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Oct 5, 2009

Synchronicities, synchronism and reality

A lot of people have experienced what is commonly, or at least pseudo-commonly, called synchronism ad synchronicites.

What this means is simply events taking place in a synchrnoized matter leading up to a specific event.

We can find this everywhere. Some of the best examples comes from famous tv shows and movies, such as Matrix, where you have Neo showing his ID card expiring on 9/11/2001 or the show of Carter, the creator of X-files, where he have to planes hitting the WTC even with detailed information of governmental involvement.

This on its own goes very far, I will not spend more time giving examples, as you can find a lot just searching for a topic like "911 synchronicities" etc.

The bottom of the line is: Why does this happen? What does these people know? How do they know it? What are they telling?

This goes a bit further. I will use George Lucas and Star Wars as an example here. Everyone knows Star Wars, and its history. Recently the moon Iapeteus of Saturn was discoverd. It looks exactly like the Death Star from Star Wars. Even with the ridge, and the battle scars all in the right places and so on.

We have other things like the movies of Stanley Kubric and Arthur C Clarke, or Phillip K Dick for that mattter.

All of them showing events currently taking place, that has been discovered, or soon will.

So, what does this mean? Who are these people, why do they know what they know, and why do they expose it to us through their motion pictures and tv show?

The answer is actually really easy. They do not really know anything. All is an effect of INSPIRATION. And, INSPIRATION always comes from the SOURCE - the TRUTH, the ALL KNOWING.

When you have an idea, an imagination, a fantasy, that suddenly appears before you in your mind, it is called inspiration - and inspiration is an external influence directly coming from the Source itself. Therefor, it is possible for various people to make various "predictions" without even knowing it themselves. This is all because of the Inspiration - and all Inspiration is based on truth on one level or the other, one dimensions or another. Inspiration invades the mind of Man and thus the Man gets an Idea and creates a history based upon the original Inspiration

And this inspiration itself is usually the truth, relating to things of the past of reality, and sometimes even the future.

Thus, is is very possible for people of all ages, to create artistical material that will be extremely close to coming events. And some people believe this means that these persons knew something the rest do not. But this is wrong.

They did not know anything. They were just inspired. They were just connected to the source - without even realizing it - and creating something from what they received from the source.

The Source is the Collective Consciousness among many other things, and thus all that is happening, has happened, and will happen. Because of this people can be inspired to create art that seeminly predicts the future - and often you may call it a prediction, except that the original author did not know he was making any prediction at all.

So, if we can manage to create a system that analyzes information throughout the world, and look at the similarities of things not yet happened , it IS possible to create a system that can predict certain coming events.

I theorize this is how certain divinatory systems like the I Ching came alive, or even the Mayan Calendar, and even modern technology like the WebBot.

So, if you do not understand anything of what I am talkin about, I encourage you to do a simple google search on the topic of this post, as well as specific parts within it.

This is my explanation on synchronicities and so calles synchronism and synchronismysicism etc.


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