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Maggador IX-777

Mar 30, 2009

Intuition, resonation and feelings

I was told by a lady that she did not feel any "energetic resonation" with me. So I would like to explain that further, and what it means, and to keep things simple I will just post the answer and explanation to this that I gave here as follows:

Why is that so curious?

I am sure there are many you do not "resonate" with in the world and beyond.

You resonate with those whom you feel to be one of. Thus, one resonate with those that are of the similar type, in general.

And one often mistake this for intuition thinking "he is telling the truth" or "he is lying".

But in reality you truly need to find yourself before you can resonate with anything else - when we speak of a true level of resonation.

Are you in Harmony, Balance and Resonation with yourself? If so, are you really, or are you just imagining that? How can you know?

That is some things to ponder upon, and to find the answer to such questions is not as easy as asking them. The Path is a long one, and it takes many lifetimes to truly understand even the slightest part of ones true being.

I am continously amazed myself by such great discoveries, hopefully there will be an easier method of letting others truly experience their real inner self and disconect themselves from all the programming and manipulation they have been put up with including what they feel and think and believe about certain topics or individuals and so on.

Regardless, the possibility is there, specially when one become aware of the possibility of such questions even having anything to them. So one can get closer to the truth of ones being, deeper down beyond the surface of the false robot, and really see even the tiniest spark of the Real Self hidden away and chained and imprisoned in the darkness of ones Body and Mind.

So with that said, you should not take everything I say for granted just because you "feel" it is right, or you "resonate" with it and so on. Look deeper within yoursel, go really deep, explore your being and find the answers of your own self - do not worry about me, let me handle that part.

When you reach the True Divine Connection of your Inner Self and the Source of All Existence there will no longer be any doubt, as doubt can not exist in that state, nor can lies, only purity and truth and reality. The illusions will fall, it may scare you to see your true self as something completely different than you have been lead to believe, but it will also give you a new amazing power and knowledge, and give you great control of your own life and destiny.

May all Love and greatest blessings be with you all, and may the True Inner Guide lead you the way to yourselves.


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