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Aug 7, 2011

Exposure of Worlds largest Ritual, including 911, comet Elenin, and the Elite behind it

As many of us know by now a comet called Elenin is on its path towards Earth. This comet has been completely ignored by mainstream media and news, even though it is a significant event considering how close it will come to Earth. There are many facts regarding this Comet that makes the whole thing smell rather fishy and suspect, here are some of those facts:

The Comet Elenin will be at its most close to Earth October 2011. This is the same month as the Mayan calendar ends

The Comet Elenin will reach its perihelion (closest approach to the Sun and date it will change orbit going in return) on 11 September 2011. That will make it exactly on the DAY of the 10 years anniversary of 911 attacks in USA.

The name of the astronomer who discovered Comet Elenin is allegedly Leonid Elenin, a name that has some incredible "coincidences" to it as the first name Leonid is a term describing something that relates exactly to his very discover, from Wikipedia it says that "leonids" is a term for a Meteor storm / Meteor shower ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonids ), and it is stated there that the term "Leonids" is named after the constellation Leo where they originate from - which just also happens by incredible coincidence to be the location where Leonid Elenin discovered the Elenin Comet approaching Earth from. So he got a name that is a direct term used for meteor storms, which is pretty obviously linked to comets - which happens to be what he discovered, in addition to the same name referring to the constellation of Leo, the exact same place the Comet Elenin is approaching Earth from.

But it does get more suspicious and interesting. His last name as well has some disturbing links. Elenin is basically shortened from ELEvN-NINe or 11-9 which in most of the world would mean September 11, though in USA they write it the reverse, 9/11, and in either case this has its own obvious and bizarre link to the 911 attacks in USA. To make it even more bizarre, September 11 is ALSO the EXACT date, which happens to be the very same DAY as the 10 years anniversary since the 911 attacks, which the Comet will reach its closest approach to the Sun and start on its RETURN path. In other words, its the very same day as the comet is changing its direction being at its most distant point of its elliptical orbit. Also not the incredible fact that the name / word ELENIN also corresponds to the same date mirrored as well: NINELE backwards, shortened form of NINeELEven - an impossible coincidence to happen on its own just that part alone. So this shows the date 9/11 in both forms of the world, as in Europe and most other parts of the world the date is written 11/9 (ElevenNine) while in USA and other places it is written 9/11 (NineEleven) - ELEveNINe / NINeELEven.

Statistically there are virtually no chances of some guy discovering something having both his names directly connected with his very own discovery. His name is a term describing what he discovered, as well as the most important date of the comets orbit. In turn this very same date is the exact same as the "terrorist" attacks in USA on the exact 10-year mark. This part alone makes it very suspicious and strongly indicates some hidden play here, where it does seem likely that not only was this Comet known about at LEAST a decade ago but the whole 911 attack seem to have been part of a greater plan, an occult ritual of huge proportions, directed at the Comet - most likely to call forth certain chains of events by charging the Comet with the huge amounts negative energies released at the 911 attack through that specific date's "gateway" or "connection point" with the comet on the same day, september 11, on the precise 10 years anniversary which all is very symbolical, numerological and typical of magical and occult rituals. Most people here already being aware of governments self-staging the 911 event and being involved, as well as how major individuals of the governments and world leaders are part of secret magickal orders and brotherhoods participating in such rituals, only making this all add up extremely perfectly and logically in a way that makes complete sense - and certainly DO sound more plausible and acceptable than all of the mentioned points just being complete "coincidences" having no correlation to each other.

Some more facts adding to this suspicious mystery are things like the fact that there is a complete media blackout in mainstream media and news about this comet, no one are mentioning it, even though it is very rare an event with a comet of its size coming so close to our Earth and entering through our solar system like this. NASA got full charts and information available for the public to see exactly where the comet is at any time, how its orbit is, dates of significance such as when it gets close to Earth and the Sun etc, when it will leave and so on. NASA info about Elenin: http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=C%2F2010%20X1;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#orb  and  http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=C/2010%20X1

Another fact is that new research have concluded that the end-date of the Mayan calendar is NOT in 2012, but rather in October, 2011 - the EXACT same month Comet Elenin will be at its most close to Earth, another highly unlikely "coincidence" that rather seem to suggest that the mayans based their calendar directly on the orbit of this comet, after all it DOES go into orbit around our sun and could be said to be part of our solar system, but it has an unusually long orbit in elliptical form making it spend a very long time to complete one orbit round and most of the time will be situated on a path of its orbit far away our solar system where its not detectable. We are speaking of many thousands of years in between each time it enters close to Earth.
Updates and notes regarding Mayan calendar ending October, 2011:

So everything indicates something major going on, that have been known about and planned for a long time, which will have some event taking place now very soon. Everything I have mentioned here are verifiable facts that just is one heck of an astronomically (pardon the pun) large "coincidence" for it all to fit together in this manner. Analyzing this data it becomes more clear that there is a stronger likelihood for a known and planned connection here for magickal, symbolical and secret reasons and motives which have been in the preparation and making for quite some time by The Powers That Be.

Personally I think this must have been knowledge for rather long time, and that the 911 event was preplanned and in prepartion for decades before it was executed, due to other evidence that connects to it that I did not mention such as "The Dollar Bill Prophecy" explained by Aleister Crowley, who himself was a great occultist and member of secret orders as well as involved with the governments and elite, where many people are still today member of his order OTO. The "Dollar Bill Prophecy" shows the whole 911 fall of the towers in sequence when folded in a rather simple but specific way, the same for each of the different dollar bills , starting with showing the tower illustrated as standing on the smaller dollar bills and starting to crumble and fall apart on the next ones until it is all a pile of rubble with smoke coming up on the last one. This makes it clear that this was planned at least before the current design of the dollar bill was created, and that Crowley must have been involved with this occult planning, which also obviously includes fragments of the governments.

Below is a video showing how each dollar bills shows the whole 911 event through the 2 WTC towers:

I originally wrote about the dollar bill prophecy and how it functions as a magickal talisman half a decade ago, its still up here (though lacking the images but they're the same as in above video):

So there is a confirmed occult connection with the 911 event proving it was planned and prepared for at least many decades, showing that it was an occult ritual that was the main purpose of 911, and its purpose had to do with the comet Elenin and in turn the comet Elenin also seem to be part of what the Mayan calendar is based upon. The other facts I already mentioned in the original post only strengthen this further and basically verifies that this must be the way things were done and planned.

As a sidenote, regarding the Mayan Calendar, it was clearly used to adjust our modern calendar to by the Vatican shortly after Colombus and his men had been over in South America & Mexico. The date of the older Calendar, the Julian one, were adjusted so that a more symbolical and numerologically important date would fit the Mayan calendars end date, resulting in the modern Gregorian calendar. Colombus was on a mission for a specific purpose and did not stumble over Americas by "mistake" but they already knew about Americas and were heading there to carry out some of their plans and agendas which already back then was clearly of an occult nature. Contact between Americas and rest of the world have been ongoing for thousands of years , having had trade routs and other connections between each other.

An orbit period of 26000 have been suggested in several place. Though the orbit period is not determined at all officially, there are numbers starting with 4.4 millions years, gradually downgraded month by month until its now according to wikipedia around 600 000 years. So if the final number will ed in 26000 years is yet to see. But if 26000 years are correct, interesting number, as it fits perfectly in as the explanation to the following phenomena:

[QUOTE]The Earth's axis completes one full cycle of precession approximately every 26,000 years. At the same time the elliptical orbit rotates more slowly. The combined effect of the two precessions leads to a 21,000-year period between the seasons and the orbit. [/QUOTE]

This in turn gives some new interesting information as well as questions, such as how did the Mayans back then even manage to gain this understanding and base their calendar on the orbit of a comet taking 26 000 years to get through its orbit? Either they must have observed it from generation to generation at least the previous 26 000 years since last time it had completed a full orbit so they would know by the next time how long it would take, or they were able to observe it even when it was not close enough to be seen from Earth in such a way that they could determine this. I personally feel they used spiritual techniques for such observations and astronomical research, by means of astral projection and similar, remote viewing etc.

At the same time this clearly shows the cause behind regular and cyclic earth changes and pole shifts etc as the Earth obviously must be affected to a fairly large degree every 26000 years when the comet Elenin is close.

In turn this effect from comet Elenin also explains other things that happened 26 000 years ago last time it was close to Earth such as:
[QUOTE]The extinction of many animals including the Woolly Mammoth, the Saber Tooth Tiger, the Giant Tree Sloth and many other species happened at about this time. Interestingly, according to anthropologists, the emergence of Cro-Magnon Man, appears to have occurred about 26,000 years ago, the last time we passed through Aquarius.[/QUOTE]

Please note that my analysis of the events regarding 26000 years orbit of Elenin strictly is based upon that if it turns out to be the actual period, this is not confirmed although it seems possible and explains other historical events as described.

Thus the connections between Elenin and other events just gets deeper and more confirmed, and now several independent events take place at different times in history yet all connected to Elenin, such as the Mayan calendar and its full cycle and endtime is based upon Elenin, Elenin has caused major earth changes and distinction and emerging of different animals last time 2600 years ago, governments / world leaders / the elite has known about this for very long time and made several preparations accordingly such as adjusting the modern calendar to fit the events of the mayan calendar more appropriately when it comes to symbolism & numerology and magical aspects - to make dates of highly important magical numbers have specific big events happening at such dates instead of "random" dates as it would have been on the previous Julian calendar used shortly up until after the "discovery" of Americas which probably corresponds to when they got their hands on the mayan calendar and managed to understand it and properly adjust such dates, that the same people in power later on started to prepare and plan for a greater ritual to take place on 911, 2001, directed at comet Elenin and its corresponding date 9/11 - 2011 which is a very important date for what is happening with comet Elenin's orbit path as thats when it start to return back on its first day as well as when it is at its point most further away on its elliptical path, and this plan for 911 was planned along with the current illustrations on the dollar bills for further empowering occult and magical purposes along with Aleister Crowley whom told us how to fold the same dollar bills to see the 911 attack transpire in the exact way it actually would in completely correct sequence from dollar bill to dollar bill in their correct valued order starting with smallest and ending with the biggest 100 dollar bill, in turn meaning that these people in power have spent generations on executing and planning the ritual and building the WTC's 2 towers specifically as a gigantic altar of sacrifice to perform the ritual on at its appropriate time, until finally executing their ritual through the staged 911-event sacrificing thousands of people directly for affecting comet Elenin in some way through its "gateway date" now 9/11 this year 2011 the exact day of the 10 years celebration for the 911 ritual itself, and finally the creation of a fake non-existing "astronomer" by the fictional name Leonid Elenin as another symbolic sigil of magic connected with the full ritual by using two names that themselves relates directly to the events and the comet itself by name and date (Leonid = meteorshower, Elenin = ELEvN-NINe / NINeELEven respectfully forwards and backwards in the same manner the actual date is written respectfully both 9/11 and 11/9 in different parts of the world.

A really complex and carefully planned ritual taking place in several steps leading up to the main event the comet Elenin itself spanning through several hundred years since first initiated and started around the times of Colombus and the trip to Americas and continued on until it will be completed this year.

One of the major players and involved parts of this gigantic event have been the Vatican, as Columbus was directly involved with them, and it was the Vatican who then changed the old Julian calender into the modern Gregorian calendar which was adjusted according to the Mayan calendar, and it was also the Vatican who were responsible for the takeover, destruction and fall of the Americas and the great civilizations that lived there already, obviously the Vatican also got a great amount of power over large masses of people including brainwashing and mind control of the same people, the Vatican has shown its brutal path through history and how it has been destroying and removing any opponents and people not fitting into their methods of control such as the already mentioned highly advanced and spiritual civilizations of Americas as well as large amounts of other free and spiritual people up through the ages such as the ones they labelled "witches" and "sorcerers" etc, and they keep making sure people are cast into darkness and ignorance by denying all forms of "spiritual activities" that could give people more insights, freedom and understanding and labelling such involvements as "devil worship" and "black magic" and so on even though the reality is that the Vatican are the devil worshippers and black magicians here just portraying as "good holy men", and the Vatican has a great amount of groups working for them as extensions to carry out parts of their plans and rituals through various secret orders and societies among other things having the freemasons responsible for the creation of USA and americas as we know them now, and that's just a few of their "deeds".

Obviously all of this will sound rather ludicrous and insane to most of the common people since they have been indoctrinated and led so far astray that they have become used to the deceit put upon them for so long time that they consider the story them have been carefully fed throughout their lives as the "truth". However everything I have mentioned here will be very clear and logical for those whom have actually studied and been involved with the occult systems, arts of magic, secret orders & societies, the esoteric foundations of history and so on.

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