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Maggador IX-777

Jun 20, 2009

The source of Cruelty and Perception of Good & Evil

Hello my friends,

Someone recently wrote me privately asking about the reason for certain peoples extremely cruel actions. In the case mentioned it had to do about someone whom had mutilated, raped and consumed parts of a baby.

I am not easily disturbed so do not worry about that, I have had experiences making me a rather "cold" person, from most others point of view, as I do not bother about death or disease or violence in any form, except for my intention of bringing more Peace and Love to this world through Understanding and Experience. That is because I want to help you free yourself from this Earthly low dimensional plane of existence guarded and controled by what can only be called Evil forces, which in turn explains part of the question mentioned, and let you live out your remaining time here with at much harmony, love and success as possible.

These people, doing such cruel things, are either doing so because they are simply posessed by an Evil soul, demonic so to speak, which purpose is to spread fear and disturbance in the Human consciousness, or because they have been disturbed themselves from external energies and experiences to a point that has simply driven them to what can be called Insanity. You also have the Karmic bonds from previous lifes, where a person may have been Evil and done similar things before many times, and keep repeating himself, originally coming back to correct his mistakes but ending up doing the very same ones over and over.

Such acts also keeps peoples attention focused on low vibrational level material, thus also keeping their mind and spirit low, and chained to Earth, instead of focusing on the Inner Self and explorations of Existence beyond this Prison Planet you are currently situated upon. Thus all the negativity which is always the main focus of the mainstream news - they want you to focus on negativity as that creates negativity within your own being.

There is yet another factor, that I did not originally mention in my reply to the person whom asked me about this, and that is the law of Cause and Effect, Karma. What I will say next will probably disturb and shock many of you, yet it is from my experience nevertheless the truth. Some people have done Evil things in past lives, and thus have reincarnated to experience the opposite, and balance their previous Karma, and so they do by becoming the Victim in another life. This explains many if not all such cases where things happen to people as mentioned above about the murdered baby. We are all responsible for what happens to ourselves, although not guilty.

I myself have experienced the loss of those close to me, both Father and Son, so I know what that is like, and I have had to look within myself to find the peace and reasons for such events - and thus now I have balanced out the grief and sorrow with understanding and Love, and I know that no matter who dies they will live again and we will all Unite in the End.

The ultimate goal is, or should at least be, to become a soul of pure intentions, love and compassion. That is the Lesson to learn here, and both the Victim and the Offender are indeed balancing out their deep past lives Karma. We have all been Good and Evil, Rich and Poor, the Victims and the Offenders, and so on in previous lives - and coming lives, and by understanding your past you can understand your future and do something about it.

There is personal Karma, such as what you personally have done in past lives, good or bad, there are group Karma, such as Family Karma, which relates to families across centuries and how they have been connected and behaved towards eachother in their past lives, and there is National Karma, the Karma of Nations, thus the reason some Nations are under a lot of stress and problems while other are more the opposite and struggle is barely part of the Nation. A lot more could be said on this topic, indeed whole books could be written about it. But for now I will leave it there and either you will understand it or you won't, you will believe it or not, experience is as truth or lies - I will let that part up for you to decide and figure out, at least take my words as a possible truth and try do what you can to explore yourself and see if there may be something to what I say.

Every man and every woman is a God or Goddess of their own with all potentials to be the Creators of their Own Realities - something most are already taking part of unconsciously, the clue is to get aware of ones creative powers and how to use it for the better good of All and Oneself.

I have written many articles on these topics here on my website including exercises and meditations to help you towardes Self Realization. I encourage anyone to freely practice what they feel attracted to in my teachings, and I encourage everyone to even try practice what you do not feel attracted to for a period of time for the sake of experience - it may turn out to be worth your time.

You are but sparks of infinite consciouness of the great One source that binds us all together, but experiencing yourself as separate individual beings at this level of existence, and indeed in many further levels of Existence upwards on the journey as well, and the best thing a person can do is to focus more on his or her Inner Self, and thus also find out why negative experiences are happening in that persons life and how to counterbalance that and get into Harmony.

When you reach that state of being, less and less negative manifestations will appear in your life, and more and more positive ones will come, and you will notice that your true Will and Intention itself come alive before your own eyes from the power of your mere thought and state of Mind.

Everything you do towards anyone else, either by action, speech or thought, you are doing to yourself as all life is connected and One - and all you experience in your own life is a projection of your own personal inner reality.

All is Mind, and everything exists withing the Great Mind of the All.


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