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Maggador IX-777

May 26, 2009

Ascension Times - My recommendations on books, dvds and cds

Dear friends of mine,

This is a notice to let you know I have added a new link in the Topics called "Recommended Books, DVDs & CDs" - as you will see on the menu to the right here on this website.

I have decided to make a new site, which I call Ascension Times, where I will post various recommendations on my own favorite books, dvds, cds and such. You will find some reviews there, and occasionally some related meditations/practices/exercises.

This site will be updated and taken care of as a separate part, thus the reason for a separate site and url, as I do not want this website to be filled with my personal recommendations but rather have them all nicely structured in one place, and that is what my new site Ascension Times will be about.

For now I have not added too many recommendations due to lack of time but I am working on it, and you will find a menu of recommended material to the right on this site here too under the title Maggador`s favorite books and videos: "I recommend". Feel free to browse through the different pages of that and see if anything may be of your interest, and feel free to frequently check Ascenion Times for updates and reviews on my own favorites.

The direct url is http://ascensiontimes.blogspot.com/ - but as said you will find a link to it on the menu here on this page called "Recommended Books, DVDs & CDs.

Articles, reviews and videos on everything spiritual, esoteric, new age, paranormal, conspiracies, religious and so on will be the featured items reviewed on Ascension Times.

Blessings be with you and may some of you find something of interest there!


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