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Mar 23, 2009

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth Meditation

This is a meditation I created with the purpose of bringing you in deeper contact with all aspects of yourself, through bringing down the divine and spiritual and merging it with the earthly and physical. It will balance you and bring you in harmony with the Material world and the Spiritual world and the powers, laws and principles that governs these and your existence. You yourself will become the channel that merges the Divine with the Material through your being and thus aligns your own being with these two levels of Existence.

Go out somewhere in nature where you will be free and undisturbed. You can do this meditation either alone or in a group. If you do not have the ability to get out into the real nature, you may simply close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful field, on top of a mountain, in the woods, or whaterver landscape of nature you find attractive.

Sit down on the Ground of the Earth itself (of imagine you do this if you could not get out in nature, in this case sit down on the floor). You can be sitting anywhere in nature that you please such as in a field, a grassy knoll, top of a hill, a mountain, the dessert, in the forrest and so on. Simply find a spot you like.

When sitting down your root chakra should touch and be in contact with the ground. Try sit with your back straight and your legs gently crosed, enough to keep you balanced and keep comfortable. Should you find it difficult or have problems with the blood circulation in your legs in this position, try find a slope, stone, knoll, tree trunk or similar that you can sit on and thus put your legs in a more relaxad downwards position. If doing this inside, simply place a billow under your buttocks.

Once you are properly seated take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and relax your body and mind. Enjoy the quietness of spirit and nature sinking in over you.

Now imagine a powerful beam of pink brilliant light shooting down from the sky above coming from the Source of All Existence itself. This pink beam of light is filled with energies of Love, Joy, Peace and the Holy Spirit.

Visualize, see, feel and sense this pink divine beam of light as good as you can as it is hitting the top of your head entering the Crown Chakra.

At this moment take a deep breath and at the exhalation vibrate loudly with a deep chanting voice the sound "OHM", making it follow your complete exhalation so that it stretches out in a long vibrating "oooooohhhmmmmmm" sound the lenght of your exhalation.

As you chant out the sound of "OHM" with vibrational force, imagaine and notice how the pink beam of light intensifies and your crown chakra is being filled up with a glowing pink ball of light that completely encompasses the top of your head, with half of the energy ball extending out of your skalp above your head and the other half inside your head.

Now as you have exhaled completely while chanting "OHM" take a new deep fresh breath slowly. As you inhale imagine and notice how the pink energy ball in the top of your head is spreading down a beam of its pink light flowing down into your Third Eye Chakra between your eyebrows.

Repeat the former exhalation process where you loudly and proudly again chant out "OHM" through your complete exhalation, and this time a new ball of pink energy is filling up in your head by the eyebrows as well.

Once again when the "OHM" is fully exhaled, take another slow deep breath while you focus and feel the energy balls created inside you so far while a new beam of light emits from the pink energy ball in your third eye chakra and flows down into your throat. Again as you exhale by vibrating out the sound of "OHM" imagine and notice now how a new energy ball of pink brilliant light forms in your throat.

Simply repeat this process of chanting out "OHM" and inhaling for the rest of your chakras (energy centers) as well.

So on the next inhalation following the "OHM" exhalation that created the ball of energy in your throat another beam of pink energy flows down from it and into your Heart Chakra in the middle of your chest.

Exhale "OHM" and let the energy ball grow in your chest this time. Inhale and a beam flows from the chest to your Solar Plexus Chakra located in the abdomen area above your belly button. Exhale "OHM" and create another pink energy ball in this Solar Plexus Chakra.

Inhale and a beam of pink light flows from the energy ball in the solar plexus chakra down to the Stomach Chakra, located somewhat in the middle below your belly button and above your genitals. Exhale "OHM" and create a pink energy ball in your stomach chakra too.

Inhale to make a new energy beam of pink light flow down from the energy ball in your stomach chakra and down into your final chakra, the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is located at the bottom of your spine, between your tail bone and genitals. Exhale "OHM" to create a new strong pink energy ball in your root chakra just like you have done in the previous steps.

At this moment you have a pink beam of light flowing in through the top of your head and 7 energy balls of pink brilliant light glowing within you in each of the above mentioned chakras, with a beam of pink light connecting each one of them.

Sit for a moment and visualize this, feel, see and sense all the energy balls and pink beam of light within you.

After having enjoyed and observed this for a couple minutes you move on to the next stage of the meditation which is as follows.

Take a deep breat. Feel and sense the energy flowing into you from the top of your head and through all of your chakras even stronger.

Chant out another "OHM" and sense and feel how your chakras are vibrating and expanding within you. Repeat this for a total of 3 "OHM" exhalations, and at the third "OHM" exhalation imagine your root chakra opening up and a great surge of pink brilliant energy is now released and bursting out through you and into the ground all the way into the center of the Earth itself.

Sit like this for a moment feeling the pink energy flowing through every part of you and your chakras vibrating as the pink energy of Love, Joy, Peace and the Holy Spirit is filling you up while at the same time also flowing out through your root chakra as a powerful beam of pink light flowing straight into the Heart of the Earth.

Now when you feel ready it is time to reverse the process, and receive thankful energies from the Earth, and further sending them up to the Heavens.

This you do by visualizing and imagining a great brillian Green beam of light flowing back to you from the center of the Earth and into your Root Chakra.

This Green Energy is filled with the properties of Life, Vitality, Grounding and the Spirit of Earth.

Simply let this energy flow through you in the same manner as the pink one coming from above, but this time let it start by entering your root chakra as a green beam of light coming from below and go in reverse order through your body.

As before, chant "OHM" and let a brilliant green ball of light fill up your root chakra this time, inhale and a green beam moves up to your Stomach Chakra where you create another green ball of brilliant light as you exhale with another "OHM".

Continue this process through the rest of your chakras. From the stomach chakra to the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and finally the crown chakra.

As you reach the Crown Chakra, when exhaling the "OHM" there imagine that the Crown Chakra opens up and out flows the wonderful green energy, through all of your body and chakras, and out the top of your head into the heavens and all the way back up to the Source of All Existence.

Sit for a while feeling the two energies flowing through you and your chakras, one pink beam of light from above and through you into the center of the Earth, and one green beam of light from below you and through you up into the Heavens.

This is balancing you and you are bringing down the Divine to Earth, the Earthly to the Divine, and thus merging these two aspects of yourself and becoming more aware of them.

With yourself in the center as the channeler you are attuning yourself to be a master perfectly balanced between the Material world and the Spiritual world and thus you will be in great harmony with yourself, nature, the divine and whole of Existence.

Sit and meditate for as long as you like and when you decide to get up imagine that the beams of ligh and energy balls becomes invisible but are still there within you and you now have a connection well balanced between the Earthly and the Divine.

Thus the name "The Marriage of Heaven and Earth Meditation".

This meditation is quite useful and beneficial when done on a frequent basis. Feel free to experiment with it and may it bring you something useful.

You can buy the meditation as guided audio course as downloadble MP3 or on CD or both here:

May you enjoy it, Love and Life be with you.

Maggador IX-777

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