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Maggador IX-777

Apr 1, 2009

Magic or Self-Delusions ?

Some claims have been put forth that those whom practice magick or other spiritual arts and follow such systems are only victims of self-deceit and self-delusion when it comes to any alleged results obtained from such practices.

Below when I mention "Arts" or "Work" I am referring to any esoteric, occult, spiritual or religious system or practice that serves as purpose to bring a person a specific self-chosen goal or achievement, manifestation of his Will into Reality if you like.

Now if this was purely a subjective level, one could indeed say that a person may subconsciously "filter out" events that does not fit into what he intended to achieve, as well as put more value to events he DID want to achieve from his previously mentioned practise of such Arts.

Thus he would in essense "ignore" the negative/unwanted events, and pay more attention to and stronger notice the positive/wanted events.

If that was the case, it would indeed be a self-delusion and the arts he had performed did not actually create or manifest any changes for that person at all, he simply believed it to be the case due to his "filtering process" and own subjective experience. I do not doubt that this is the case for many people.

However, we are lucky enough to be able to observe such changes on an objective level as well.

For example, in the above mentioned case, other people - outside observers whom had nothing at all to do with the Art performed - can see the Changes and Events manifesting for the person whom performed these Arts and indeed become Real for the person whom performed the Art, and thus also real for the external objective observers whom are able to see and verify this.

The practicioner himself can of course also observe the effects of his Work and see great changes in his life, although on an admittedly subjective level, yet he can get it objectively confirmed by those "external" observers.

Indeed, if he does the work for someone else than himself he got an even better chance at observing the results of his work. He can see the changes appearing and coming forth for the person he performed this Work for, that person himself can observe and report back those same changes, and other outside observers whom took no part of this Work nor knows anything at all about it can also see, verify and report back such changes.

If all these criterias are met, can we not say that indeed the Art performed did work, and it did bring the manifestations into life just as the goal of performing the Art was in the first place?

Thus the conclusion must be that indeed magickal and spiritual work can and does bring real experiences and events and changes as results, and therefore such practice is effective, useful and real - regardless of how the processes behind it works, the main importance is that "It Works".

Regarding some comments I got from an individual on "long and complicated nonsense rituals", he show a obvious lack of the understanding of human psychology. These complex rituals, and all their symbology, serves the purpose to access your subconscious mind and make it an active participant of your Work.

Most people do not believe that things will just come in their hands from doing nothing, such as sitting in a chair and wanting a bag of money to fall down into their hands. Rather they are used to having to work for results, and that is all the rituals and symbols serve as, "boosters" for the mind to really live into the Work being done, so that it will Believe in its power and possibility to Manifest, and belief is what creates ones world.

But, when it comes down to the very core of it, you can do it all by Mind alone, no rituals are needed, but few are the people who have managed to realize that and can actually take it into practice that way.

There are many paths leading to the same, and different people like to walk on different paths, even if they all have the intention of reaching the same place. Thus, I create both "easy" and "complex" exercises and rituals and such to suit different people - some are drawn to one type, others to another.

May love be with you my friends, and may you find your true Inner Guide.
Maggador IX-777

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