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Apr 3, 2009

Atral Projection - General information and useful tips

This and following posts on the same topic will, hopefully, aid you in your progress towards achieving an astral projection, and also many more after the initial first one. Perhaps you’ve already had one, or many for that sake, in any case I hope that you will at least get some new ideas and things to work with from this and coming posts.

Even though it is targeted towards beginners and those not experienced with astral projection and out of body experiences, even those whom may be advanced astral projectors may find something of interest here. But in general, it is basically going through the fundamental topics regarding astral projection and how to achieve it.

Did you know that the governments have practiced and still practices similar abilities? Most famous is the CIA Remote Viewing Program, also often referred to as CIA’s Psychic Spies – which official name was “Project Stargate”.

So, I hope you will find this guide about astral projection useful, informative and practical – and that you’ll be able to experience some of those great realms out there and beyond time and space!

CHAPTER 1: Explanation of Astral Projection
So what exactly is Astral Projection? Perhaps you are familiar with it or have some idea about it already, but here I will give a general description of what it is.
Astral Projection, is per my definition, the ability to send your mind out of your physical body and into your astral counterpart body. Or you may say, to shift your awareness from your physical body to your astral body, and thus be in control of your astral body instead of your physical body.

The Astral Body is not your soul (although it may seem so), rather it is one of your other finer spiritual bodies. We are multidimensional beings, and thus have multiple bodies spanning through different astral planes and other dimensions.

The key is to learn to shift your awareness to, or send your mind into, these other bodies, so you become fully aware and conscious apart from your physical body within the different realms of the different astral bodies.

For now, I will use the term “astral body” for all such other bodies we have that are of a non-physical nature.

We also have a different type of astral body, often called “Etheric body”, which do not in any circumstance leave your physical body. This astral, or etheric body if you like, is fixed permanently to our physical body until the moment of death, when it will finally be released. This etheric body may be considered as the “life force” or “spirit” of our physical body.

To keep things more or less simple, I will only take into consideration these three bodies in this book: The Physical Body, The Etheric Body, and the Astral Body. In addition I will talk about The Mind, which is your being, your thoughts, your sense of self, which you can transfer through these different bodies with proper training.

The Physical Body is your normal everyday physical self in this physical world. This is the one most people are most familiar with, and most often the only one they are familiar with, as we spend a lot of time here in the physical world, unaware of our other spiritual bodies. Usually our Etheric Body, Astral Body and our Mind is contained within our Physical Body.

The Etheric Body is your “soul” or “life force”, your “energy”, or whatever term you would like to use. It is permanently fixed within your physical body and can not be projected out of your physical body until the moment of physical body’s death. If you transfer your Mind into this body, you may experience astral sight and sensations, but not be able to move or do anything else than just staying there in bed. It can feel like being in your astral body, and many people mistake the Etheric Body for their Astral Body, and try to go out of the body, which of course will not be successful. It remains in your body when you astral project, so your body is never left “empty”, you are always connected to it through the Etheric Body which is linked to your Astral Body.

Now this is the body we should take our interest in here, as this Astral Body is the one you can travel within, and out of your physical body, and experience yourself out of body here in the physical world, in the universe, or even travel to higher spiritual realms (or Astral Planes as they are often called).
This body is the one you will, hopefully, learn to project your mind to from this book, and thus be able to project this Astral Body out of your Physical Body. Consider all these bodies different vessels, for your mind to be able to travel around and interact in these different worlds, dimensions and planes.

The Mind is of course “you”, your awareness and conscious self. Your Mind is mostly fixed to your physical body, within your physical brain, and thus most people experience themselves as located in their heads. The Mind is what controls your body, makes you able to interact and move around, both when you are in the Physical Body or the Astral Body.

Occasionally, we may find ourselves within one of the other bodies without knowing what is really happening – this is the case of for example sleep paralysis. This is a state where your mind is focused and active within either your etheric body or astral body, and thus you are unable to move as you lay there in bed, as you are not aware of this fact and try move your physical body. In other words, you may feel like you are awake and in your physical body, but actually you are within your etheric body, which you can not move and this makes you feel like your physical body is paralyzed and cant move.

To get to the basics first: Don't try to astral project at night or when you are very tired, as this most certainly will lead you to black out / fall asleep instead of having a successful projection. Are you doing it in the night? If so this is probably the reason why you fail. The best time of day to astral project is in the morning just when you've waked up, or in the middle of day or afternoon / evening. The night is usually the worst time to try as your body and mind is too tired then. Morning is usually the best of them all, as your mind and body is rested, and already in a close state to astral projection from just having slept, so if you just lay still and try to project then this can be successful.

Here is a couple methods you may want to try out:

1. -Wake up, Get up, and go back to bed:

This means, you should put your alarm clock to wake you a bit earlier than normal, lets say 6 hours of sleep and then make your alarm clock wake you up. Then, get up from bed, and do something for 30 min to 1 hour to get yourself awake - it is STRONGLY helpful if you spend this time with reading some books or other material about astral projection as this will affect your subconscious mind to make it easier for you to astral project.

In any case, after 30min to 1 hour, go back to bed, and do any astral projection method and you may find that it is much easier to get into the state of mind needed and then project from there.

2. The "Stay awake" method:

Here you simply go to bed when you are tired and have your eyes open. You may blink of course now and then so your eyes doesnt dry up. The point is to just lie in your bed with your eyes open just like if you are awake and just look around in the room and notice everything in the room, take care of looking at all details and making it imprinted into your mind, just lie there in bed with your eyes open until you pass out / fall asleep from being too tired. At this point you may find yourself in your astral body, or in the astral state ready to project, because your body is asleep but your mind/astral body should still be awake as you forced yourself to stay awake - it was your body falling asleep. To enhance this method you can repeat over and over some times like a mantra or self-suggestion in your mind "When my body falls asleep, I will be awake in my astral body and project" - this can increase the effect and program your mind to automatically become aware inside your astral body when you fall asleep.

3. Self suggestions:

This is basically like last part of the above mentioned method, but instead you do any astral projection method of your choice, and you simply say to yourself over and over "When my body falls asleep, I will be awake in my astral body and project" or something similar, for example "I will now enter my astral body and project out of my physical" etc. You get the Idea. Keep repeating this self suggestion until you fall into sleep.

4. Imagine yourself where you want to go:

In this method, you simply go to bed, and you think of the place you want to project- it can be as simple as your own bedroom. The point is to try visualize the place, lets use your bedroom in this example, as good as possible and feel yourself being there. Now, in this example since you are imagining that you are in your bedroom, you should focus your attention and awareness on a specific place in the bedroom away from your physical body. This can be for example the ceiling - imagine yourself floating right under your ceiling, try to really FEEL yourself being up there and how it would feel to float there right under the ceiling. At one point you may feel yourself starting to vibrate or float, then try to increase this feeling and make it stronger, until you separate and find yourself floating under the ceiling. This method is specially useful if you already are able to get into the astral projection state without trouble, when in this state just do as I described. It also helps using self suggestions here too like in the examples mentioned above.
You can of course also use any other "target" of your choice but its best to use a place you know very well, such as the place of family or friends, and visualize and try feel yourself there, as in the example above with the ceiling.

5. Lucid dreams:

If you are able to have lucid dreams (dreams where you know you are dreaming and you are very aware) you can project astrally from these dreams very easy- Just focus your attentions and "will" yourself out of body, just imagine yourself flying out of the dream and out of your physical body and you are free and out flying. If you dont know about lucid dreams or how to achieve them, do a search on google, its tons of info on it out there and for some people this method is more effective than any of the others.

6. Body awareness
In this methods, you try send your awareness out of your body and move it around in different ways etc.. For example, you lie in your bed, and imagine and feel yourself floating out to the right all the way to the wall, then bounce back into your body, through your body, and out on the left side and to the wall on left of you. Then send awareness back again through your body to the right wall etc, just continue doing this for a while, sending your awareness back and forth from right to left, trying to really feel yourself being at those places and feeling yourself floating through your body and out on the other side. After having done this for several minutes, move on to trying to imagine and feel yourself bouncing up and down instead, like sending your awareness up from your body and up to the ceiling, then back down through your body and down to the ground. Repeat this too for a while, and move on to another part: Back and Forth, this means try to feel yourself floating out of your feet and feel your awareness outside your body moving down to the wall by the end of your feet, then move back up through your body and out of your head to the wall at end of your head (if your head, or any other side of your body, is placed directly towards a wall, just imagine yoursel floating through that wall some meters)

Then try to imagine yourself on gentle ocean waves, floating up and down, rocking your body softly up and down, from side to side, back and forth etc. Try to really feel how it would be to lie floating on ocean waves being moved around. You should start feeling your body moving up and down etc just like you actually were on waves. At any point you feel like it you may try to project out of your body.

This method alone can be enough to get you out, but it is also a "loosening" method that makes you aware of your astral body, and makes it more loose and disconnected from your physical body, so actually this method can be something you start with to loosen yourself up from your physical, and then you can do any other astral projection method after it to increase the effects and be more sure to have an astral projection.

7. Ask for help
Yes, you can ask your guides (spirit guides, and guardian angels) to help you out. This has shown to be a very useful method for me. As you are in the state of astral projection, trying to project, simply say out loud in your mind "I ask for help to get out!" or "Please help me get out of my body my dear spirit guides!" or "I would be really greatful for any help I can get to fly out of my body!" and so on. And, you may then suddenly feel like somebody is grabbing your hands and pulling you out, or even like someone is lifting your body up in the air etc. Your spirit guides are always there ready to assist and help you - even when you are out of your body you may ask them to come to help you with different things or to teach you things (an spirit guide actually taught me a method of astral projection more than 15 years ago).

You may of course try to alter these methods and mix them in a way you prefer and that feels more comfortable or easier for you, as every person is different and some things that work for some might not work for others - but at least now you got several different methods to try out here.

Once you actually DO get out, you may find it useful to say out loud "AWARENESS NOW!" if you find yourself a bit sluggish and not so aware, and also "CONTROL NOW!" if you find difficulties in moving around properly as you want, and even "CLARITY NOW!" if you find you dont see well etc.

The trick is to get your memory back with you. It's kind of the same problem as with dreams, sometimes we just remember vague parts of them. This is due to what is called the mind-split effect:

When you go out of your body, you are aware of your astral body, and your mind is focused in the astral body. At the same time, your physical body and physical brain is sleeping, and the physical brain is recording whatever the physical body experiences (which is just sleeping). So, when you get back, you have to "overwrite" this physical bodys memory with your astral bodys memory. The best way to do this is to start slowly, by just keeping out some seconds at a time, like 10 seconds, then return to your body while thinking "I will remember this!" and immediately get up from bed and write down your whole experience.

Then you can try to keep out longer and longer for each time you project. Every time you are about to go back to your body, say out loud "I will remember this!". You may also make an affirmation while performing your astral projection method of choice too, where you say to yourself "I will now go out of body and be completely aware in my astral body and remember everything that happens when I return to my physical body".

Every time after projecting, or even trying to projecting and thinking you have failed, write down in a special diary that you have just for this purpose everything you can remember about the experience, all details, from the very beginning of the projection (such as what method you used, sensations you felt before projection, sensations at the moment of separation, sensations and feelings after, things you saw, experienced and so on while out, sensations on moment of re-entering your body, etc) - Write it all down, and read through it after you wrote it down to see if you remember more you can add. Then just let go of the diary or the rest of the day, and later in the evening or night, read through the experience again and maybe you'll notice you remember more details, more things starting to come into your mind.

This diary, if done every time as I just told, will greatly improve your astral projection skills - even just reading it before trying to project will help a lot! Even place it under your pillow at night when trying to project to further improve the results, as this stimulates your subconscious mind telling it "I am now entering Astral Projection mode" (to use an example).

In addition to your Astral Projection Diary, you should keep a Dream Diary. This is a separate diary, where you write down all dreams you have EVERY morning when you wake up - just as with the astral diary, write down everything you can remember from the dreams you had the night before you just woke up. Then read through it once and see if more details can be added, and as with the astral diary, read through it another time later in the evening or day, to see if you perhaps remember even more.

The purpose of this is to increase your dream memory as well as your astral abilities - in total it will make you better at both remembering your dreams, recalling your astral adventures, and becoming a more skilled and good astral projector. In addition, it will start making your dreams more spiritual in nature, you will start to have spontaneous projections at night while sleeping without even trying, that you will either remember in the morning, or you will wake up in the night and remember it after getting back to your body (remember to write down these experiences too!).

It is very important and of great help and assistance for yourself and your spiritual development to do this. I can't stress that enough, you really should get both an Astral Diary, and a Dream Diary, and write down in both of them every day (or at least every morning in the Dream Diary, and every time you try to project, or have a spontaneous projection in the Astral Diary).

It will also be a good reference for you to check your improvement later on, and to go back and review specific episodes and experiences. And it will be great to have it all logged so you can go back and re-read any experience or interesting dream you've had at any time you want to. And as said, reading these diaries both before astral projecting or going to sleep will greatly improve both your astral skills as well as your dreams.

Reading astral projection related books and litterature on the internet etc will also help, as your subcounscious mind will absorb it and put it into work and help you in the background to develop your astral abilities and make you have them more easier.

This will be all I will write on the topic of astral projection for now, hopefulyl some of the information above will prove useful for some of you whom are interested in exploring yourself and your possibilities.

As a recommendation for anyone interested in really discovering the potential of Astral Projection and how to do it, I would highly suggest my own favorite book by Robert Bruce called Astral Dynamics. For me it really has been a pearl in my books collection! It is available at Amazon.com, here is a direct link:

With all my best wishes for success, and hope you'll have some new interesting astral adventures soon!

Deepest Love and may the Inner Guide always be with you
Maggador IX-777

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"They" - Who are the ones that dont want you to know, and why?

In this website I have been and still will be exploring many different topics - such as the spiritual, mystical, magick, occultism, the paranormal, the esoteric, conspiracies, ancient history etc - containing information that is being withheld and hidden from you by those in power – the Elite, Leaders of the World, the Governments, the Church/Religious Intitutions.

Those are the ones referred to as “they” in the title of this post. And these people are fully aware of what will be disclosed and revealed within this website and my coming books and videos, but they do not want you to know about it.

Why don’t they want you to know about it? Well there are many factors playing a role there, but the main ones are simple: They want the Power, They want the Control. They want to be the only ones Illuminated by Truth, and They have been referred to and still are referred to as “The Illuminati”.

Basically The Illuminati is the top of the pyramid of those who controls this world and most of the things in the world, such as the Media, the Banks, the big Corporations, the Schools and Educational system, the Church and Religions, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and so on.

And they want the rest of us to be their Slaves. They are part of secret societies and orders, such as Freemasonry, Knights of Malta, Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), Skull & Bones, Knights Templar, and many more.

But my work will expose the things they want to keep for themselves, which in turn will help you to find out more about yourself, existence, the world and the universe, develop your own spiritual and psychic abilities, and hopefully gain a broader understanding of “what is really going on” and the powers of our human multidimensional lives.

For now, I encourage you to seek out more information about They yourself by doing some research on the above mentioned organizations, orders and societies, getting some books about them, searching the internet and so on. Pull down the curtains and find out what is really going on behind the scenes.

In future posts here and books of this coming series I will probably write more detailed about They and these organizations, orders and societies, what they are doing, why, who they are, how they emerged, how they’ve gained control, how they are controlling us, and much more.

They have brainwashed us, manipulated us, programmed our minds – my mission is to help people de-program themselves and become aware of the truth they have kept hidden for us, as well as breaking down their agenda and system by exposing them – and together we can make a change if we stand up and gather and multiply so that in the end more people will know the Truth, than those who do not.

And may we do that with Love, Peace and great Harmony!

Some people out there wrongly believes that I am actually one of "Them", trying to lure you into false delusions. This shows how hard it is to trust anything these days, because of how we all have been deceived and fooled and filled with propaganda and mind control. To those whom believe I am one of them, I can only say that truly I am here to reveal THEM and their agendas, and show YOU how you can break free from their slavery and tyranny, and reveal their secrets for you, the secrets they use to keep in power and control, and you have to simply follow your own heart and true inner guide on whether I tell the truth or not.

May your Inner Guide and all success be with you all
-Maggador IX-777

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Apr 1, 2009

Magic or Self-Delusions ?

Some claims have been put forth that those whom practice magick or other spiritual arts and follow such systems are only victims of self-deceit and self-delusion when it comes to any alleged results obtained from such practices.

Below when I mention "Arts" or "Work" I am referring to any esoteric, occult, spiritual or religious system or practice that serves as purpose to bring a person a specific self-chosen goal or achievement, manifestation of his Will into Reality if you like.

Now if this was purely a subjective level, one could indeed say that a person may subconsciously "filter out" events that does not fit into what he intended to achieve, as well as put more value to events he DID want to achieve from his previously mentioned practise of such Arts.

Thus he would in essense "ignore" the negative/unwanted events, and pay more attention to and stronger notice the positive/wanted events.

If that was the case, it would indeed be a self-delusion and the arts he had performed did not actually create or manifest any changes for that person at all, he simply believed it to be the case due to his "filtering process" and own subjective experience. I do not doubt that this is the case for many people.

However, we are lucky enough to be able to observe such changes on an objective level as well.

For example, in the above mentioned case, other people - outside observers whom had nothing at all to do with the Art performed - can see the Changes and Events manifesting for the person whom performed these Arts and indeed become Real for the person whom performed the Art, and thus also real for the external objective observers whom are able to see and verify this.

The practicioner himself can of course also observe the effects of his Work and see great changes in his life, although on an admittedly subjective level, yet he can get it objectively confirmed by those "external" observers.

Indeed, if he does the work for someone else than himself he got an even better chance at observing the results of his work. He can see the changes appearing and coming forth for the person he performed this Work for, that person himself can observe and report back those same changes, and other outside observers whom took no part of this Work nor knows anything at all about it can also see, verify and report back such changes.

If all these criterias are met, can we not say that indeed the Art performed did work, and it did bring the manifestations into life just as the goal of performing the Art was in the first place?

Thus the conclusion must be that indeed magickal and spiritual work can and does bring real experiences and events and changes as results, and therefore such practice is effective, useful and real - regardless of how the processes behind it works, the main importance is that "It Works".

Regarding some comments I got from an individual on "long and complicated nonsense rituals", he show a obvious lack of the understanding of human psychology. These complex rituals, and all their symbology, serves the purpose to access your subconscious mind and make it an active participant of your Work.

Most people do not believe that things will just come in their hands from doing nothing, such as sitting in a chair and wanting a bag of money to fall down into their hands. Rather they are used to having to work for results, and that is all the rituals and symbols serve as, "boosters" for the mind to really live into the Work being done, so that it will Believe in its power and possibility to Manifest, and belief is what creates ones world.

But, when it comes down to the very core of it, you can do it all by Mind alone, no rituals are needed, but few are the people who have managed to realize that and can actually take it into practice that way.

There are many paths leading to the same, and different people like to walk on different paths, even if they all have the intention of reaching the same place. Thus, I create both "easy" and "complex" exercises and rituals and such to suit different people - some are drawn to one type, others to another.

May love be with you my friends, and may you find your true Inner Guide.
Maggador IX-777

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