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Nov 16, 2010

A brief outlook on the future

There are many "tipping points" coming not only this month, but in many months ahead, some major and some smaller, but most will affect large amounts of people. We have already seen many of them lately, the last months, and increasingly they will be throughout the next couple years until they reach a form of "climax".

Events will take place that will look close to "doomish" though people will live on through the difficult times ahead and find their solutions. Since time itself is speeding up, more events will take place in shorter and shorter timeframes as we perceive it.

Many revelations will come to light, many governments will fall and change, we are even seeing this right now these days in various countries around the world, political disasters with world leaders etc, governments forced down by the people and changes taking place.

It seems from the information I have that there will also be a couple surprise events and announcements taking place from both Mexico and China now in very near future.

Some events have changed luckily, including planned false flag terrorist attacks that were exposed to such a degree that it simply had to be cancelled or postponed. However, there will be more covert false flag operations that will seem very credible as "real" attacks and disasters.

More vaccination propaganda and new diseases will also appear, and governments will push hard to get people to take the vaccinations. Whether the vaccinations themselves are pushed to see which people are "obedient" and easily controlled, the type of people they want to preserve for future slaves, or if it will be to truly reduce the population and introduce more diseases with the vaccinations is somewhat uncertain at the moment. I personally would recommend staying away from densely populated areas, specially were diseases break out, and avoid vaccinations. Then you will be secured no matter if the vaccination is the dangerous thing, or the disease, or even both - by not getting infected.

NO aliens will make themselves known in the near future, at least not in the way most people think of it. Various contacts and sightings will continue and increase though. More people will claim to be in contact, but the majority of these are victims of mind control and false entities and one should beware of these. Accept nothing you hear as "true", be very skeptical.

Historical discoveries about our past and origins and civilization will also come more to light. The recent discoveries in Tureky is only the beginning. History is to be rewritten.

However, it is hard to know with those guys, a colleague of mine discovered the Labyrinth located underground in Egypt, and now all excavation in the area to uncover it has been denied by the government and all work canceled and put on hold. I talked to the doctor in charge of the project just a week ago or so and he was quite upset they shut him and his team down. Their discovery is easily one of the new wonders of the world and of unimaginable importance to our history, the discoveries that could be done there are no doubt amazing.

If you are unfamiliar with this discover I urge you to check the project home page at: [link to www.labyrinthofegypt.com]

That is one ancient "myth" now found to be real, as originally told by Herodotus and Strabo.

Although I can not confirm it at this point, since work is denied to be performed there, it is possible that this construction relates to Atlantis, as the ancient egyptians were in contact with the Atlanteans as I prove in my research - and in fact they may be of Atlantean origin along with some south american cultures.

What is sure however is that the South Americans, Atlanteans and Egpytians were in contact and had trading routes and influenced eachother in many ways. This is documented beyond any doubt.

My discoveries and research on the ancient contact between egyptians, south america and Atlantis has already been detailed in my other site at www.AmericanAtlantis.com as well as my thread at http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=134193

With blessings,

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