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Maggador IX-777

Sep 21, 2010

The Mind and Brain and reason for memory loss between incarnations (VIDEO)

In this video I briefly explain how the physical brain functions, how the "mind" functions, and how higher aspects of soul memory functions - and how one can connect to these higher aspects of selves.. Please, search and go your path, find the evidence yourself, and then see if what I say is true or not, I do not want you to believe me - I want you to go out, get up, and explore your own reality and find the answers on your own and then decide whether I was wrong or right. I can only give you my observations from my experiences with the spiritual, occult, magick, astral projection, past lives, and so on, and what I have learned from my multidimensional existence and travels to other alternate realities, but if these would be the same for you is still up for you to explore. Nevertheless, in the video here, I try to explain my perception and observation of the Mind, Consciousness, the physical Brain and Memory.

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