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May 21, 2010

Huge DVD compilation on spirituality, conspiracies, new age, ufo's & aliens, secret societies etc

Currently I have the a 8 DVD set of documentaries and videos available for only USD $99 including shipping and expedition internationally. This set is extremely informative and contains documentaries you will spend many weeks to get to watch all. The DVD's are in computer format, and can be watched on any PC, and on DVD players that are DIVX / XVID compatible. This is to be able to get as many documentaries as possible onto each DVD or else the collection would be around 100 DVDs in total if distributed in normal DVD-player format.

Here is the full list of the 8 DVD's and what documentaries are on them:
1. HiddenWorld_Illuminati/SecretSocieties/Templars

1. 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati - Fritz springmier
2. 911 - The Great Illusion - End Game of the Illuminati (1 of 2)
3. 911 - The Great Illusion - End Game of the Illuminati (2 of 2)
4. Alberto Rivera and Others speak of Jesuit (Jesuits) Infiltration - Full Version
5. Conspiracies - The Illuminati - Our Secret Masters
6. Decoding the Past - The Templars Code (1 of 2)
7. Decoding the Past - The Templars Code (2 of 2)
8. Documentary conspiracy - New World Order (Top Secret)
9. End Game 2012
10. Order of the Knights of Malta
11. Pyramid and Eye Secret Solved
12. History Channel - Secret Societies
13. Freemasons Rosicrucian Robert Anton Wilson
14. Secrets of CIA
15. Shadows in Motion - Exposing the New World Order
16. The Illuminati Part 1 of 4 The Illuminati 2005
17. The Illuminati Part 2 of 4 The Illuminati 2005
18. The Illuminati Part 4 of 4 The Illuminati 2005
19. The Root of All Evil - The God Delusion (1 of 2)
20. The Root of All Evil - The Virus of Faith (2 of 2)
21. The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis
22. The truth about the Federal Reserve System
23. The U.N Deception
24. Who Controls the World? Illuminati, Jesuits, Bilderberg, Church, Skull, Religion
25. Who Infiltrated America? Jesuits? Zionists? Illuminati? NWO? Aliens?
26. Zeitgeist, The Movie - Official Release - Part 1 of 3
27. Zeitgeist, The Movie - Official Release - Part 2 of 3
28. Zeitgeist, The Movie - Official Release - Part 3 of 3

2. HiddenWorld_MindControl/SecretWeaponry

1. Conspiracy of Silence - Illuminati Pedophiles in Washington D.C. (Documentary)
2. HAARP/Chemtrails & Freeman
3. History (banned) - Hitler Youth Rally - Rare Nazi Film
4. How to go out of your mind - The LSD Crisis - Timothy Leary
5. LSD - US Experiments
6. LSD being tested on british troops
7. Lucifers Children - Milan Martin - The Prophecy Club
8. Magic Weed - History of Marijuana
9. Manly Palmer Hall - Concrete & Abstract factors of the Human Mind
10. Mena Connection
11. Mind Control & MK Ultra. Cathy Obrien and Mark Phillips
12. Mind Control: Americas Secret War
13. Nazi UFO Documentary
14. New World Order. The Anti-Christ and the Plans to Build a Temple in Jerusalem
15. Secrets of CIA
16. Secret Space
17. The Secret
18. The Truth about the Ark of the Covenant
19. Jordan Maxwell Toxic Religion - Illuminati
20. U.S. Foreign Policy - Secret Wars of the CIA
21. Vatican Control Through Civil Law
22. Wake Up America! - Dr. John coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)

3. HiddenWorld_Religion/Occult/Prophecy

1. CHRISTMAS origin history documentary saturnalia pagan mithra winter solstice
2. Decoding the Past - Mayan Doomsday Prophecy
3. Decoding the Past - Opus Dei
4. Decoding the Past - The Bible Code - Predicting Armageddon
5. Decoding the Past - The Prophecies of Isreal
6. Decoding the Past - The Other Nostradamus
7. Decoding the Past - Doomsday 2012
8. Itzhak Bentov - From Atom to Cosmos
9. History of Angels
10. Inspiration of Bible
11. Kundalini Awakening
12. The Occult History of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler
13. Prophecies
14. Prophecies Unsealed
15. QuickTime Player (Software)
16. Islam: Scientific Miracles of the Quran (Koran)
17. Secrets of the Vatican
18. Sex - The Secret Gate to Eden
19. Signs of The Last Day - Prophecies of Muhammad
20. STARTLING PROOFS - Does God Really exist? Creation vs Evolution
21. The Alchemy of Happiness
22. The Doomsady Code
23. The Final Events of Bible Prophecy

4. HiddenWorld_AVI

1. (Documentary) DRUGS LSD - The beyond within: Note To import drag to QuickTime icon
2. (WEED VIDEO) Great Guide to making hashish
3. DivX Converter
4. DivX Player
5. Esoteric Agenda: Note To import drag to QuickTime icon
6. GNN - CIA Mind Control Operation MK-Ultra
7. Gospel of Judas: Note Requires DivX Player
8. The Lost Book of Nostradamus: Note Requires DivX Player

5. HiddenWorld_Exposed

1. 911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
2. David Rivera: Final Warning - A History of the New World Order
3. Alberto Rivera speaks at Tony Alamo Ministries
4. Illuminazi
5. JFK George Bush Sr C.I.A.
6. Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut
7. Nazi: The Occult Conspiracy part 1 of 2
8. Nazi: The Occult Conspiracy part 2 of 2
9. Secrets of the CIA
10. Shadows in Motion - Exposing the New World Order
11. The Brotherhood of Darkness
12. The Late (Ex Jesuit) Alberto Riveras Wife Nury Rivera (Jesuits)
13. The Secret behind Secret Societies - Total Onslaught
14. Tony Alamo interviewed by Greg Szymanski
15. Two Beast Become Friends - Total Onslaught

6. The Jesuits Then and Now - DVD

1. The Jesuits Then and Now
2. Vatican Tracking Nibiru Planet X 2012
3. Jesuits are in Control
4. Illuminati - 666 - Jesuits
5. Vatican demands for - Pope to be King of your Conscious
6. Bit from the Jesuit Oath and the Black Pope Speaks
7. Black pope - 1940 Banned Video
8. Lizards & Church of the Jesuits
9. The Truth about Jesuits
10. Who are the Zionists - The Order of the Jesuits
11. The Dark Side of Vatican
12. Secrets of the Vatican
13. Jesuits Part 1
14. Jesuits Part 2
15. Jesuits Part 3

7. Liquid Crystal Vision - DVD

8. The Secrets of Alchemy: The Great Cross and The End Time by Jay Weidner. - Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit and Our Place in the Cycles of History by Rick Levine

If this is of interest know that all money received from orders on this collection goes to the donations for my work, and indeed is considered a donation where the DVD's are shipped as a gift for anyone donating USD $99 or more to my cause.

USD $99
 Thanks to all whom support my work and I truly believe you will find this collection mindboggling and insightful!

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