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Welcome to my humble site. As a teacher, I will offer my assistance in any way I can, that is my p├║rpose. As a student I will listen and consider what I learn. The Cosmos is Endless, Existence will always make you question what you learn, and what you learn will always give you new questions.
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Maggador IX-777

Mar 17, 2009

Your time is now!

As mentioned, I have been traveling lately and had many new experiences and insights, including contact with the higher from a meditation on a mountain 1900metres tall in the desolated jungles of south america far away from civilization. Now the time has come to act - and I hope others will follow my example and stand up and act and form their own groups around the world. I will present various ways and methods on how to arrange this in future videos and presentations, and I hope it will be beneficial and practical for at least some of you. I shall present for you all the structure of the Power, the Government, how they work, and how to break free - it is the new age and time for changes, and it can not be stopped.

You ask how to wake people up - For that I can only say millions of people around the world are already awake and waiting, they just need to be UNITED , there are many like you and others sitting on their own wondering what they can do - what you and the rest can do is to GATHER and be ONE, create a UNION where you work together as a GROUP instead of individuals alone. That is what HAS to be done for anything to change, for any effects to take place. We, you, have to imitate the Governments, as they work in a union, a group of people, so do we have to do.

First you need to collect a few likeminded people, then you need to make a group of more likeminded people, let this group expand to a form of community and further grow into a sort of colony - be many, and be strong, and be together. Then, these "colonies" need to group together, stay on the same path, working for the same goal, and at a certain point action will be taken by these colonies synchronized not only in one country but around the world at the same time to show what they, what WE, stand for - to demolish the current system and bring out a new true democratic system based on the PEOPLE, the MAJORITY, and not a small group of corrupt governmental officials as per this day.

These groups, colonies, communities - whatever you want to call them, must stay in contact with eachother and work for the same goal, the same purpose, and each have a leader that is trusted and voted for by the rest of the people involved to make sure things are as democratic as possible.

I myself represent the beginning of this new movement, and anyone interested can contact me privately to take part and unite. This is the beginning, a lot of more preparations need to be carried out, but the general intention and action of the movement has been established.

We do not need to hide, or try cover up our identities, in fact showing them who we are makes us more strong and united.

This is about truth, freedom, peace, love, harmony, righteousness, liberty, honesty and a united people - and together we can reach that and replace the corrupted little fraction called "Government" with Ourselves, The People, and work together as I mentioned in my video.

The planet in the Pleiadian system that I come from was destroyed long time ago - no physical life is left there. The only "pleiadians" currently existing are in spirit form, or incarnated in the form of other beings physicall such as humans here on Earth. Blessings and love be with you!

-IX-777 Maggador / Commandante Edward Alexander, Argentina

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