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Maggador IX-777

Mar 6, 2009

Cleansing a house or area and making it a channel for good energies

Here is a ritual I've developed and found useful and thought I could share with you. Actually it's a couple. I've also revised the License to Depart and updated it some. The License to Depart is a ritual used to cleanse your area for any entities you have summoned after you have done your spiritual/Magical/psyhic work etc.

The first one is an invocation of God that I find good to do before any other work, including the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram). The Invocation of God ritual serves the purpose of getting in contact with the divine source itself, the true Creator, and make sure you are not lured by any false entities pretending to be someone else, and to give you greater power and protection etc. If you are not familiar with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) you can read my post about it here: LBRP, Middle Pillar Ritual & Circulation of Body of Light

The testing of the angels serve the purpose of testing if you actually managed to evoke the real true angels, or if you've got some sneaky false entities pretending to be the angels lurking around. A banishing ritual is also included in case you encounter false angels and other entities.

The last one is a ritual intended to help you cleanse your house of any negative energies and entities, and fill it with harmony, love and balance, and create it as a channel for these good energies to make sure it constantly is protected and shielded against negative energy and always have the good energies flowing through it.

So here goes:

Invoking the Power of God and testing the Angels (and other astral entities)

When working with astral projection, angels, magick and other work that includes summoning, invocations and evocations of other entities, it can be a good thing to protect yourself some extra as well as make sure that the beings you meet (angels, astral entities, deities etc) really are who they say they are.

To test the angels, first of all invoke and summon God. I recommend an invocation of God before any magical/psychic/spiritual work along with LBRP as mentioned elsewhere here. You can do this invocation of God as follows:

The Invocation of God - Say out loud:

"Dear God, Lord of the Universe, Creator of All and Source of All Existence! I now summon you and invoke you! Fill me with your glorious powers and holy spirit! I call upon you to be within me, around me, above me and below me for the purpose of protection, cleansing, guidance and love so you can lead me to the path to the divine and towards knowledge and conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel - so that I shall find my true purpose and Will and be filled with your love, harmony, balance and ability to distinguish the true from the false! May you lead me to success and great fortune in everything I do! I open myself for you, highest Master, let it happen! With love and blessings, thank you and Amen!"

Do it out loud and with power and affection, engulf yourself in prayer, with pure intentions on reaching the goal, as you visualize the power of god coming down from above, entering the top of your head, as a pure brilliant godlight, in the form of a beam, going through your head and all your chakras, crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, solar plexus chakra, belly chakra, genitials chakra, and imagine and feel all chakras being filled and expanded by this powerful great godlight and then let it explode within you and flow out of all your chakras and completely fill your entire being. Then stay in this state for some minutes and feel its powers, before you let the energy flow out of your heart center with love and completely surround your body as well with the godlight, the pure and true spirit of God. You then have the power, you are protected, and you will see the true from the false!

Testing of the Angels (and other entities):
The testing of the angels then can be as simple as saying out loud "May only the true angels of the God of Love be here in their true form, and anyone else reveal their true self, in the name of the highest Creator, let it happen! Amen!"
Ask any entity then "Do you love the Holy Spirit?" as any negative entity or demon can not say yes to this.

If you discover any false entities, you can ask them what their purpose is and why they are there. Or you can banish them and send them back to wherever they came from, for example by saying "By the power of the True God, the Lord of Love, I now banish you and send you back to where you belong, with the protection and love of God on your way. May you now be gone, vanish, in the Name of the Lord, AMEN!" at the same time you may imagine a great powerful godlight emitting out of your third eye and heart chakra towards the being you want to banish and "shoot" him away with these great powerful beams of love and light.

The License to Depart:
A license to Depart can be done as follows at the end of any work:

When you've finished your ritual(s), and before you blow out the lights of the candles, say out loud and with feelings "May the true Angels of Love and the powers of the Highest God still be with me. All other spirits, astral entities and other beings of all kinds whom have been summoned and gathered here today are now free to leave. May you travel with peace and love to where you came from and to where you belong. I grant you the license to depart, so now be gone with the protection of God, the highest Creator, on your way. AMEN!" - Vibrate AMEN while visualizing all the entities departing and leaving, flying far away to wherever they came from, just like moths fly away from the light when it's turned off. Then blow out the lights of the candles and the work is finished.

I recommend you to always perform the LBRP before any other magikcal or spiritual/psychic work of any kind, and it can also be a good idea to end the work by performing the LBRP again before the License to Depart.

Imagine, visualize and FEEL everything you do and say with all of your powers and being!

You may of course add or remove some elements in the above evocations and rituals, such as in the Invocation of God you may ask for other things than what I mentioned, for example for success, happyness, good health, and whatever else you may want as long as it is for a good purpose and not doing any harm towards anyone. If asking for healing for others, please ask them for their permission to be healed first as there are people whom are sick because they want to be so, and there are people who wish to stay in their condition for many different reasons.


First I recommend an Invocation of God, as explained in my text called "Invocation of God and testing of Angels" as well as LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, originally a hermetic Golden Dawn ritual) and the testing of the angels.

Once that has been done, you may cleanse the house and turn it into a channel for the universal healing powers that will keep it clean, pure, in harmony and balance.

Actually you may do this part during the LBRP after you've evoked the arch angels. Simply stand there surrounded by their glorious powers, and say out loud:

"Dear Angels of the True God of Love! May you cleanse this house (or area) for all negative energies and entities, and fill it with peace and harmony! I also request that you turn it into an active channel for permanent harmony, balance, healing, positive energies, protection and shielding against negative forces and let it be filled with the divine love and glory of the True God, Creator of All! So shall it be! With love I thank you for your help, AMEN!"

While saying out the above, imagine and visualize and FEEL a great golden ball of light that shoots out through your heart chakra and expands until it completely covers your whole house or the are you are working on. The whole house/are should be completely surrounded and ecompassed within this divine pure glorious golden light ball of love. Also imagine, visualize and feel the angels and presence of God along with you as you do the work. Once the work is done, you may open your eyes if you had them closed while performing it, or take a deep breath and blow it slowly out, while still knowing that the energies, angels and presence of God is still there with you but just turning invisible. Also, I also usually personally vibrate AMEN loud and proudly to the end of my breath, while I imagine it resonating to the end of the universe and the godhead himself!

You can also do this after the completion of the LBRP if you chose so, whatever feels most comfortable for you. And of course you may change the wording of the text to something that feels more suitable for you.

Then I recommend a License to Depart at the end of the Ritual.

This can be performed regularly in your house or any area you want to keep cleansed and pure as described above to further strengthen and keep it this way.

If anyone find this useful, I'm pleased. May the light be with you all, and great success and best of luck on your path!

Best regards and blessings,
IX-777 Maggador

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