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Welcome to my humble site. As a teacher, I will offer my assistance in any way I can, that is my p├║rpose. As a student I will listen and consider what I learn. The Cosmos is Endless, Existence will always make you question what you learn, and what you learn will always give you new questions.
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May your inner guide be with you, in peace, my love is always with you
Maggador IX-777

May 30, 2009

Background of Maggador IX-777

Friends of mine, people of Earth - This is my chosen time to reveal myself for you. My own purpose here is to serve you and guide you, the ones that are ready to listen and understand.

There are always times where many will listen, some will understand, and a larger group are not at the right level of personal and spiritual development yet and will be guided further later on when they have reached the necessary state of being.

All will however do so eventually.
I am here for those whom what I say resonate with - those with ears to listen, and a spirit to understand. Here I present you with some of my background information, split into two sections, first my current physical incarnations background, then my Pleiadian background. Enjoy.

The Current Physical Background:

Here is some background information about me.

My name is Edward Alexander, I was born and raised in Norway. At a very young age, basically since birth, I got involved with the occult, paranormal, secret societies, ancient history, archaeology, anthropology, the spiritual, shamanism, mysticism and other related esoteric matters. In addition I've been highly interested and active with science and technology, art and music, computers and electronics, and of course the nature!

The main reason for myself getting involved with all of the above was simply because I had a father who were interested in the exact same things, and he traveled the world doing his research, and told me the most fantastic and interesting tales. He also had a huge book collection of all kinds of different topics, some of them very old books of magic among others, centuries old. He was the grandmaster of a secret order and initiated me into some of the secrets and taught me a lot of all these mentioned topics above.

Unfortunately he passed away in an accident when I was around 12 years old, so from then on I had to continue on my own. But thats when it really got started! I got deeply into the studies of magick, the occult, spiritual and the ancient history and ancient peoples involvements with such matters.

I experimented with various systems, techniques, exercises and methods for many years before I found what really worked and what didnt, and started to understand how the universe works and the laws and principles and divine forces that governs it all.

I became member of several other secret orders and mystery schools and easily accessed many highly secret and little known about societies due to my own background and my fathers role in such an Order, and I got more and more books on these subjects and my knowledge and insights expanded in incredible ways. I was so filled with joy, amazement and enthusiasm for finding out about all this great powers, forces and worlds out there, all these fantastic experiences we can have, how much we can learnd and understand about the universe, the life, death, existence and even God himself.

Around this time I also got to know people in various positions, some of them of extremely high positions, in different institutions and endavours, including both governmental ones such as the Military, CIA, NSA and FBI, as well as very prominent leaders of highly secret Occult Orders - and the connections between all of these. Here I gained friends whom became very good and personal friends whom gave me the opportunity to see a lot of these institutions and organizations from the inside and what they are actually involved with at very deep secret levels.

I also became aware of all the conspiracies going on in this world and how it has been this way for centuries, if not even thousands of years. How completely rotten and corrupt the governments are, and how the world is being controlled by a small group of men of a secret order, usually referred to as the Illuminati, who owns all the world banks, controls the media, and creates wars and diseases and spiritual dictatorship for us to gain maximum control and power for themselves. This related to why we learn nothing about true spirituality in school or by the governments, and why the church and vatican considers spiritual developement and understanding of ones own being a sin and demonic work. They claim occultists are satanist and doing the work of the devil himself, while in reality the church are the true satanists as they keep the truth away from people about themselves.

So needless to say what I've just mentioned above is how I got started with such things, and these things are also my main interest and way of life. I have a great passion to teach others about these things, and to be able to help people in various ways, either through teaching them how to develope themselves further, or to heal the sick, or just be there as a friend whom they can talk to.

And there is another great passion I have! The Nature! Oh what peace of mind, body and soul the nature brings! I love to go out hiking and trekking through jungles, woods and mountains, camping out there in the wilderness completely alone, and be surrounded by the very force and breath of pure life itself! I can spend hours and hours walking through the woods, and days and days camping in the wild when I have the chance for that.

After a while I decided it was time to do some more serious research and field work, to understand more and gain even deeper knowledge and insights into the mysteries I am intersted in, such as those of ancient times. So I traveled to Mexico and stayed there for a while doing my research and studies on the ancient monuments such as pyramids, temples and other structures that are found around there. I wanted to do some research in the gulf of Mexico too, but unfortunately time and money didnt allow it. Why I wanted to do research there, is related to what I tell about Atlantis in next section below.

Eventually, I moved to South America, due to my interests in ancient history, cultures, traditions, shamanism and the spiritual, and I have a great interest in this continent for other reasons as well, because I believe it to be part of ancient Atlantis. You can read more about that on my "American Atlantis Research" discussion site. This is one of the topics I'm planning to make a documentary about in the future if I ever can find a way to fund such a thing. In addition I'm planning a documentary about the shamans of the amazon, their ways of life, tradition, belief systems, how they are affected by modern society, and such issues.

My first home in South America was Brasil, as destiny had wanted it I got to know a girl from there through the internet and we fell in love and I moved to Brasil with her. Brasil is a beautiful place with many amazing places to visit and great nature, I loved spending hours out in the jungles on my own there. Unfortunately, our relationship was not to last as we were too different on spiritual planes and didnt have the right connection.

So I moved to Argentina instead, where I actually had to go because my visa expired in Brasil. As faith wanted it, here I met my current beautiful girlfriend, which I fell in deep love with. We go so perfectly together, and are so deeply connected on all levels, sharing all the same interests, and we love to teach eachother about our knowledge and experiences.

With that said, I'm working hard these days on my usual research and studies, as well as experiments and developement with the occult, magick, spiritual and related matters. I am for the moment building a new site about this purpose alone, called which happens to be the one you are on now.

Then eventually I had a great awakening through a profound spiritual experience that related to another experience I had years earlier, which revealed my true origins and how I came here now in the current physical incarnation

The Pleiadian Background:

Many of you have sent me questions privately about how I came here and asked more about my background. So here follows a short explanation regarding my reason for being here, and how I came here.

Regarding me and my Pleiadian origins, it has to do with my last incarnation before the current one. I was then living my Pleiadian life in physical form, and Pleiadians are in general more spiritually advanced than the people of Earth, and a good lot of us have decided to help and assist the people of Earth in their own development towards self-realization, freedom and greater insights into existence and their true being. That is why I am here. Though, I have lived more than 9000 years in different incarnations here on Earth already.

To be here in this physical incarnation I had to let my physical body of my other world die first, and then I spent some time in other realms before I decided to come here, and be incarnated into a human body. There are some complications by such a process, mainly relating to memory issues and new indoctrinations from birth into this new worlds systems and society, and some years had to be spent to recall the true origin and the progress was supported by my friends from the old place which have made the transmission easier. We do not come here in physical vehicles such as those you call space ships, as many tend to believe.

So with that I will address why we do not fly down with one of our ships and reveal ourselves that way. First of all, you have to understand that we Pleiadians do not work as one unit whom all got a goal of revealing ourselves for the people of Earth. Some of us chose this by our own free will. And we only come here in spirit form, or through physical incarnations in human bodies.

Why do we not come in physical form with our ships? Well that has to do with several reasons, one being that it is far more easy, quick and useful to come in spirit form and take human shape when necessary. Physically we are located in a far distant region of the universe and coming here would take longer time and work than you would imagine, even for us. In general we are a race that are more spiritually active than materialistic and thus we work more through spiritual means - such as coming to visit you through astral projections or physical incarnations as myself.

I am here by my own free choice, I have not been sent by anyone, but I do work with higher ascended masters, as a member of the Great White Brotherhood, to assist and help the people that I can, and guide them towards self-realization and deeper insights.

Eventually all people of Earth will come to a point where they realize their true being - some are at a spiritually evolutional level now where it is a proper time to give them a slight push in the right direction to complete their progress of the current level. This is what I am here for.

We live in a time of change, and of great spiritual revelations, the coming years will be very insightful to many people and many more than ever before will cross into the Light and Understanding. This is the New Age we are currently in that you see all around you - a shift of global consciousness.

Peace and love be with you on your path!
Maggador IX-777

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