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Jun 3, 2010

AboveTopSeceret.com: Conspiring conspiracy theorists banning whistleblowers



Above you can download a back-up copy of the full thread that got closed and had my account banned at AboveTopSecr

It runs "as is" from start of first post I made, to the end of the thread being closed by a mod - with some final comments by me regarding the reason for closing it.

Hope this spreads and people get aware of the ones running websites like Above Top Secret, and what agendas they really have.

It is by this clear to me that AboveTopSecret is, as some have speculated, in league with "the Elite", Governments and "The Powers that Be", as a great channel for easily targetting whistleblowers and insiders and then shutting them down once they get too deep into the depths of the dark truth which surrounds this world.
 The whole thread was backed up by me by simply copy-pasting every single page into a word document and saving it, which turned out to a more than 1100 pages document of questions, answers, relevations, truths and discussions taking place between me and the other members participating in this specific thread of mine where I "reveal all".
 When reading the document, notice that I am the user "IX-777" , and often sign off my posts with "Maggador". Often I speak directly to another person answering some questions, using his nickname and then my answer, which may make it look like it is the other person speaking, to avoid confusion just check if the post was posted by IX-777 and / or signed off with -Maggador.
 Please notice, I did never receive ANY warning or message from any mods/admins at the website prior to just banning me and shutting me out, not one e-mail was received, nor was the ones I sent answered - trying to figure out the reason for the ban. 
The thread itself was one of the more popular ones over at ATS having a large amount of readers and posters, and huge amounts of sensitive information have been posted there by me, so look up for some surprises and things you may find hard to believe when reading it.
As noted in the document, straight after I got banned from ATS, I had a huge virus/trojan attack on my computer, which took me several hours to manage to fix through several different anti-virus programs and manual work. Just a coincidence? 
 UPDATE JUNE 4th, 2010:
I just received the following message from a reader, which confirms my above suspicions:
Yea I recently realised ATS was not as free as it claims to be.

Another guy made a thread, and talked about things they don't like to hear, and the thread was very popular, 100+ flags etc. Then one day it was just gone, no explanation. Creator of the thread was also banned, no warnings.

Springer (the 'site owner') admitted that he has donated to the ADL. Which is insane for a supposed truth seeker, as the ADL will shut down any conspiracy talk if they get the chance.


That article has a section on forum control techniques where it specifically mentions ATS. I have seen them doing this.

Definitely a corrupt website. I knew as soon as I saw your thread closed that they had just decided they had to shut you down, or they were infact told to shut it down...
Best wishes to all

-Edward Alexander / Maggador

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