a very long story I do not have time to get much into now.

There are several species existing on Earth, spiritually speaking, incarnated in physical human bodies. Some of these are the ones who are in the power and control positions. Most are the ones in the Slave position.

The Purpose of Earth is being a Prison where you are the Slave, as explained above. The original Master may be gone, but others have found out and are taking advantage of the unknowing population.

Yes you are infinite consciousness and All Knowing, and you can all get back to the connection with your True Self and the Divine Source. Those whom do so becomes free of the laws of entrapment here on the phyiscal plane.

For the moment being, nothing peculiar seem to be happening in 2012. Theere are forces working for things to happen, to make all these "doom prophecies" come true, but there are also good out there working for the opposite. It is in a sense a spiritual war between good and evil. For the moment it seems to me that there is nothing to worry about - you will not perish.

Best wishes, love and blessings until next time

Maggador IX-777

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