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Welcome to my humble site. As a teacher, I will offer my assistance in any way I can, that is my p├║rpose. As a student I will listen and consider what I learn. The Cosmos is Endless, Existence will always make you question what you learn, and what you learn will always give you new questions.
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May your inner guide be with you, in peace, my love is always with you
Maggador IX-777

May 8, 2009

E-mail Maggador IX-777

Dear friends,

For general questions and input feel free to use my free public contact page "Ask Maggador", where I will reply whenever I have the time to do so. If you seek quick guaranteed reply, specific services, and more personal guidance, continue reading here for Priority Cases - using the form below guarantees you an answer, and also puts you in top of the que of people whom I being contacted by to get a fast reply along with personal privacy through direct email communication with me instead of using the public page.

As I am receiving a lot of emails from people requesting personal asstistance, help, insights, questions about me and so on, I have decided that I will have to ask those of you whom wish to consult me privately to kindly do so through a donation as a thanks to my work and services. This will also ensure that the people sending me email will be of serious nature and that the questions asked are important for those whom contact me for such private consultations. All the donations received this way will be used for the same purpose as any other donation received - The Journey for the Truth Within project -

First of all thanks to everyone whom have expressed their gratitude for my assistance during the time I have been working with this website, I am pleased to hear about such stories of success and help that many have received from the material I have to offer both on my website and from private correspondance.

If you sincerly do wish to contact me and have questions you feel I can help you with in any way, then by all means feel free to use the below button to contact me directly and I will answer as good as I can.

Here are some other services I offer  - for a complete package including all of the below services, please check In-Depth Personal Reading on your Life Situation.

A Tarot reading
- A general tarot reading relating to something you are considering to do or take part of. This will show various spiritual influences affecting you regarding this, spiritual advice, practical advice, and the final outcome.

Horoscope interpretations
- An in depth many pages long interpretation of your natal birth horoscope. This will reveal both past, current and future events in your life, with tips on how to overcome negative aspects.

Life Cycles information
- A personal "calendar" with 7 periods of the year showing you the most fortunate periods to take part of specific events, as well as the lesser fortunate periods where you should avoid certain matters. Life Cycle, Business Cycle and Health Cycle is included.

Meditation suggestions
- My personal meditation recommendations for you based upon your situation and the information I receive from these various readings.

Personal Healing
- A distance healing performed by me with full instructions on how to receive this energy including some useful self-healing techniques and methods to be used to maintain the flow of healing energy in your life.

General information on how to get into harmony and balance based upon the information I receive from such readings.
- A report with suggestions on how to improve your current and future situation(s), based upon all of the above interpretations, and how to make the different aspects move towards harmony and balance in your life.

Other consultations.
- Any other type of questions, request, and other things you feel I may be able to assist you with or give you some deeper insights on.

To make things fair, I will give a 100% money back guarnatee, meaning that if you are not satisfied with my answer I will give you your moeny back without any questions - after all my goal is to help and assist and if my answer did not provide that you deserve to get what you paid for back.

So if you want to get in touch with me and get a private and honest consultation with me use the below button now:

Private Consultation with Maggador IX-777

Any other inquires such as questions about Private Consultations with me and what it includes, invitations to radio shows and events, financial support of my mission, personal thanks, testimonials & support etc, as well as other things that do not fit into a "personal consultation" category - Please use my standard email maggador@pleiadiantalk.com

Blessings and profound love and peace be with you all and thanks for your support and understanding!

-Maggdor IX-777


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