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Nov 1, 2011

Maggador's Guided Audio Meditation (MP3 Download + CD)

Maggador's highly popular and acclaimed meditation course "Guided Healing Meditation" is now available for purchase as a MP3 Audio File Download and optionally get CD shipped to you in addition.

This is the meditation that has gained so much positive reviews, visits and views in YouTube where it is freely available for listening and preview. Feedback is tremendously positive and many users have requested a CD version and MP3 version of it and now that is available here for anyone interested. The version available for purchase if of much higher audio quality than the YouTube free version, and also in stereo for best effects and ultimate results.

By purchasing this product you will be able to listen to the meditation and use it anywhere, just put the MP3 in your MP3 Player, Phone or other device and bring it with you. And with the CD you can listen to the meditation anytime and anywhere if you have a CD-player but no MP3 Player, and you can bring it along to friends so they too can try it out either on their own or as a group meditation together with you.

Mind Programmer Series by Maggador - Audio courses, lessons & exercises

Title: Guided Healing Meditation
Topic: Self-help, meditation, healing
Format: Mp3 + CD - High Quality Stereo recording & audio in best CD quality
Duration: 30min
Creator: Edward Alexander ("Maggador")
Price: USD $9.90 for MP3 Download, with CD delivery USD $16.90 additional.

Description: For relaxation, positive state of mind & achieving goals. Get yourself relaxed and feeling good, healed, cleansed, enter a positive mind set, achieve goals you have, and get rid of stress and worries. Program yourself towards happiness, confidence, peaceful mind, positive state of mind and success & abundance.
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1. Lie down in a relaxed and comfortable position, with eyes closed.

2. Use headphones for optimal results and deeper relaxation. Can still be used without headphones though.

3. Put it on play and follow instructions and just let yourself float into relaxation.

Enjoy, and relax!

Preview the meditation and try it out (low-quality mono):
If you enjoy this meditation and would like to have it in your own possession consider to buy the MP3 and CD in higher quality. - As seen on The Guided Meditation Site

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