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Maggador IX-777

Mar 15, 2010

Forced down again by TPTB

Dear all,

I have not been able to get online lately, and I do not know when I will be able to get online again on a regular basis and continue my work.

The reason for this is that, once again, I have been forced to shut down my work. It will be resolved, as it is not the first time, but until then there will not be much updates and I will be unable to reply to emails frequently.

This time they have limited me in many ways - first they shut down my bank accounts and closed my credit cards, secondly they invalidated my passport and refuse to give me a new one, and thirdly they hacked my computer and made it crash down so it is not possible to use.

So for the moment being, I am unable to travel anywhere as I have no passport or identification, I have problems receiving payments and money as I do no longer have any working bank account, and I have no working computer so my online activity will be limited as well.

Of course I am still able to get online through other means, such as internet cafes and other computers, but obviously as long as I am not able to use my own computer from my home it will not be much time for internet until at least that issue has been worked out.

I have lost 10 years of work, research, documents, personal writings and books I am working on, videos, interviews and other unpublished material of the highest importance. My hard drive is fried, thanks to NSA hackers, and I am still trying to restore it. Most likely I will have to get a new HD and start from scratch. Feel free to support my cause, donations to help me revive my work is highly appreciated.

That is basically the short story of the current situation and all that is really needed to be known so you can understand where I am at and why I am not answering emails, posting new articles, or being active in various forums and so on.

With that said, they can keep on trying but they will ultimately never shut me completely down, I will be here to the end. We shall not surrender, maythe tyrants fall.

Blessings be with you all until next time,

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