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Jul 5, 2009

Crop Circles - New Swirled Order 2009 (VIDEO)

Nice video on the always appearing mysterious crop circles. From the authors:

Where does this mysterious crop circle phenomena come from? Is it done by man as a joke? So why do people have extraordinary experiences then? Flying ball of lights were seen in and around crop cirlces. Or is it an alien intelligence which try to communicate with us? The geometry which can be found in crop circles, inculed a lot of mathematics which can be also found in nature.

Our new documentary "New swirled order" deals with these questions and present some very extraordinary Crop circle formations in 2008, like the "Pi"-formation in Barbury Castle or the Crop Circle near Avebury Manor, which showed our solar system with the planetary constellation of December 21 of 2012.

For an interesting article on crop circles check "Crop Circles reflect Solar Cycle 24 themes: Solar Flars, End of the World, and Human Rebirth" at:

Maggadors comment: Study the crop circles, they are real, and their symbolic meaning profound and deep - the reason they are always symbolic is because the mind is buildt to easily interpret and understand symbols on a deeper level, which is the reasons symbols are used in the esoteric and occult (tarot, runes, sigils, talismans, and so on in Macikal arts). They work on the subconscious level - it is your job to bring this information up to the conscious.

With love and blessings,

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