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May 27, 2009

Psychic Development: Telepathy for partners exercise

The following exercise is one you need a partner to experiment with. It is targeted towards developing your psychic abilities, in this case telepathy - the power to read other's minds, emotions and feelings.

By frequently practising this exercise with a partner or friends, you will also gain greater empathy - which means feeling and knowing how others feel emotionally. In addition to that it will also increase your other psychic abilities and make it easier to develop yourself in other related areas as well.

So here follows the exercise:

Find one or more partners to do this experiment with. Then decide who will be the receiver(s) and who will be the sender(s).

The objective for the Sender is to chose a target, and try to mentally send this to the Receiver.

Examples of targets: Chosing a random card from a deck, make a simple geometric drawing, chose a number between 1 and 10, a random image of a landscape and so on.

The Sender will chose the target by a random procedure, such as shuffling a deck of cards and select a random card, throw a dice and see what number you get, pick a card with different geometric designs on them etc.

Of course the Receiver should not watch this process or get any clues about what Target is chosen.

Once the Sender has found a target, the process can begin.

Here is how you do it:

The Sender takes a look at the target, lets say its number 5 from throwing a dice, and then close his eyes and visualize the number in his mind, saying out the number in his mind over and over, while at same time imagining a white beam of light going from his third eye chakra to the third eye chakra of the Receiver. Make it as real as possible in your mind, feel, sense and see the Target as it emits out from your mind and into the receiver.

The receiver simply need to do the opposite: Imagine the beam of light carrying the Target from the Sender flowing into his or hers own third eye chakra. He or She then just allow any image or thought that comes to mind be taken notice of. Specially the very first impression is important here. The Sender should write down whatever the first impression is, as well as any other impressions that may come.

I recommend doing the Sending and Receiving part for a couple minutes before checking the results - The Sender reveals what the Target was, and the Receiver reveals what impressions were received.

Also, I would recommend both sender and receiver to enter a slightly altered state before the experiment, to be relaxed and open the chakras.

A simple way to do this is spend 5 to 10 minutes doing deep breathing exercises first, inhaling, holding as long as possible, then exhaling and holding as long as possible before inhaling again. Repeat this method of breathing for some minutes while at the same time you both imagine a great beam of brilliant white light enter the top of your head and activating and expanding all of your chakras, connecting them, and cleansing your bodies. Also let your body relax more and more for each exhalation, let all muscles relax, and become at peace.

Do this on a regular basis, I would recommend a couple times a week, and notice how your results progress and become better by time. Once you start getting good results at the mentioned easy tasks, move on to more complex ones such as adding more numbers, written words, and so on.

May you enjoy having fun playing this, remember to take it as a game and not too seriously, have fun, and the results will come much quicker.

If doing it in a group, chose one person to be the sender, and the rest to be the receivers - or opposite, and then check the results as mentioned above.

Good luck and blessings on your path!

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