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Mar 6, 2009

The Morning Glory Ritual

For balancing, harmonizing, rejuvination, cleansing and purification, opening blockages, clearing the chakras, divine connection etc:

1. As the sun rises stand up face towards the sun. and have your eyes closed.
2. Imagine yourself as a flower, out in a field, a flower with nothing but purity, no worries, no cares in the world, so free and serene.
3. Close the eyes, and visualize yourself filled up by the suns light and energy, and as a flower do, absorb and consume the light.
4. Cleansing through you, charging you with new energy, contacting you with the divine.
5. You are the flower, Morning Glory, blooming, spreading up towards heaven, towards the sun.
6. Consume the light, the energy, let it run through your body cleansing you.
7. Let it flow down from the top of your head and cleansing through every inch of you before it runs down through your feet and deep into the ground.
8. Visualize this for about 15-30 minutes, then open your eyes slowly still feeling connected, and you are done.

Some tips: This meditation is extra powerful out in the wild, undisturbed nature, when completely alone, on a beautiful day.
When performing the meditation, try imagine yourself as a flower, reaching for the light, which is filling you up with life and energy.
See yourself in your mind as clear as possible out in a beautiful field as any type of flower you wish to be - feel it, smell it, be there.

Notes: If you prefer you can also do this exercise laying down (in a soft patch of green grass on a field is great), or sitting down in any position you find comfortable. In step 7 you may visualize the light and energy of the sun streaming down through the top of your head chakra and flowing further down through all your chakras and stimulating them on the way down to the feet: Crown chakra (Top of head), Third Eye chakra (between eyebrows), Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Chest chakra (solar plexus - below ribs above belly button), Stomach chakra (by belly button), Base chakra (genitials - tail bone area) , then down to fet and tip of toes.

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