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Mar 11, 2009

Ouija Boards & spirit contact in practice

Dear friends,

As some of you might have noticed, I posted a short explanation post on Ouija Boards and similar tools recently HERE

The purpose of doing so was because of the post I am now putting out, which will go further in depth on how to actually use these tools.

Before you work with such tools, you should perform the mentioned House Cleansing and Invocation of God, and ask your Spirit Guides to oversee the process and make sure only entities of the Light with good purposes will be able to get through and contact you. When the work is done always perform the License to Depart.

Frequently practicing the LBRP, Middle Pillar Ritual and Circulation of Body of Light will further improve your skills on any psychic work, as well as give you proper protection and cleansing.

Now with the above said and taken in consideration, let us start with how to work with the mentioned tools themselves.


You can either purchase a classical one, or simply make one yourself. It doesn't matter as there is no power in the board itself, it is only a tool to connect with your subconscious, and via your subconscious with other entities (and as mentioned earlier in some cases yourself)

Above is the typical Ouija Board. It usually contains all letters of the alphabet, numbers 0 to 9, Yes, No and Good Bye.

If you want to make your own you can simply copy the above and write it down on a large enough piece of paper, or you can write each of the letters, numbers and words on seperate pieces of paper and spread around in a circle on a table. You can use a small shot glass as the pointer (also called planchette) on home made "boards".

Above is an example on a home made circular style Ouija Board.

So, once you got your board, you are ready to get started.

1. Take a moment to relax completely. Lay down, breath deeply and hold the breath some seconds, then exhale completely. Continue doing this for 15 to 30 minutes while you notice and imagine all of your body and musles getting completely relaxed, your mind getting relaxed and comfortable.

2. Carry out the above mentioned rituals (House cleansing, Invocation of God etc)

3. Put two fingers gently on the pointer, dont use force or pressure, let them rest loose and limp on the pointer.

4. Now slowly start to move the pointer around in circles on the board, keep the touch light, barely touching it, so it has a floaty sensation and little friction as it moves around.

5. Ask out loud "Is anyone there?" while still letting the pointer move around in circles on the board. Keep it loose and gentle so that it will easily respond to any external input.

6. Now just observe the pointer as it is moving around, dont try to force anything, let it flow naturally. You may get something the first time, or you may need to try several times. The best thing is usually if two people are doing it together, both holding one or two fingers each at the pointer.

7. At this point several things may happe: The pointer moves to "YES" signifying that some entity is there and knowing your presence, it may move to "NO" which usually means your subconcious dont get any contact, it may move to "GOOD BYE" which usually means you got in touch with a entity that didnt want to get contact (if so, stop and try again another day), you may get letters spelled out into words, or you may simply not get anything at all and the pointer just keep spinning in circles.

8. Assuming you got a contact, immediately ask first of all "Are you in the Light?" and then "Do you love the Holy Spirit?". Negative entities can not lie to this, so if you get a NO be cautious, if you get a YES to both everything should be fine. Notice however, you may be in contact with some passed away persons spirit whom may not consider him/herself "in the Light" and thus answer no to that, as there are a lot of troubled spirits out there - one should always try to assist and help any troubled spirit and lead them towards the light. Should you sense any hostility, negativity or evil about the entitiy you are in contact with immediately abandon the work, and perform a License to Depart.

9. Once you get in contact, you are free to explore and communicate and ask any question you can think of, and also answer any question you may be asked by the spirits you are in contact with. Make sure to write down everything and it could be a good idea to have an extra person as the observer who takes the notes as it may be difficult both handling the pointer and board and taking notes at the same time.

Remember you can also contact your Higher Self, your Super Conscious, through the Ouija board. If that is your intention you should make that clear from the beginning, the same goes for contacting your own Spirit Guides. Simply tell yourself & the board when you start what your purpose is and what you want to achieve.

Until you become a very experienced user take anything you receive with a grain of salt, the sources of the communication can be many as I mentioned in my previous post on Ouija Boards, and you have to learn to disgunish the different sources and follow your intuition.

Some people claim to be in contact with aliens through ouija boards, but I have to warn you and tell you that this simply is not the case. You do not contact physical beings through the Ouija Board, at best any alien you will get in contact with is the spirit of a dead one.

At the end of your session, thank the spirit(s) you have been in contact with for letting you communicate with them, tell them you love them, and thank the Great Divine Source of All Existence for making you able to connect through the spirit world.

Always end your sessions with a License to Depart and if wanted a House Cleansing as well.

So here you have a rather general description on how to use the Ouija Board and getting started. Obviously a lot of things can be said, that would fill up books, when it comes to the subject. But I'll try to keep it short and simple and for you to make up your own mind and conclusions for now.

As a final note, this type of work usually works best when it is done to help someone and not just to "play around" - and you can gain great insights once you properly master it and know what to ask and who you are in contact with.

May Love and Blessings be with you

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