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Dec 12, 2010

Aspects and perceptions of individuality: How events and experiences in your life is created by yourself

Because of the nature of individuality on the lower planes of existence, we perceive ourselves as unique and separate from that which we call “eachother”. When observing this phenomena more closely however, and truly looking into it, one will acknowledge that individuality merely is the existence of the Whole split up in various fractions or fragments if you want, each such fragment containing certain aspects of the Whole including its own Perception of Everything.

The Perception is the means of how one such fragment of individuality, one so callled “individual”, judges and explains Existence and everything within it based upon his/hers fragmental composition, that very Mind which that specific Individual consists of, in turn due to what properties he/she is charged with because of the very fractions of the Whole he/she consists of.

The Individual has its Perception of anything within its Existence, whether that is reflecting something negative, positive or neutral. However, every Individual has its own Perception of various Fixed objects, events, experiences, and so on – and even though the Fixed item itself do not change, the Perception of the very same item do change between various Individuals. This is simply due to the polarity of the Individual, in other terms what Aspects the Individual is charged with and thus Perceives certain things in the shared level of Existence that all Individuals are part of.

One Individual may enjoy what another Individual loath, and another one may hate what some other love, and so on. The items, events and experiences themselves in question here are not different nor do they change, it is all a matter of the Individual’s Perception of such.

However, since Individuals are part of the Whole, they can influence eachother and thus change their original Perception of something to something different. This in turn means that any Individual has all the responsibility - as well as powers - behind and to make any event or experience play out in his/her Perception of Existence.

And because of this and the fact that one Individual is part of the Whole, and the Whole itself is all Mind, the Mind of the Individual can affect the Mind of the Whole to manifest and create certain events and experiences within that Individual’s Existence. Further on this means that the state of Mind an Individual is within determines the Experiences of that Individual within that Individual’s Existence.

This all means that Existence is not predetermined but completely fabricated and created by the Individual itself, thus the Individual has complete power over any Event and Experience in its Perception of Existence, whether that Individual is aware of this fact or not.

Because the Individual itself is responsible for its Existence, or rather its experience and Perception of its Existence, it can rearrange its original Aspects and thus create a new Perception which in turn will create a new or changed experience of Existence and any Events taking place within it for that Individual.

The Universe is Mental, and Everything is Mind, and All Perceived and Experienced by an Individual is that very Individual’s own Creation when it comes to the very core of it.

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