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Maggador IX-777

Mar 30, 2013

Still alive and kicking - An update on the situation

Dear all,

I am still very much alive, the rumors of my death have been greatly

Darkness have been upon me lately, those in power, corrupt masonic groups, black
magicians, etc, have put curses upon me and my family, caused great
problems, severely affecting my wife more than the rest. We have now been
working on getting past that, getting rid of those negative influences, and we
have identified the sources behind it and can now move on to stop them from

Powers that be removed my YouTube channel, and all info and videos I
posted there, so I have to start over from scratch on that.

My time is put completely into building up the new SEECenter, SpiritualEcological Educational Center - [link to http://www.SEECenter.net/ ]

Lot of time and efforts, hard work and money in the first stages, and still lot
to go, but it will be all worth it, and it will be a place where I will accept
people to come study and participate from all over the world.

I offer limited free camping sites on my property where it is located, and
there will be many wonderful and powerful practices and teachings, based
on my life-long experience and involvement with secret orders, magical
groups, governmental factions & suppressed knowledge, psychic research,
hypnotherapy & psychological exploration.

Topics of study & practice will include such as:
Out of body experiences, Astral Projection & Remote viewing
Lucid Dreams and Conscious Sleep
Deep meditations and inner vision quests
Mental voyages and psychological adventures
Karma, the Law of Attraction, Cause & Effect
Reincarnation and past lives
Past Life regressions and Travels to Future Lives
Multidimensional existence, parallel selves, and alternate universes
Collective Consciousness, Archetypes, Thought-forms & Inner entities
The layers of existence, and levels of being in both physical and non-physical
Psycho-spiritual systems & tools, as Tarot, Kabbalah, Astrology, Dowsing
Information and observation of Spiritual, Natural & Invisible laws
Magical, Occult and Shamanic practices and lessons
Suppressed sciences, forbidden knowledge
Conspiracies of the world, secret history & governmental cover-ups
++ much more, as experience and knowledge always expands.

There will be different classes focused on targeted topics of the mentioned,
so people can decide what is more of their interest, and progress gradually to
higher degrees and more advanced works.

Students will also be able to practice and enhance themselves, by
participating in group-work, and train other new-coming students, to help
and assist each other and share discoveries, knowledge, understanding, etc.
Also, home-study material will be produced, recorded, written and created
for those not able to participate locally. Thus, people can still benefit from all
the work that goes on, and receive lessons and courses sent by mail on
booklets with guided audio CDs and Video DVDs and such.

Many opportunities will be available, and large amounts will be published
and presented and put out for all completely free.

So, please be patient, look through the project site at [link to
http://www.SEECenter.net/ ] , and stay tuned as the new project grows large
and fruitful, spreading its wings throughout the world.

Things are growing, and I am looking forwards to present my teachings to all,
and meet some of you here in the mystical paranormal mountains of
Argentina where I live, called Cerro Uritorco.

What I am doing for you, have cost me a great deal, huge sacrifices have been made. But I feel it necessary, it is my duty to do what I do, and let you in on the truth. I like to even say it is my mission for being here in this incarnation.

To mention a few of the unpleasant events that have taken place as a result of me going public and speaking out:

I have been harassed and threatened, been told to shut up, had guns at me, assassination attempts (one that caused a Near Death Experience, and almost got me).

My family have been harassed and threatened, and subject to intolerable situations. My wife has been physically violated.

I have been set up, deceived and double-crossed, gotten false charges against me, and sentenced to jail in attempts at shutting me down.

I have been labelled as medically insane, and forced into mental hospitals, yet this is not a constant since independent medical staff finds it to obviously not be a correct diagnosis and thus I have not yet been permanently "locked up" - but I am sure they would love to get it done.

I had to leave my own country, because of all the above, and settle down to live on a secret location in South America.

I had to quit my previous job, and resign from my leadership role in a big company where I made very good money, and went from rich to completely poor, having to make a new life in a new country.

I got my bank accounts shut down, in attempts at shutting me down, and making my economical situation difficult. They also got my PayPal account shut down, as well as my credit cards shut down, in attempts at getting to me.

I have gotten my passport invalidated, and can not get a new one, so I am a citizen-less person, without any papers or documentation, with no ability to travel anywhere, and making life generally hard, as things tend to demand some identification in life and situations of society.

I can not visit my family, parents, friends, brother etc, since I had to move in exile to the other side of the world, cut off from everyone of my old life.

I have had black magick and sorcery attacks at me and my family that have caused many problems, mostly for my family, specially my wife, who have been particularly targeted.

And, I am constantly monitored and observed, getting my material banned and shut down all the time, generally having problems getting my information out to the public.

I have of course also risked my own reputation doing this work, but luckily those who truly knows me know that I am truthful, and I have many good friends in fairly high positions in society, which is also the reason I am actually still able to be around and speak out without being properly shut down.

In the end, I have suffered a lot, and worst of all those close to me have suffered as well. Yet, despise it all, I will still carry on, and my own well being is less important than the message that I need to get out. I do this for you all, you the People.

All the best, and thanks to all those who have supported the build-up and
construction of this center in progress.

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M.'. E.'. A.'.

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