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Maggador IX-777

Mar 21, 2011

Astral Vampires. Reptilians and Non-Physical Entities

This is a topic of great concern. From years of my personal involvement with Secret Societies and Orders, Black-Ops, Governmental institutions and levels higher, I have personally witnessed and experienced their work with what can be termed “psychic abilities”, “magic”, “astral work”, “energetic infections” and so on.

For the uninitiated this likely sounds like a bunch of bullocks, and I wish it were. The truth however, regarding if you believe me or not, is that They use a very powerful form of influence on people through “ritual work”, or “magic” as I will simply call it from here on. In fact it may be one of the more active ways of influencing people that I can think of, and the various secret orders and societies exists to a large degree to perform such actions upon the population.

It is important to understand one principle: EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. And Energy can be Charged with Intent. Whether good or bad. Maybe you have ever witnessed such yourself, lets say a healing, reiki, telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, etc. Whether you have or not, it does exist, and even though it can be used for good, there is a great force of Evil using these powers for malevolent purposes. That which can be healed, can also be harmed.

Everyone heard of Voodoo and their not so cute little dolls intended to harm others. It is basically the same principle but used in different manners, other ways to Emit the wanted Energies to Influence someone or something. Great rituals are performed in various groups purely for the intention of influencing the population, at times specific individuals.

So how do they do it? I will give a brief explanation, as it is not suitable to go into great details step by step here as I never know whom reads this and what purpose they serve. But, shortly said, a group of people focus their energy and intention on another group, such as the population – using their minds they create a great planned intention for what the energy will contain.

This energy can, as an example, be charged with the power to inject certain ideas, believes and even behaviors which in turn will be released towards the intended target. Your thoughts are not always yours. Nor your emotions.

A lot of “Psychic Warriors” exist in this world, working to influence people in such ways to make various events transpire. This is by no means only physical people doing this, we are subject to a lot of non-physical entities all the time doing similar things.

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