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Maggador IX-777

Sep 9, 2010

Secrets in the Clouds

Here is an observation I did today, during an meditation outside on the fields.

I was contemplating the spiritual essence of clouds and why they, to me, always seem to be the first "objects" of any kind that starts changing/morphing during certain altered states of mind with various practices. I also had in mind, slightly, the thought of those "summoning" clouds for specific purposes such as rain rituals etc.

In either case, what I got back from Existence asking my question on the clouds and their behavior etc, was that they are a very pure form of energy. Of course, they are basically water, and water itself is an extremely powerful "absorbant" of energies.

Thus clouds are functioning as a global "network" of energy absorption of all the collective consciousness and other energies taking place on the earth or nearby.

In turn this means that they store within them an "memory" or "imprint" of certain events as well as various emotions, feelings, etc that are energetic in nature. This is also the reason why they are relatively easy to connect to, such as during a rain ritual, or during sky gazing etc, and why people so easily "see" things in the clouds (faces, objects, etc) - because what they see is a energetical / spiritual representation of such a "memory imprint".

I noticed that I could actually "connect" to the clouds and "pull down" certain information where the clouds would align up in different shapes and show me visually what I was looking for as well as mentally getting input telepathically.

Clouds, being water, can store any type of emotion, feeling - or any polarity of any energy, positive or negative etc, thus some see "demons" where others see "angels" and so back and forth.

However, connecting to the clouds on a deeper telepathic / spiritual level reveals much more and gives a great way of understanding the current state of the collective consciousness since it is represented there, as well as looking into past history, since it seems to have a "Memory imprint" stored within them since the days of dawn as far I could determine.

Of course this would imply that water itself do the same thing, and I have indeed verified the extreme storage abilities of water and various energies first hand myself, but the clouds seem to differ in the sense that they are like a "network" of "memories"/"emotions"/"feelings"/"events"​; from present and the past.

My quick assumption is that the clouds pass on this energy to eachother as they move around and thus it always stays up there as new clouds are formed and charged with that energy, and the older clouds turn to rain and dissolves etc.

However, I will look further into this new interesting discovery and how the clouds possibly affects us externally considering they seem to be charged with these energies I observed, and it would be likely that they could "transmit" such energies as well and thus explain many various cases of phenomenas from sudden psychic abilities, mental distortion, "divine connections", and other paranormal, psychological and mental activities taking place in certain individuals, some perhaps more "sensitive" to such possible "emissions" than others.

Thought I could share that observation done today so do with it as you want and feel free to disbelieve, believe, or try experience it yourself.


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