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Sep 7, 2011

Project Avalon - Shills for Censoring Truth & Spread deceit

I have been a member of Project Avalon for many years now, and I know the two people who started and own it, Bill & Kerry from Project Camelot.

Today I was suddenly banned, after a thread of mine got very popular and had close to 20 000 views, one of the most popular of all threads there.

The "reason" the Administrator gave for banning me and closing my thread was:

Hello Edward Alexander,
Your Project Avalon account has been closed permanently.
You have grossly breached the guidelines of this forum:
"Members who insist on promoting/showcasing themselves,
their own websites, philosophies, products, services or
other unrelated teachings will be unsubscribed"
If you truly are who you say you are, you need to have
a "clean" site (as you say) where information is truly
free and you don't make a commission out of referrals.
Especially if you make enough money already!
I wish you all the best,
 -  Ilie on behalf of Project Avalon Team

My response was:

You are coming with such claims, yet you come from a site itself that
have made lots of money on the visitors, at one point even  REQUIRING
a donation to even be able to participate. 
Virtually all sites these days have some advertisement from them. With
your logic you have to close down all threads and remove links where
anyone else have posted to sites they happen to own which has some
form of adsense or similar. 
My website is a source for information, and has no purpose of making
money. I have been on Avalon from its beginning and never used it for
anything money related. I've shared all types of information, from
many sources, and the reason my own website has been a source of
information is simply because of how much material i've already got
there through the years. 
You reason for banning me is ludicrous and I assume that means a large
amount of the other members must be qualifying for the same since many
own some websites that they make money through either by selling own
products / services - something you , Project Avalon, do yourself 
Will forward the emails and reason you have provided for doing so to
Bill and request a reactivation of my account.. 
-Edward Alexander

As a note, never did I advertise ANY form of "Service" or "Product", nor do I even sell any such things in the first place. It is highly suspicious that my thread which as filled with information got banned from such ludicrous claims of things that are found NOWHERE in that thread.

For the thread itself it was one about my background in the Occult & Secret orders, still possible to see here:

A similar thing happened in AboveTopSecret some time ago, banned for no reason, no reason ever given when asked, and no apparent obvious reason either. This too was one of the most popular threads there, with tremendous amounts of information I put out. It turned out with investigation that the owners of ATS are affiliated with suspect activites and governments and serves as shills to disinform and deceive people and make them confused. Truth on subjects that touches sensitives areas gets removed.

You can read the individual report on the AboveTopSecret ban incident here:

The only logical conclusion is that the same is the case with Project Avalon as they banned me in the precise same manner, in a thread filled with information and insights, and no "suspects" activities or anything related to what the person who banned me claimed to be the reason.

Again we experience how "frontiers of Truth" do the opposite and force down those who speak the truth. They decide what is the Truth, and direct it through their dictatorship based on disinformation, deceit and confusion of peoples belief and knowledge.

-Edward Alexander

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