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Aug 12, 2009

The structure of infinity within a set finite limit and God within it and around it

What I am about to share with you now is of great importance. I will try my best to explain it as easy and briefly as possible. First of all, I recommend that you watch the following video:

Then we begin. As you saw in the video, there was a part about fractals, and how each fractal pattern will remain the same no matter how far you zoom into it. This is the basis of what I will write about now.

Infinity and finity exists at the very same time. People have for too long looked for the infinite outside, in the external, and failed to realize that infinity moves in the opposite direction, inwards, downwards.

How can this be, and how can I say that infinity and finity can both exist at the same time? This sounds complex, but it is actually quite simple to illustrate.

If you have a finite structure, a set limit, lets say a circle in this case, you have a finite construction. Yet this finite construction can, and does, contain infinity within itself. How? Let me show you:

In this example I will use a circle and a hexagram to illustrate the reality of this phenomena.

Above you see a circle with a set boundary, its size is fixed. Within it you see a Hexagram, also called a Star of David, and 6 more circles added at each point of the Hexagram. Then the next image shows the same fixed-size circle with the same Hexagram and circles within it, but this time another reversed triangle has been added in each of the circles creating six new hexagrams within the limits of the original circle and first hexagram. The last image shows the same process repeated, with new circles added at each point of the inner hexagrams, and the creation of new hexagrams. This process can go on forever, for infinity, and you can have infinite amounts of hexagrams within the circle, without ever exceeding the limits of the original circle. Thus you have Infinity within Finity, creation of endless amounts of replicate objects within an original fixed-size object.

As another example, below is another circle with a hexagram, but this time new hexagrams are created in the middle of the original hexagram, and this again can continue into infinity without ever breaking the outer limit of the circle.

So what does this mean, and what am I trying to show you here?

Let me give you another example: Within your body exists huge amounts of cells, atoms, dna etc that makes up your being. And as most people know, with just one sample of microscopic dna you have a blueprint of yourself. Within the DNA exist your whole being, and thus it is possible to make a clone, a direct replica, of yourself from this DNA. This too can go on for infinity, by cloning the clone and so on, as the DNA will always be a direct copy of the original source DNA.

All over nature, and the universe, you find this pattern of infinity within a set finite system, whether it is the geometrical patterns of a snowflake, a seashell, or galaxies of the universe.

The endless and boundless exists within that which has an end and bound, thus both infinity and finity is co-existing and depending on eachother.

So we have then shown that endless creations can fit into a construct of set limits. Creation can continue growing for all eternity without ever exceeding the set boundaries of Existence - and here comes my point, think of the circle mentioned above as God, and the hexagrams within and Creation.

Everything exists within the Mind of the All, that which is God, and within God endless amounts of creations are possible, and the very fingerprint of how God functions is here all around us, within us, and indeed we ARE God and the Creators of the Universe.

Just as the First Cause in the examples above was the Circle, and everything within the circle could only exist because of the circle and thus is a part of the circle, so is God the First Cause of Existence, and everything that is must thus be of God, and in turn connected to the Godly Powers, and through the replication process just shown we all have God himself Within Ourselves. This understanding makes us omnipotent, able to do whatever we dream of, and create ourselves the very exact Universe we want.

We just have to become aware of God within us, and realize that we in fact create everything we perceive around us, whether we are aware of it or not. When we become aware of how creation functions, and that it originates from ourselves, we can be in control of that which happens in our own Universe.

Everything is subjective because we create all ourselves, and your Universe is not the same as anyone elses Universe, and what you perceive is not perceived the same way by anyone else existing within your Universe.

Confront and understand your Enemy, and you will confront and understand yourself.

With love and eternal blessings,

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