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Nov 14, 2011

Mason's agree the elite are disgraceful anti-masonic betrayers

This is a message Ï have to all.

As I am a Freemason myself, I know what it is all about, and yesterday in a masonic lodge meeting I decided to speak with the other brothers in the lodge about certain masonic elements of leaders, world rulers, presidents, and governments etc.

In last meeting in my masonic lodge I basically spoke about the masonic connection from time of colombus to crowley and into governments and world leaders, and we discussed this and shared opinions.

What we all agree to is that these people, the ones in power and control that are said to be masons, are betrayers, selfish, power-sick control people. They are not considered masons by us, the real masons, and we stand against them completely.

Will see if I can manage to get one or more of the other brothers in the lodge to agree to take part of a video interview about this, so they can spread their opinions and get people to see what masons really are about.

We agreed that these leaders and rulers of the world are not to be considered masons, and are banished from masonry, as they ignore everything masonry stands for, and do not follow the oath they swore that states that masonry is for the beneficial purpose of everyone, to always assist and be generous, do good deeds, show compassion and love, influence society with positive and beneficial contributions and systems that is helpful, insightful, good, beneficial and positive in every way upon the people and the world in addition to oneself. That is what real masonry is about, so these elite rulers with masonic background are betrayers and unworthy any such title as they are not more part of our masonic society.

As real freemasons, we let you know that our work is completely dedicated to positive and beneficial effects upon ourself, others, society, culture, governments and the world as whole. It is important to understand this, the elites & rulers are NOT representatives of Freemasonry or members of the masonic order - they are displaying the opposite of everything Freemason is about and a shame to know have ever been involved with masonry.

We masons are all around you, as good people you know, perhaps your neighbour, a friend, someone at work, or even a family member like your father or uncle or cousin etc In other words, we are common people, that there is nothing unusual about, and this is what masonry really is. -M

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