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Maggador IX-777

Feb 10, 2011

Forgetful Gods

As the portals of Creation let free the mysterious energies called “thoughts” from its depths nothing was ever the same – not that it ever had been. Entities of all sorts, beings and creatures, filling the different spectres of the Universe all themselves filled with this force called “Thoughts” which would shape and form both their own individual existence as well as the environments they lived in and that which was around them, they were all participating in Creation now for every second that passed even though most of them had no realization of doing such.

As a magnetic force thoughts attracted and repelled eachother and set motion into action and a infinite chainreaction of events and manifestations throughout all of Existence. Thoughts empowered or depleted both eachother, the individual entities having them, and the different entities in between themselves.

From these reactions, actions and events, “Gods” rose up and grew strong and powerful, dominating certain parts of the field of Existence – or rather smaller individual fractional fields within the main field itself.

Since All was Thought, one can safely claim that All was Mind. Thus “God” – The Great Mind and Source of All used Thought to make everything Manifest, and so did all the mentioned lesser “Gods” dominating their own individual areas within the field of Existence. Thus since all individuals consists of Thought and Mind, and all individuals create and manifest through the action of Thoughts and Mind all the time whether aware of it or not, all individuals are thus Gods.

All individuals are thus all powerful and masters of their own Existence. They are all Gods of their own Worlds, able to create and manifest and bring into being whatever they desire.

The only problem faced is that very few of the Gods remembers that they are indeed Gods. Because of this, they remain trapped within the creations of other Gods, within the depths of their own subconsciousness, their own imagined ways of Existence, and various rules and laws governing them within the specific plane of Existence they find themselves in. They are also subject to delusion and blinded by belief put upon them, lies and deceit that other Gods have let them to believe to be the truth. They are trapped inside an imagined fantasy world created by thoughts of others, when they could have been the ones creating their own perfect world just the way they wanted it to be.

When the Gods starts to remember, the Gods will arise once again.


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