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Maggador IX-777

Mar 26, 2009

Communicating with Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels and other entities and beings

Many have asked me privately about how to get in touch with their spirit guides, ascended masters, guardian angels and so on. So for now I decide to describe one method that is useful for many, and one that I use myself to keep in contact with my beloved ones in other planes of existence.

This method can get you in touch with virtually any type of entity if done without some protection work first. So, I would recommend you do an Invocation of God and Cleansing of your House before performing the coming exercise. After having done the exercise, perform a License to Depart. You can read more about this in my post HERE.

The method of communication gained through the process I will reveal here now can appear in different ways, some simply get a communication in the form of what seem to be own thoughts but as answers from someone else, others hear the voices more clearly as some other person, some may get visual communication in the form of images and visions, some information may come as "sudden knowledge" where you simply just know the answer to the question you asked all at once, and other times you may find yourself being taken on long great journyes through time and space. Indeed, if you ask the entity you are communicating with you to SHOW you the answer visually, usually you will get such a visual presentation where vast amounts of information may be revealed in a way that is beyond words.

Now the process itself:

Find a time and place where you will be alone and undisturbed. If you do it in your living room in a comfortable chair, your bed, or out in nature is not important. Silence is. And relaxation.

If you have no way to get away from noise, simply buy some earplugs and you can experience total silence. I recommend this and use this myself when I want to venture into other realms, meditate deeply, and so on.

Darkness also helps, so if you do it at night, or simply put on a blindfold that will help.

Get relaxed, do some relaxation exercises, such as inhaling deeply, as deep as you can, and hold it for as long you can, then exhale it completely while letting all of your body and all muscles relax and become soft. Inhale and repeat this process for some minutes until you feel properly relaxed.

Then comes the Stillness of the Mind procedure. For some it may be easy, for some it may take some more practice. You need to get your mind free of thoughts, so there will be an inner silence.

My own way of doing this is by simply noticing my breathing and how it sounds, and replicate that sound in my mind as I breath, just as you would replicate a word in your mind when hearing it. This moves the focus away from wordly thoughts and creates a stillness in your mind where only the breathing is occupying your thought process. Then I send my focus to the Stillness itself and replicate that in the same way in my mind, and usually this leads to a deeper profound Stillness of Mind where the Stillnesss itself can be "heard".

Should thoughts come by in your mind, do not fight them, just let them pass and get back to the practice of Stilling your mind. You may only be able to keep your mind still for seconds at first, perhaps a couple minutes, or if you are lucky you may get right into it and experience deep stillness for long periods of time.

Nevertheless, practice will increase the time you are able to keep your mind in Stillness. Once you are able to keep your mind Still, calm and quiet, for several minutes at a time, you are ready. Depending on different persons, it can take from days to weeks to months to properly manage this, but just keep on practising on a daily basis and you will notice you are able to go further and further.

At this point, when you manage to Still your mind and keep it thought free, simply ask out "Is someone there?" or say out "Dear Spirit Guide of mine, I love you, are you there?" and see if you get any response - it can come in a moment as your own thoughts and you may think you are just making it up or imagining it but dont fall into that trap - it most likely is a contact. Ask whatever questions you may have, and I suggest you get a tape recorder to have at hand so you can ask and record all answers you get as it may be difficult to remember it all after once you are done.

A good idea is to ask the entity you are in contact with "Are you of the Light?" and "Do you Love the Holy Spirit"? to make sure you really are in contact with a honest and truthful entity as the Holy Spirit does not permit negative entities to lie about their answers to this.

Always take what you are told with a grain of salt, and do your best to ask questions you can verify and check up on later. There are tricksters and pranksters out there, but if you do things correctly and properly shield and protect yourself as mentioned above, cleansing your area and so on, you should for the most part only get in touch with true higher divine beings.

Whenever you get in contact, ask who you are communicating with and what their purpose for getting in contact with you are, you may gain some great insights and amazing experiences from such communication.

Remember you are the one in control, so should you experience something you find you do not like, simply say goodbye to the entity and open your eyes and get up. Do a License to Depart if you feel it necessary, and a Cleansing of your house.

When you are in this state of mind, you are simply communicating telepathically with these entities, you are in no way letting them "enter" you or "possess" you in any way, not any more than when you are speaking physically with your mouth with other people.

I will reveal other ways of communicating with such entities at a later time, for now I hope some will find this method useful.

May the love be with you and the Holy Spirit guide you on your path!


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