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May 14, 2009

Tarot recommendations, system and meanings

Dear friends,

I mentioned in my previous post a method on how to call upon your inner Guide, archetypes, and other energies. These 22 main archetypes as mentioned relates to the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck.

So, for those whom want to study this further and get a broader understanding of both the Inner Guide method, the 22 Archetypes as they relate to the Tarot, and the Tarot Deck and how to use it, I would highly recommend the following book and card deck that I personally use and find to be great tools for exploring oneself, the consciousness, existence and so on.

Hailed by reviewers as "a masterpiece," and as "the single most profound reference of its kind," The Qabalistic Tarot has become the standard in its field, a book essential to all students of Tarot symbolism. It is both a textbook and a sourcebook for the symbols of the Western Hermetic Qabalah, a corpus of mystical ideas which have, for centuries, exerted a powerful influence on the development of Western thought. Dr. Wang explains the Tarot as an externalization of a mystical system which has evolved from approximately the third century C.E. to our own time. He traces the development of Qabalistic ideas from the Neoplatonic through the Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern periods, systematically discussing each Sephira and Path on the Tree of Life. He uses the Tarot images as a point of visual reference, and provides a thorough explanation of the symbolic intricacies of the Paths. The Qabalistic Tarot is recommended as a comprehensive textbook for individual study or for the classroom. The first and only work based on the four major decks in use today, it is the ideal companion book for the Golden Dawn Tarot, the Thoth Tarot, the Rider-Waite Tarot, or the traditional Marseilles deck.

And the Tarot Deck I use, designed by Robert Wang whom wrote the above book under guidance by Israel Regardie, a famous and well respected mystic, occultist and teacher of the ancient wisdom, is called The Golden Dawn Tarot Deck, which is the one you will find below. It comes along with a leaflet on how to use it for general purposes. Highly recommended for anyone whom wants to study the Tarot as well as anyone wanting to get the most out of the Inner Guide method.

So with that said, I will present you for an easy to use way of Tarot work, which uses only the 22 cards from the Major Arcana - a very good method for beginners before using all the cards.

The system is called the Split Hexagram, because the cards will be laid out in two pyramid shapes of 3 cards each, one for each corner of the pyramid, thus having two pyramids where one is the correct way and the other is upside down above the other. Between the two pyramids tips are placed another card so in total 7 cards are used. The name Split Hexagram simply symbolizes the fact that a Hexagram, or Star of David, consists of two pyramids intertwined.

The cards should be placed in numerical order face down on the table, with The Universe (also called The World) on the bottom and The Fool on top.

Then formulate your question in your mind. This method works best for questions of the type regarding what will be the result of a specific action. Such as "What will be the outcome of me quitting my job and moving in with Tom in Atlanta" ?" or "What will be the result for me if I start taking more care of others?" etc.

Concentrate on the question while mixing up the cards, make sure you mix them in both directions so that some will be reversed, shuffle them until you "feel" it is time to stop.

Then cut the cards into three piles to your left. Pick the piles back up from right to left.

Pick seven cards, face down, place them as follows:

Card 1: Upper left

Card 2: Upper right

Card 3: Down and in between, making the "tip" of the first pyramid (which is upside down).

Card 4: Lower left

Card 5: Lower right

Card 6: Up and in between, making the "tip" of the second pyramid (correct way)

Card 7: In between the tips of the two pyramids, which means between card 3 and 6.

Turn over the cards in the sequence you laid them down.

Card 1 and 2 symbolizes unknown spiritual influences affecting the matter in question.

Card 3 symbolizes a spiritual advice for the matter

Card 4 symbolizes your unconscious desires in the matter. This real inner reason may be completely different to what you perceive as your outer reason.

Card 5 symbolizes your conscious desires in the matter.

Card 6 symbolizes a practical advice in the matter.

Card 7 symbolizes the final outcome if you decide to do what you asked.

Of course you need to interpret and feel what the different cards are saying to you, and how to apply the advice it gives you.

# Trump/Card and their general meaning (R signifies meanings for reversed cards):

0: The Fool: Folly, foolishness, extravagance -- R: Hesitation, carelessness, trouble from ignoring foolishness

1: The Magician: Skills, will power, self-confidence -- R: Wrong use of same, conceit, lack of skill

2: The High Priestess: Science, education, knowledge -- R: Ignorance, superficial knowledge

3: The Empress Fruitfulness, action, creativity -- R: Inaction due to vacillation, losing power

4: The Emperor: Power, effectiveness, reason -- R: Immature emotions, obstructions to plans

5: The Hierophant: Mercy and goodness, a person with these qualities -- R: Overkindness, weakness

6: The Lovers: A test which you will pass, a new love -- R: A test failed, love lost

7: The Chariot: Triumph, overcoming obstacles -- R: Defeat, obstacles overcome you

8: Strength: Spiritual power -- R: Physical power

9: The Hermit: Caution or spiritual advancement Fear, overly cautious, unwise acts

10: The Wheel of Fortune: Good fortune, success, luck -- R: Bad luck, ill fortune.

11: Justice: Balance, justice, equilibrium -- R: Imbalance, bigotry, bias

12: The Hanged Man: Wisdom as a result of self-sacrifice -- R: Selfishness, trying to fit in with the crowd

13: Death: An evolutionary change or transformation -- R: Stagnation

14: Temperance: Combine or unite seemingly unlike things, moderation -- R: Clashing interests

15: The Devil: Something must happen, but in the long run it is for the good -- R:: Something must happen, but for evil

16: The Tower: Ruin, catastrophe,distruption -- R: The same, but to a lesser degree

17: The Star: Hope and a bright future -- R: Expectations disappointed, barrenness

18: The Moon: Deception, hidden enemies -- R: Deceptions only slight

19: The Sun: Happiness and contentment -- R: The same, but to a lesser degree

20: Judgement: Renewal, rebirths -- R: Setbacks and delays

21: The Universe: Assured success, completion -- R: Failure, inertia, evil reward

So above you have a very basic system of tarot reading and a start if you want to learn about tarot and practice it yourself. Of course if you truly want to understand Tarot and how to read it and interpret it properly it is highly recommended that you get yourself a proper deck and a good book about it, such as those recommended on top of this page, and you will be soon ready to explore the depths of the mysteries of All.

To get accurate in your readings you need to practice daily, doing small readings on yourself and situations and observe the outcomes. You should memorize the 22 Major Arcana cards by memory as well as their meaning, so some daily practice on this should also be done until you know them all by your mind alone. Eventually you will get better at it, your intuition will guide you, and you will be ready to add the rest of the cards into your readings and do more complex tasks as well.

Should you wish to receive a tarot reading from me on a question you have in your life feel free to consult me.

Best of wishes and good luck on your spiritual journey!

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