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Maggador IX-777

Mar 23, 2009

The Mars, Moon and Earth Connection

The following is an observation I did during a contact with a spirit entity whom telepathically showed me what I am about to tell.

Thus, since I do not know this entity, nor have I been able to properly verify the things I was shown, I can not take any responsibility for its validity.

I will simply retell you what I was shown today when I got in contact with several entities, and one that stood out as peculiar I got in deeper contact with and this is what I was shown:

There is life on the Moon, and a race of ancient people living there. I am shown that they are walking on the surface, having conflicts with people from Earth, and fighting with eachother. The Moon People have superior technology and the Earth men can do nothing. How they breath I am not sure, perhaps there actually is air on the moon, or perhaps they are inside some sort of shield filled with breathable air. This will only be speculative.

These Moon people predates the Earth people. The people of Earth originally came from the Moon. But as I ask where the people on the Moon came from, I was told they mostly came from Mars, but also other places.

These Moon People also seem to have great spiritual powers, or psychic as some would say, as they seemed to be able to do things most human Earth people can not do, such as using energies manipulated by their minds to fight the enemies etc. It could have been technological, as I was not able to study this in details, but I did not see any physical devices that could have explained these powers they had.

Conflicts are going on, and have been going on for quite some time, between the Earth People, Moon People and Mars People. Mostly it has to do with the Earth People not liking the idea that they are "inferior" due to these more advanced Moon People. They have been fighting in secret for some time, and governments of Earth are doing their best to keep this information away from the People of Earth.

Specifically there is one President of Earth that is working hard on keeping this a tight secret and not letting people of the Earth get to know anything about this and hide the truth from the people. He considers them "higher" on the evolutionary scale, and do not like to have someone being above him, nor do those whom support him, and this is mostly what the conflicts are about - Who are "superior" and who are "inferior" to eachother.

From personally experience I have seen life on Mars to be real at this moment, structures there, and underground bases and cities. So my own thought is that they must have at some distant time in the past moved from Mars and over to Earth's Moon and lived on the Moon for a while before they continued further to Earth. What periods of time between these incidents there would be, I have no idea of.

The Human race is also widely spread around in the universe, something I can confirm from many travels around in many different times and places, it seems to be the most dominant species in the universe that has managed to spread the most.

Well this was my report about that experience. For now, love be with you, and great insights coming your way!

Maggador IX-777

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