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May 30, 2009

Psychic Development: Basic Meditation & Energy Work

(Audio instructions in MP3 coming soon!)
One of the most important things when it comes to the development of psychic powers and spiritual abilities is the understanding of and regular exercise of the energy system within you, as well as what we can call "traditional meditation", which basically can be defined as both visualization, altered state of mind and energy work all together.

Here we will start with the very basics of meditation and energy work, as a sort of warm up exercise to get your body, mind and soul used to it, and to actually activate this energy current within you which we all got. Regular practice of this technique will strengthen your inner energy and psychic/spiritual powers, just like working out in the gym is making your muscles stronger.

This is of course a very simple exercise I will present here, but we need to start slowly to build ourselves up. Again I will use the gym as an example, you can work out but you don't want to start out with the most heavy weights you can find, probably you won't even be able to lift them. And who knows, if you try too hard you may even injure yourself. So, the rule is to start with the very basics and simple things, even though it may seem boring for some people, but at least its safe and will guarantee you a steady path towards great powers by gradually increasing the complexity of the exercises.

So, here we start. What this exercise really is about is to become aware of your inner energy that is constantly flowing through you. Not even just through you from within, but it is also entering you from outside through the universal source of energy that keeps all life alive. We will get more into this concept in later lessons.

Step 1.

Find yourself a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for around 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure there are no annoying noises or disturbing sounds around, unplug your phones so you won't get interrupted. This is best to do when alone, or if you are not alone ask the other persons around to not disturb you for the next 30 minutes. It doesn't really matter where you do this exercise, as long you have peace and quiet. It can be in your living room, your bedroom, or even far out in the woods by a lake at your secret place of harmony.

Step 2.

At this point, once you are alone and undisturbed, you are ready to begin. You may do this exercise standing up or sitting down. You can even do it laying down if you prefer, but I would recommend a sitting or standing position as you are supposed to visualize energy coming down from above, through your body, and back up. So find your position, and make yourself comfortable and relaxed. Try relax all the muscles in your body, take some deep breaths filling your lungs all up, hold it in for some seconds, and while exhaling feel all tension and troubles flow out of your system, and all the muscles in your body relax. You should do between 15 to 30 of these deep breaths, holding the air in with your lungs filled all the way up for as long you can handle before you blow it out and keep your breath again for as long you can hold before inhaling again. Repeat this process for the mentioned 15 to 30 times until you feel very relaxed and comfortable. You may feel a bit light headed or drowsy from doing this, but don't worry that's all normal. For each time you blow the air out of your lungs, imagine all tensions, problems and worries float away out of your body, and as you inhale your body is filled with pure fresh new energy cleansing you through your whole being.

Step 3.

Now it is time to start doing the energy exercise itself. You are completely relaxed, either standing, sitting or laying down. Your tensions and problems have been blown out of your body, and you are filled with fresh cleansing pure energy. Imagine now that above your head floats a brilliant ball of white pure light, a great sphere of good energy, which if filled with love, joy, goodness, strength and purifying properties. This ball of brilliant light and great spiritual powers is connected with the majestic source of all creation itself, the soul of the universe, God himself if you will. For a moment imagine this great white ball of energy above your head, the size of a football, with a bright shining white light stronger than the sun. Visualize it and focus on it, and feel it growing stronger and expanding through the connection it has with the Great Source of all Existence, filling up with more love, more spiritual and psychic powers, more purifying and cleansing abilities, and imagine you feel its great shining light touching the top of your head. Stay for a moment in this state, imagining this great powerful bright white ball of light floating above your head. If you can't actually see it in your mind, don't worry, just know that it is there, and try feel it. It is actually more important to feel it there above you, than actually "seeing" it.

Step 4.

You now have a great ball of the most brilliant white light floating above your head with its rays touching your head and forehead. You know it is a sphere of light filled with the greatest powers and purest goodness and love that can be imagined, and even more. It is in direct contact with the god-force, the universal source of all creations. And its there above you, it is a mighty moment, you should feel you are in the presence of God himself, being touched by the very spirit of existence. As this great powerful ball of light is growing even stronger, it is now shooting a brilliant white beam of light out and down through your head. This beam is filling your head and being with the greatest powers of the universe, cleansing you, giving you strength and purity, filling you with love and goodness. Visualize the beam flowing through your head, down through your throat, filling your whole body, going all the way down through your chest and solar plexus, the stomach, down into your genitals, and spreading down your legs. And as its moving through your body, your inner energy system is being activated, being filled with the glorious powers of the universe and beyond. Your whole body, mind and soul is receiving this amazing beam of light flowing through you, cleansing you, removing all negative energies, and filling you with love and joy straight from the source of all that is, far out from the depths of the universe. Try imagine and feel a vibrating force flowing through you as this beam of light is flowing down through the top of your head and all through your body all the way down to your feet, as its empowering you and making you stronger within, both in your body, your mind, and your soul. Its filling up in your feet, charging up there, and you feel your whole body vibrating from the majestic and magic spiritual power this light is sending through you. At this point you should be visualizing your whole body filled with a great white bright light, which is flowing down from the sphere above your head, all through your body, down to your feet where it is for a moment charging up while its filling your inner being with its great powers and cleansing effects, love, life and light.

Step 5.

As the light is filling you up, going all through your body, and down in your feet where its building up in intensity, you now imagine that it is time to release this energy back up through your body. From your feet the brilliant white light is shooting back up through your legs, up through your stomach, solar plexus, through your chest and now out through your shoulders and down in your arms, into your hands, and out through your hands into endless space. And as it does this, you are being cleansed, and all negative energy within you is shooting out through your hands, and you are filled with new fresh pure energy, filled with love and goodness, and great amazing psychic powers, the force coming from the very soul of the universe or God himself, and all of this great new good energy and powers stays within your being, as all the negative and bad energy, all tensions and all sorrows and problems flow out through your hands in this amazing eruption of energy going through your body down from your head into your feet and all the way back up and through your arms and out your hands. Feel the energy, visualize it, know it is there and know that it is the purest form of energy that exist, the greatest power that can be imagined, and you are now direct part of it, it is filling you up, it is connecting your very being with the greatest energies of the universe and God himself. You are becoming pure, powerful and mighty, filled with love and joy and amazing abilities and powers, and all bad thoughts or negative energies you may have had is now being cleansed and burned away from you, flowing out your hands, leaving only the great gift of the energies of love and goodness left within you, and filling you with psychic and spiritual powers, and letting you get in deeper touch with the spiritual world and the universal force which works through you and gives you all of this greatness.

Step 6.

Imagine and visualize this state for a while, feeling all the energies mentioned above, knowing the negative and bad energies is removed from you, you are being cleansed, filled with great new fresh energy and powers of the most joyful you can imagine, of the greatest love, of the most amazing psychic and spiritual powers. Think of this, feel it, know it is happening. Stay in this state for as long you want until you feel you are cleansed and filled with the great powers and now in direct contact with the divine. Then, when you are ready to get back to normal state, but still keep the powers you have gotten, just take a deep breath, hold it in for a while and blow it out while opening your eyes. Imagine the beam of light flowing through your body is still there, but now becoming invisible, however it will still remain with you and constantly keep you cleansed and purified and filled with great powers and joy, spiritual and psychic abilities will grow, and you will stay in direct contact with the divine source of all and be protected from all.

Step 7.

Lay down and close your eyes, and reflect and contemplate upon the experience you just had, and know how it has now cleansed you and filled you with great powers and is still keeping you in contact with the source from with all this joy, love and greatness is coming from. It will constantly strengthen you and make you a better person, both mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thank the universal force, the source of all creation, or God himself if that is what you want to call it, for blessing you in this way and giving you this new rebirth and new energy.

Step 8.

As you proceed in your daily life, know that you are still connected with this force, this brilliant white light of energy from the direct source of all creation, which is now always flowing through you and cleansing you, and visualize it being there although it stays invisible when you are around doing your daily routines, know that is still flowing through you and empowering you. Feel this force coming from the wind when you are out walking, from the sun when its shining upon you, even from the very water itself when its raining. It is all filled with this great power, and cleansing energy, which will empower you and strengthen you as long you just stay aware of it and know you are always connected, and have the energy flowing through you.


This was our first lesson. If things went as it should, you would have felt and visualized at least some of what I mentioned above. Even if you didn't really feel or see or manage to imagine any of it, fear not, know this force is still with you as it has been described above. It is always here, all around us, we just need to become aware of it to take advantage of it, or to open ourselves up for it rather.

You should practice this exercise once every day at any time you feel it fit. After some weeks you should be starting to feel its great effects and get in deeper touch with yourself and into more harmony with life and existence. For some it may take a shorter amount of time, for others longer. But practice and it will come, and i recommend you practice this exercise on its own for at least 1 month daily before you move on to any of my other lessons.


If you prefer, and to make it easier for yourself, you may download the audio recording of this exercise found on top of this page so you can listen to the instructions while performing the exercise. This may help you remembering it easier and getting it done correctly, as it is after all quite some things to have in mind when performing this. After a while you should be able to perform it without any audio aid however.

You may listen to peaceful calm meditation type of music when doing this exercise, as it may help you relax more and let your mind wander further. You may also find audio systems such as Hemi-Sync and Brainwave Generator useful tools and aids in performing this exercise in a better and deeper way.

For a more medatative way of performing this exercise, you may imagine that you are somewhere else when doing all the steps mentioned above. As an example, you can visualize yourself in a great endless field of grass, with a beautiful blue sky and bright shiny sun above you, and lots of flower and beautiful plants around you. Or any other type of surroundings or sceneries that makes you feel comfortable. Experiment and try find what is best for you.


Do not get startled if you after some weeks or more of practicing this exercise start to experience unusual things, such as astral projection, lucid dreams, or even telepathy and telekinesis. After all you are building up your psychic powers, and these abilities are some of the goals for most people when getting into the psychic and spiritual subject, even though most want to venture much further and beyond when they really start getting into it. Its a glorious and amazing existence out there waiting to unfold for you if you just let it!

God bless you, good luck, and may the light stay with you!

-Maggador IX-777

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