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Jun 30, 2009

NASA and the Moon War: About to bomb the inhabitants

Today I got aware of NASAs plans to bomb the moon with a 2 ton kinetic weapon that will create a crater 5 miles wide.

Now this is rather interesting - and shocking - as it backs up my previous article posted some time ago regarding the conflict between Earth, the Moon and Mars. Feel free to read my previous article, The Mars - Moon and Earth Connection, here: http://pleiadiantalk.blogspot.com/2009/03/mars-moon-and-earth-connection.html

To further back up my claims that NASA is basically declaring war upon the inhabitants of the Moon, several NASA employees have confirmed that there are extraterrestrial bases and life on the Moon. Other governmental employees have also confirmed this, from people in the Military, CIA , NSA etc. Look up The Disclosure Project for more info on that, for example by watching the video below:

Obviously I do not think these plans have anything to do with NASAs official statements, which says they will bomb the moon to "look for water". Ever heard about drilling? Or ground penetrating radars? There are many ways to discover water on a planet or moon that does not include bombing.

How likely is it, that they would spend billions of dollars on bombing our Moon to look for water, now after all this time, instead of using other more reliable methods which they already have the technology for? Indeed, the very fact that they suddenly are turning a new interest on the Moon itself is suspicious - they never got any people back there, in the last 40 or so years, even though the technology now obviously should be more than advanced enough to do so considering they allegedly have done so before. My own opinion is that they discovered what was there, got into a conflict, and figured the best way was to stay away - until now when they figured out they could as well blast them away up there.

Who knows what the consequences will be - if they are indeed carrying out this planned project I fear it may not be the best ones.

Say NO to the bombing of our fellow brethren and sisters of the Moon - we are all one and what we do to others affect ourselvs the same way.

While on the NASA topic I also recommend everyone to check out Secret Space volume 1 and 2 here:

Read more about the NASA moon bombing project here:

With Love and deepest Blessings,

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