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May 27, 2009

Simple method for releasing emotional stress

The following is a method one can use to relieve and release emotional stress of various kinds and degrees. This itself is not a cure, as it only helps to give relief to the effect (the emotional stress) of the cause (the reason for this emotional stress).

It is however useful in many situations where one suffers from emotional stress and need a quick way to "settle down" and relax some. The cause of the emotional stress itself should of course be treated in its own appropriate way, if the cause is unknown (such as sudden anxiety for no reason, depression, etc) this cause should be found and worked with in a proper way.

Well, in either case, here is the method that can help you release emotional stress from your mind and if not release it completely at least usually relieve it some.

During stress, the blood in the brain flows to the back, and so does the etheric energies, which is the reason many feel a "rush" up in the back of their head when fear strikes them, during anxiety, or other emotional states of mind.

A way to counteract this is making the blood and energy flow back to the front of the brain. This is achieved by either letting a person you trust, or you can do it yourself, putting the hands at the forehead covering the two skeletal knobs of the skull.

By doing this the blood and energy flows towards the front of your brain again where your hands are located.

During this process keep your eyes closed, take some deep breaths, and relax, while imagining bright cleansing light circulating from the back of your head, to the front of your forehead, through your hands, and back down the arms and up the neck and back into the forehead from the back of your skull, cleansing and purifying your mind and balancing the energies within your brain, mind and head so that the flow of blood and energy returns back into a harmonious state.

In certain cases it can release the cause of the effect completely, and thus make whatever mental tension you had be completely gone. You can of course also do this on others whom are hurt, sad, stressed or otherwise experience negative emotions to help relieve their mental suffering - just explain to them first what you are doing and how it works and get their permission to do it.

For deeper emotional problems and stress I would recommend some meditation and inner work with yourself to find the cause of the problem and how to solve it - feel free to read through my previously posted meditation exercises that may be useful.

With best luck and blessings

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