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Maggador IX-777

Oct 12, 2010

The 3 foundation laws of Man

1. - You are not whom you think you are - what you perceive as yourself is merely a small fraction of the complete and true Self, indeed it - Your Mind - is even filled with external energies of other entities, as well as "static" interference from other people around you received mentally / telepathically without your knowledge.

2. - What you perceive as Death is not the end, is is not even the beginning of "the End", it is merely a fractual construction of illusions mainly based on your prior belief systems before dying. You will find yourself on a "lower" field of the astral planes, with thousands if not millions of others, unless you understand this part of the Trap System and manage to move beyond and above it to your own true higher Soul.

3. - The physical world and your physical body, and its limitations, were all created to blind you and keep you from your true self. You were born into a world of ignorance and blind belief where Truth did not show itself simply because it was the purpose of its creator to keep the nature of your being hidden so you would stay as a slave in the lower planes of existence, from incarnation to incarnation, having your memory erased between each lifetime so no true understanding or development is gained.

The Truth is however in your Spirit, or Soul, and it is only within the limits of the physical body you are trapped - and within the limits of your own mentality after discarding the physical body when finding yourself in the "astral body". Remember these words, and search for your higher Soul, your True Self, once the time comes - you can connect to that aspect of yourself already now, since Spirit is always connected with its Source.

May you find the Truth Within and find freedom in your existence, you yourself have the powers of a God in this endless cosmos and beyond.

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