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Maggador IX-777

Mar 26, 2009

Pleiadians relation to the Great White Brotherhood and the Pleiades star cluster

To clear up some things about the Pleiadians, what we are and where we are from, and our purpose for being here:

The Pleiadians are the spirit entities whom originate from the Pleiades system, which is a star cluster consisting of several Suns (or stars). The Pleiadians themselves are no longer physical and do not come here in space ships as some want to believe, rather they come in spirit form mostly as ascended masters revealing themselves for those whom are ready, through dreams, spiritual experiences, astral projections, and some times in the form of a human physical incarnation where the Pleiadian has chosen to incarnate here on Earth. The latter includes those such as myself, and I have written about the process of such an incarnation here before so I will not go more in depth about that right now.

There are many races of spirits, so to speak, inhabitating this world in physical incarnations, the Pleiadians are only one of them, and in general serves a purpose to help other entities, including humans, to see beyond the deceit and lies, and gain deeper understanding and insights about themselves and the universe, and indeed existence and all of the Divine itself. This means that you may very well be one of those from "somewhere else" without even having realized it yet. By proper observation of yourself you may be able to find your inner truths though.

Most incarnations follow a process of memory loss though, which means the majority of people do not know a thing about themselves or who and what they really are. This is unfortunate, but as I have mentioned, there are ways to regain those memories and search through your past lives and even ascend up to higher realms and be in direct communication with the Divine Source itself and receive endless insights on every aspect of Existence and Yourself. Some, but very few, continue incarnating time after time here on Earth, specifically that includes the so called Illuminati and World Leaders whom have learned how to properly incarnate as they wish and retrieve their memories. This obviously leads to great power due to the vast amounts of knowledge they bring back with them from each incarnation.

It is also said by some that they, the Pleiadians, work with the so called Great White Brotherhood and that indeed the founders of this spiritual Brotherhood which exists on higher astral planes are Pleiadians themselves and so are many of their members. Many Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels people get in touch with are working on behalf of this Great White Brotherhood to assist and help the people on their way to true ascension and self-realization.

As mentioned, the Great White Brotherhood has nothing to do with ethnical race as some have suggested, it has to do with spiritual purity and thus the word "White" is being used, as white is in general seen as "pure" and "clean" and so on. Neither does this imply that they are more worthy than you, or have such a view of themselves, they are simply what can be called ancient people whom have gone through the process that we all will go through and thus have obtained more knowledge and understanding about certain aspects of themselves, life and reality, and this is what they want to share with the rest of you.

In fact, we have the utter most respect for you all, and our deepest love is burning for you, as my own mission is to be here to help and assist you in any way I can - and that is what I am doing, and it is always sad in cases I can offer no help, but then again great joy when someone have found some use of me being here for you.

May greatest blessings be with you all, and your true Inner Guide reveal itself for you and lead you to great personal journeys and insights into the mysteries of Life and Death and all that is beyond!


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