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May 4, 2009

Creating an Astral Sanctum to unveil all Mysteries and find the Answer to anything

The following is from a private email conversation with another person, but I think it may be useful for others as well thus I will post the following part which is my explanation on how to create a World of your own in the Astral Realms where you can find the Answer to virtually anything - as you will be connected with the Source of All.

I will try to describe another method I use to get in contact and get answers on questions I have, and to generally just explore the vast regions of Existence.

I have created an astral world of my own, where I can go to whenever I want when meditating. In this World, I have a mountain, and one of my Spirit Guides are present there to guard the place and make sure it is always kept free from others than myself and those whom I permit to enter. He also guards a portal which leads to my Astral Sanctum, which basically is a room I have created, where I have various objects and things placed that I can use to gain various information. For example, in this room I have a big screen covering the whole of one wall, and in front of the screen I have two chairs with various controls on them. These chairs are for me and my Guardian Angel or any Spirit Guide or other entity I want to have with me. The chairs themselves function to activate the screen, so that I can ask a question, for example about a past life, and it will be shown on the screen visually. Then I can simply fly into the screen, and I will BE in that previous life and experience and see it just as if I am there. I can do the same thing with other entities, for example if I want to call on an ascended master, I ask him to appear on my screen if he is available and want to be in contact with me, and then when he appears I can either just communicate with him on the screen, or make him come out of the screen and manifest in the room I am in, or I can go into the screen on various journeys with him.

This place is extremely useful to say the least as I can get the answer to virtually any question I may have, and find out anything I need. The way it works is that the place itself is directly connected with the Superconscious, and through what is called the Akashic Records to the Source of All Existence itself, and thus it has access to everything that ever has happened, is happening, or will happen. Things that will happen are always only possible outcomes, and can of course be changed, so the future is not something set in stone and when trying to view the future you have to have that in mind, and also be aware of the fact that many different future timelines exist. You can even create your own future timelines, where you for example have the exact life you want, a great and positive future, and then "grab" this future timeline with you back to your present and implant it in yourself as a seed that will grow to make your future become the way you want it to be, as long you follow and do the things that needs to be done for that specific future to properly unfold for you.

Well that was a lot of talk about this place itself, so now I will try tell you how you can create it and go there.

First of all, do a meditation, enter an altered state, and visualize yourself in a place of your choice - this will be the world you are creating. Personally I visualized a nice valley surrounded by mountains and nature, with great fields around, rivers and lakes. Then I envisioned a portal on top of one of the mountains, and asked my spirit guide to come there and guard it, and thus visualized him there as well. Then I did this meditation several times to properly manifest this reality in the astral planes, meaning that I would daily go and visit this place in my mind in my meditations, and just fly around, explore the scenery and landscapes, and make sure all was the way I wanted.

Then I moved on to the next step, which is to go through the portal, and visualize yourself entering a room or other place of some sort, for example like I described above. I have created a room that have various things that has a personal meaning to me in the room to bring it a sort of familiarity and spiritual strength, among other things I have placed my altar in there which I use in real life for various rituals, and all items that I have on this altar. I also have a couple plants by a window, and the window has a great view out over the valleys and mountains of the previously mentioned world that I entered this room from.

You decide yourself how you want to decorate the room and what to put there, I do however recommend the screen and chairs for making contacts and getting answers to things you wonder about. So, basically do this meditation and these visualizations for some time until you have properly created it as a place you can easily enter in your mind whenever you want, and you can use your pendulum to ask your guides and guardian angel etc to help you make the place strong and protected and in assisting with maintaining it and helping you use it for the purposes you want to use it for.

Then, all you have to do is to finally start going to the next step, which is to enter your World at some time you want to find some answers of something, then enter your Portal to your own special Astral Sanctum room, and sit down in a chair, have your guardian angel with you to make sure all contacts and experiences you have are truthful and real and that you are protected against false prophets and deceivers. Then just turn on the screen in whatever way you have chosen it to be done and ask the questions you want and let the answer appear on the screen.

I guess that should be enough to get you started on such a work, which I personally have found tremendously useful and its great to just enter this world to relax and renew oneself whenever needed. For example in my World all the lakes and rivers have Holy Water that cleanses me and charges me with the Holy Spirit if I pour it over me or take a bath in it.

It is your world and you can make it however you want it, I hope these examples will be of some interest and use.

Every thought manifests itself on some level of existence, and the astral realms / planes are as real, and more real, than this physical realm we find ourselves in now. You may be able to perceive this Astral realm as vividly and clearly as this physical one, perhaps even more clear and real, specially if you are able to fully astral project. However, this is not necessary for the above method, as it is in its essence an "all in the mind" exercise where you do not need to actually astral project but simply perceive the mentioned places and receive the answers in your mind, in your way - this can be visual, or as thoughts, ideas, sudden knowledge, audible and other ways of perception.

The important thing to remember is to trust your intuition and what you feel, and listen to yourself, to your inner guide, and try to sense and feel what is your "own" creations, and what is "external input" - in other words, find the difference between your own thoughts and outside communication. With some practice this will become more and more easy until it is as clear as the difference from speaking yourself to listening to someone else talking to you.

This may be a somewhat complex exercise for some people to do, and I might create a guided meditation in audio format and publish here at some later time as that might be useful for anyone whom may experience some problems with this. Until then, may you have great success and enter a wonderful world of new experiences!

Best of luck be with you, and blessings

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