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Maggador IX-777

Mar 21, 2011

Time Travel and Teleportation


When it comes to transportation, we are already beyond the need of physical vehicles for such though this is supressed and not something available for the common person. If you are talking about physical transportation from one place to another, instantly, without any physical vehicle or such, this is done by teleportation and is already in place by various governments. If you are talking about more spiritual methods, this can also be done, and is being done, through spirit travel, or astral projection, which also gives instant transport from one location to another, anywhere in the universe. This too is practiced by governments to explore as well as spy.

Physical teleportation is done through the use of teleportation portals, also called “jump gates”, though I simply prefer to call them “Stargates” due to the extreme similarity to the “sci-fi” movie and television show with the same name, “Stargate”. As a short notice on that, many so called “sci-fi” movies are actually based on real events displaying secret matters that for some reason have been implemented into such tv shows / movies by “insiders”. The reason for it being “allowed” to be shown on TV and in Movies are twofold: One reason is to make people simply believe such things to be products of fantasy and “sci-fi” industry and thus not real, so the Elite can work on this and claim that people whom say it is real simply are watching too much “sci-fi”. The second reason is that there are indeed actual “good guys” running parts of the media industry, whom got a foot on the “inside” of the “secret world” either directly or through contacts, and they have thus decided to expose such secrets indirectly through such shows. More on TV, the Media, etc will be mentioned later, as this relates to a different part to be mentioned in this chapter as well: Mind control.

Back again to Teleportation, the way this works is by strong gravitational forces such as micro-singularities, or “mini black holes” as they can be called – something that is being produced and used for such purposes in among other places “CERN” in Europe. Strong electromagnetic fields, and natural fields such as “earth vortexes”, “ley lines” and “energy power spots” as they often are called can also be used for Teleportation. Various facilities working with such forces have been placed directly upon such natural “power spots” to tap into that very energy and use it for these purposes. This also relates to why many of the ancient pyramids, temples and structures are placed upon such special “power spots” around the world, the ancients also knew the secrets of teleportation, time travel and other uses these power spots have – ranging from powerful meditative experiences, astral projection, healing to ceremonial and ritualistic work.

They are using technology that is based, upon my understanding, on high powered electromagnetic and gravitational fields as explained above. Technologically I assume they are simulating the natural vortexes of energy found in nature, and magnifies this energy as much as they can to gain much stronger physical results, such as teleportation and time travel. I do not really know much more about the science behind this, but i know of cases where they are tapping directly into strong energy fields of earth itself such as the above mentioned “earth vortexes”.

Now when it comes to Time-Travel, this is directly related to teleportation, as time-travel in its very essence is simply teleporting from one “time line”, meaning a different alternate reality similar to “this” reality but currently existing in a different “period of time”. This will give the effect of traveling through time, although one really just travel through dimensions and parallel realities.

Time-travel and teleportation is used all the time to gather information and intelligence from the past and future, to create agendas and events to manipulate the present. It is also used to travel through large distances, among other places such as between the Earth, Moon and Mars, as well as many other planets in other solar systems and galaxies. The human race is very wide spread in the universe, something I will write more about in a later chapter.

The spiritual or non-physical form of time travel and teleportation is carried out by the practice of astral projection as well as remote viewing, a process where a person can separate his Mind or Consciousness from his physical body and thus be able to travel out of body both within the current physical world and universe, but also throughout existence and all its various forms of realities, parallel universes, dimensions and astral planes. This too is often performed more easily on natural “power spots”, and as an example the egyptian pyramids served as temples for Astral Projection, Time Travel and Teleportation among other things. More on the spirit, astral planes, the mind, various aspects of reality and existence etc will also be mentioned later on in this book.

Some examples on places, locations and areas that either currently are employing the use of Teleportation and Time travel, or have done so in the past:

1. CERN – Located in Europe and constructed with the main purpose of Time Travel and Teleportation. This might be the place you will first hear officially of such matters, as it seems they will let some of the information on this out to the public – even though they are already well ahead of what they currently claim, and will claim, in such regards.
2. AREA 51 – A base used for many governmental secret operations and projects, among others Time Travel and Teleportation. Perhaps more commonly known for “UFO” and “Extraterrestrial” activities and involvment, I would say that such mainly relates directly to Time Travel and Teleportation work and experiment there and not actually “extraterrestrials”.
3. MONTAUK – Another base used for time travel and teleportation experiments by the governments. This one has also been involved with transporting mind controlled soldiers, so called “MK-ULTRA” soldiers, to Mars.
4. ANTARCTICA – Deep underground bases in Antarctica are used for time travel and teleportation, as well as other things that I will mention later on. This is a place with a “natural source” or “power spot” of Energy due to its location being a “Zero Center” of various electromagnetic, gravitational and other forces on Earth making it a perfect place to conduct such work.
5. PYRAMIDS – Various pyramids of the world, specially the Egyptian ones, were used for teleportation and time travel in ancient days. There may be some activity there still to this day with governmental involvement working in secret at these locations, though this is not something I have a proper confirmation on.
6. GRID POINTS – The “energy vortexes”, “ley lines”, and so on as they have been called, are frequently used to build secret bases upon to work with Time Travel and Teleportation. Most of the other locations mentioned above are located on such places.

One thing important to understand regarding time is that time is not set in stone nor predecided. Time is fluid in its function, meaning it is constantly subject to changes, and any future event perceived can thus be altered and changed.

What happens in what we call “time” is also strongly connected to our own minds, our global consciousness, and “They” are constantly trying to affect our minds and the global consciousness so as in turn to change events in time to fit their own agendas. Events taking place in “time” , in our world, are to a large degree manifested by our Minds and Consciousness, something “They” have learned how to take advantage of. This is very important to understand as we are being abused through this power of manifestation we all have, and instead of having us using this manifestation for our own good, and the good of all, we are tricked into unconsciously using it to create and manifest events to “Their” good suiting “Their” will and agendas.

I feel this should suffice for now on the subject of Time Travel and Teleportation

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Astral Vampires. Reptilians and Non-Physical Entities

This is a topic of great concern. From years of my personal involvement with Secret Societies and Orders, Black-Ops, Governmental institutions and levels higher, I have personally witnessed and experienced their work with what can be termed “psychic abilities”, “magic”, “astral work”, “energetic infections” and so on.

For the uninitiated this likely sounds like a bunch of bullocks, and I wish it were. The truth however, regarding if you believe me or not, is that They use a very powerful form of influence on people through “ritual work”, or “magic” as I will simply call it from here on. In fact it may be one of the more active ways of influencing people that I can think of, and the various secret orders and societies exists to a large degree to perform such actions upon the population.

It is important to understand one principle: EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. And Energy can be Charged with Intent. Whether good or bad. Maybe you have ever witnessed such yourself, lets say a healing, reiki, telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, etc. Whether you have or not, it does exist, and even though it can be used for good, there is a great force of Evil using these powers for malevolent purposes. That which can be healed, can also be harmed.

Everyone heard of Voodoo and their not so cute little dolls intended to harm others. It is basically the same principle but used in different manners, other ways to Emit the wanted Energies to Influence someone or something. Great rituals are performed in various groups purely for the intention of influencing the population, at times specific individuals.

So how do they do it? I will give a brief explanation, as it is not suitable to go into great details step by step here as I never know whom reads this and what purpose they serve. But, shortly said, a group of people focus their energy and intention on another group, such as the population – using their minds they create a great planned intention for what the energy will contain.

This energy can, as an example, be charged with the power to inject certain ideas, believes and even behaviors which in turn will be released towards the intended target. Your thoughts are not always yours. Nor your emotions.

A lot of “Psychic Warriors” exist in this world, working to influence people in such ways to make various events transpire. This is by no means only physical people doing this, we are subject to a lot of non-physical entities all the time doing similar things.

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Mar 16, 2011


We are living in very critical times. Only the ones winning be battle between good and evil will reveal the outcome.

As of now, there is a lot of pressure and forces from the Negative enteties, as they are pushing towards major destructions and disasters.

Like I have earlier prophecized, we now see that: Great destruction with Earthquakes, Volcanos, Tsunamis, Climate Changes, Coming Ice Age, Solar Flares on the way, Change in Earths axis and position in the sky, Pole Shifts, both magnetically and gelologically.  And the Super moon coming now, March 19, which could further effect the state of the world and events here.

What is likely to come now, is first of all more Earthquakes, in USA as well very soon, more Tsunamis and storms, increased solar flares and the desctructions that will drag along, effects of the moon on earth, and effects of a celestial body getting closer to earth that can cause great changes – possibly a binary star, a brown dwarf.

What we see is the effects of the spiritual war, the cause behind all this, many negative entities trying to make all these horrible actions and events take place, but also there are good out there, entities working against the negative energies, trying to balance it all back.

Some losses are to be expected, many will die, and this is needed due to a major overpulation that will just get worse. This is the natures way of cleansing, people experiencing the negative events first hand are for the most part already chosen in the way that they have unresolved karmic debt to balance out.

We are all responsible for what happens to us, we can not blaim it on others, we are in control of our own lives. The way you live your life, determines the outcome for you. Those whom will be safe, deserved to be safe, just as those whom perish, deserve to perish, in the greater schemes of this battle.

Hard times will be ahead for many – quite many. In the coming months, starting this month, it will escalate and get much worse.

But even in the horror, and that which seems terrifying , there is a blessing.

The blessing is that once the major fire have swept upon us, those whom are to die have died, and those whom are to survive have survived, we are much more balanced.

Negative energies will be decreased, and positive energies increased. The good always triump the bad, and the bad will always loose in the end, since they are already on a path leading them to their own desctruction.

The few surviving, are those deserving so. The ones to perish, deserve so.

This is not because the survivers are “better” or the dying are “worse”, it is simply a spiritual measure selecting the ones whom are more appropriate to continue the great work of rebuilding humanity in pure ways, with as little perversation and evil as possible, remove the ingorant, and let those whom understand and will work for the greater good survive.

Rid yourself of negative karma, cleanse yourself, forgive yourself for all that you have done to others, and accept that they forive you in tun, and you will be fine. Just know that you can be what you should have been, a great contribution to the strength of the world and how to help yourself and others on the new path ahead.

Forgive, relase and let go. And you are on your way toward the better half of survivers, protected by divine means, by your own subconsious mind and manefesting powers, and your heart of love and compassion.

Fear not – Get up and do something for yourself and your brethrens.

We shall move on, we shall win the battle, we shall conquer and take back what is ours.

Down with tyranny, Dethrone the false Kings.

I have seen the Past, I see the Present, I saw the Future.

May these words go with you.


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