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Mar 6, 2009

Ouija Board: A short explanation and useful tips

In these New Age days things like Ouija Boards have become very popular among all kinds of people, both used for fun and "party games", as well as for more serious purposes to contact the dead, other spirits and entities etc.

An Ouija board is an object with no power of its own. You "connect" with an entity such as an ghost/spirit/alien, and let it move the pointer. It is your hand that is moving the pointer, but you are letting it being moved by a separate entity, and the connection is your "mind". The same goes for pendulums, dowsing rods, automatic writing etc, or channeling as a medium - all are tools which are controlled by another entity through your physical body by affecting your mind. In fact I would explain it like this - YOU let the entity affect your subconscious mind with its own thoughts and in response your subconscious mind affects your physical body by producing very fine muscle tensions in your hands and fingers that make the pointer (or pendulum etc) move in the desired way the entity you are in contact with want to.

That is also the reason protection is important, as you are letting other entities control your body/mind for a moment, and you wouldn't really want a negative/evil entity be allowed to do that. In addition, you don't really want a negative entity hanging around after you've done the ouija session - just because you put away the board does not mean the entity goes away.

An "entity" is any being of any sort separated from yourself, it can be a ghost/spirit/demon/angel/alien/you name it.

In addition to being tools that can be used to connect with separate beings, they can be used for tools to connect with your own inner being/higher self/soul/whatever you want to call it, and thus use it as an instrument to get answers to thing about yourself that your "true" self already knows.

So when dealing with f.ex ouija boards, there are 4 possibilties I can think of when it comes to what you get in contact with:
1. Other entity
2. Yourself (higher self, inner being etc as mentioned above)
3. Other aspects of yourself (past lives, which can manifest as a separate personality and seem like a separate entity, etc)
4. A desire to believe (where you make up the "story" the board tells you subconsciously)

And, of course, you have fakers who move the pointer on purpose to spell out whatever they want.

So with that said you have to test and question the communication you are receiving to determine if you are really in contact with other separate beings, or yourself, or if one of the other participants are moving it on purpose.

ALWAYS when working with ouija boards I would recommend BOTH a Invocation of God, and after the session a License to Depart and Cleansing of the House, which I have described how to perform HERE!

When done properly, and responsibly , Ouija Boards can give great wealths of information about yourself, existence, other life forms and much more - but KNOW what you are doing when using such things.

With best luck and may love be with you
-IX 777 Maggador

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